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NXT UK results: Kenny Williams vs. Amir Jordan loser leaves town


This week's show, taped at London's BT Sports Studios, featured a no DQ, loser leaves NXT UK match between two former tag team partners.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Dave Mastiff ended in a no contest due to a ref stoppage (1:35)

They traded some blows with Dragunov trying to get Mastiff up for a German suplex. He then connected with an elbow to Mastiff's face which may have legit broken his nose (later confirmed on commentary). Dragunov clamped on a sleeper and Mastiff fell backward with him, but looked rocked with blood gushing out of his nose. The referee called for the bell, threw up the X sign, and a doctor checked out Mastiff. The announcers said they would try to get more from both men later.

-- Xia Brookside talked about what it would mean to win the upcoming five woman gauntlet and eventually, the women's title from Kay Lee Ray.

-- Sid Scala was backstage with Kenny Williams and explained the possible ramifications for tonight's main event. Williams said he knew as he asked for the stipulation and seemed unworried.

-- A cool Stevie Turner video aired where she once again called herself four-dimensional.

-- Dragunov was asked about his match with Mastiff. He said Mastiff wanted to help him, but his actions have consequences and things would finally have to change.

-- Mark Coffey and Wolfgang were playing ball backstage. Rampage Brown approached and asked about Joe Coffey, who wasn't there. Wolfgang said he was there and Brown said that he was looking for a fight, so he'll do.

-- Isla Dawn talked about wanting to beat Kay Lee Ray and that all she had to sacrifice was her soul. Well, she comes across as scarier than Alexa Bliss.

Supernova Sessions with Nathan Frazer

Noam Dar and Sha Samuels hosted. They thought Frazer was someone new and were disappointed when it was the former Ben Carter who has been on the show before. Once again, Frazer explained the name change. Samuels then got in his face and said he wasn't a real British wrestler. Dar said he couldn't last a minute with him, let alone six three-minute rounds under Heritage Cup rules. Frazer asked if this was a challenge and Samuels blurted out that Dar accepts. Dar wasn't happy, but it seems the match is on.

-- Jinny talked about the gauntlet and said she was born for greatness.

-- Scala was with Amir Jordan who looked concerned but said he still wanted the match.

-- Another cool video on the Subculture (Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster & Dani Luna) aired. They invited people from all subcultures to join them.

-- Tyler Bate and Heritage Cup Champion A-Kid watched and analyzed their previous encounters. They talked about how they progressed and how each man would beat the other when they face off next.

-- Dani Luna talked about the gauntlet and wanting to face Kay Lee Ray. She said she was more experienced now and the strongest woman in the match.

Trent Seven defeated Saxon Huxley (6:01)

Huxley dominated early, including hitting a nice looking Thesz Press. He threw Seven to ringside and hit an elbow off the apron. Seven briefly came back with a DDT, but Sam Gradwell appeared on the screen and berated him. After losing control of the match, Seven regained it and eventually hit the snapdragon suplex and Seven Star Lariat for the pinfall victory.

-- Emilia McKenzie talked about being the youngest competitor in the gauntlet, but when she finally becomes NXT UK Women's champion, it will prove that she is the best women's wrestler in the UK.

-- A clip from "moments ago" showed Amale beating down Brookside backstage as a ton of referees ran in to break things up. Brookside looked like she was knocked out and Amale was screaming, furious to have been overlooked for the gauntlet match.

Kenny Williams defeated Amir Jordan in a no DQ, loser leaves NXT UK match (13:52)

They traded offense early with Williams constantly working over Jordan's heavily taped shoulder. They ended up outside and Williams further attacked Jordan with a chair and then slid a toolbox into the ring. Williams had Jordan in a tree of woe position, set up a chair, grabbed a wrench, and trash talked him. Jordan managed to grab the wrench and wrestle it away from Williams as he attacked. Williams removed the padding from the ringside area and threw Jordan into the barrier.

They brawled near the entrance area and Jordan drove a shipping/flight case into Williams who retaliated moments later by spraying a fire extinguisher into Jordan's face followed by throwing him through a table. Williams removed a turnbuckle pad and eventually rammed Jordan into it, followed by a wheelbarrow facebuster for a near fall.

They fought above, and then on, the exposed area on the floor and Jordan eventually back suplexed Williams on the concrete. Back in the ring, he hit a top rope somersault senton on Williams for another near fall. He set up a chair and repeatedly slammed Williams' head into it. Jordan got on the top rope, but Williams threw a chair at him. Jordan threw it back and hit Williams in the head who collapsed into the ropes which sent Jordan off the turnbuckle.

Williams then hit a headlock driver onto the chair for the pinfall victory, meaning Jordan must leave NXT UK. Jordan was left in the ring crying before he slowly walked to the back.

Final Thoughts:

This was a decent show with a heavy emphasis on video packages, especially to get over next week's women's gauntlet match. The video with A-Kid and Tyler Bate was tremendous with them analyzing their previous matches and even making their first match, a throwaway five minute affair, seem relevant to how they got to this point.

The main event was a good street fight and had the right outcome as Williams probably has more upside to the brand than Jordan. I could have seen Williams "graduating" to NXT, but it seems he will be with the UK brand for the time being. Time will tell what the future has in store for Jordan.

Seven vs. Huxley was just there, but will build to a future Seven/Gradwell match. The accident in the Dragunov/Mastiff match was unfortunate, but they incorporated it into Dragunov's story nicely.

Next week:

  • NXT UK Women's title no. 1 contender gauntlet: Isla Dawn vs. Jinny vs. Xia Brookside vs. Emilia McKenzie vs. Dani Luna
  • Heritage Cup rules: Noam Dar vs. Nathan Frazer