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NXT UK results: Kenny Williams vs. Amir Jordan


Andy Shepherd opened the show at London, England's BT Studios as some highlights from WrestleMania week and matches of current and former NXT UK stars aired.

Nathan Frazer pinned Saxon Huxley (6:06)

Huxley ragdolled Frazer right away, but the former Ben Carter used his speed and athleticism to evade the bigger man to the best of his abilities. He still got thrown around and pummeled a good amount. He got in some offense, but quickly was beaten down again and again.

Frazer finally managed to hit a reverse crossbody off the ropes as Huxley looked to put him on the top rope. He sent Huxley to the outside and then followed up with a vicious dive through the ropes. He hit a quebrada into a reverse DDT followed by a top rope dropkick. Frazer went up top again and delivered a beautiful frog splash that got him the pin and the win.

-- Noam Dar (with Sha Samuels) was asked about losing his match with Tyler Bate at Prelude. Samuels shouted and went off about Trent Seven being handed opportunities on a silver platter. Dar revealed that he signed a match between himself and Samuels against Moustache Mountain (Bate and Seven) next week.

Supernova Sessions with Gallus

Dar plugged the tag tam match for next week. Gallus then entered and sat down on Dar's couch which didn't make him happy. He tried getting on the couch with them, but they made him sit on a folding chair.

Mark Coffey talked about them being on holiday, training in the morning and drinking in the afternoon. Wolfgang said he worked on his anger management. Joe Coffey said he wanted to go at a rampage.

Eddie Dennis walked up to the set and asked Gallus if they really held themselves to a higher standard in the tag team division. He said they only lost the tag titles to Pretty Deadly because Joe got involved in their business. He said he wasn't dressed to fight and neither were Gallus, but "they were" as The Hunt (or Primate & T-Bone if that's what they are called now) attacked Mark and Wolfgang as Joe got into it with Dennis. A number of referees ran out to break things up as Dar was having a blast and called for his "funky music" to be played.

-- Sam Gradwell walked up to BT Sport Studios and didn't want to answer any questions. The door to the arena was closed and he banged on it. Dave Mastiff opened and Gradwell asked if he could get the door any slower. Mastiff closed it again and left Gradwell out in the cold.

-- Moustache Mountain talked about their match against Dar & Samuels next week.

Isla Dawn pinned Emilia McKenzie (5:34)

Dawn backed McKenzie into the corner, but quickly was hit by a kick and found herself in a side headlock, followed by a suplex. Dawn hit a backdrop driver for a two count. McKenzie caught her in a small package for another near fall. Dawn locked in a butterfly submission, but McKenzie powered out. She hit a dropkick to the leg and a running European uppercut and then did a forward roll off the turnbuckles into a spear for another pinfall attempt.

Dawn came back with a running knee into the corner, followed by a fisherman's suplex for a two count. McKenzie hit a high angle back suplex for two. She threw a shoulderblock and strikes in the corner, but caught a Dawn kick as the referee stopped her. Dawn followed up with a bridging German suplex for the pinfall victory.

-- Jinny (with Joseph Conners) cut a promo on Dani Luna, who she will face next week. She said Luna walked around with her ugly face like she didn't want to be here and she didn't deserve to be either. She said Luna wore the same dirty outfit to the ring every time and would become a fashion victim when she faces Jinny.

-- A video recapped Aoife Valkyrie challenging Meiko Satomura after the tag team match at NXT UK: Prelude last week as she put a feather down in the aisle. They showed Satomura walking up to Valkyrie backstage later and telling her she knew what this meant and that she accepts.

Jack Starz (w/ Piper Niven) pinned Ashton Smith (5:58)

Starz briefly got Smith in an ankle lock early, but quickly got kicked off. Smith worked over Starz' arm but got rolled up. Smith came back with a stiff clothesline out of the corner and hit a back suplex and a gorilla press slam, but Starz kicked out of pinfall attempts after each move.

Starz escaped a vertical suplex, but got slingshotted over the top to the outside. Niven encouraged him and told him to dig deeper. He eventually evaded a clothesline and rolled Smith up for the victory. Niven celebrated with Starz and even kissed him on the cheek.

Kenny Williams pinned Amir Jordan (11:30)

A great video recapped their career and eventual breakup aired before the match.

Jordan attacked Williams with a clothesline before the bell even rang. He got thrown to ringside, but hit Williams with a kick as he somersaulted over the ropes. Jordan drove Williams into the steps and continued running wild on his former partner back in the ring. Jordan hit a baseball slide on Williams who was on the outside once more, but the "Luckyan" kicked Jordan as he came through the ropes and took over.

Williams attacked Jordan's taped-up shoulder and then rained down blows on him. He hit a northern lights suplex followed by a kick for a two count. Williams had a huge red welt on his side. Jordan threw Williams off the top from a superplex attempt and followed with a dropkick.

Jordan hit a somersault senton off the top for another near fall. He got Williams on his shoulders, but Williams escaped and rolled him up for another two. Williams hit a seesaw lariat after which both men went down. They traded strikes and Williams hit a wheelbarrow face buster for another near fall.

Williams went to remove the turnbuckle, but the referee stopped him and Jordan rolled him up for another near fall. Jordan hit a superkick for a very close near fall. Williams managed to partially remove another turnbuckle and slammed Jordan's head into it, readjusted it and followed with a headlock driver for the pinfall.

Final Thoughts:

This was another fun show which nicely progressed some storylines. Kenny Williams could become an intriguing, cheating heel character and certainly has the look. He talked about wanting a more prominent position on the roster. Isla Dawn also is looking to move up on the card and should Emilia McKenzie be the one to dethrone UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray, there is an automatic backstory for a title match built in.

Gallus vs. The Hunt should lead to some fun mean guy matches and an inevitable six-man tag down the road. Piper Niven pushing Jack Starz to victory also is a nice feel good story with some slight romantic undertones, too. The question is will this build to an on-screen romance or will Starz at some point misinterpret things?

Next week:

  • Sha Samuels & Noam Dar vs. Moustache Mountain
  • Jinny vs. Dani Luna
  • Eddie Dennis vs. Joe Coffey