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NXT UK results: A-Kid vs. Frazer Heritage Cup contender match


Report --

Charlie Dempsey defeated Joe Coffey via referee stoppage (12:31)

They traded holds and lockups early, but neither man could get an advantage. Dempsey got the takedown with a headlock takeover and went for a submission of a pinfall attempt that had Coffey in trouble briefly. Coffey came back with a bodypress and slam. Dempsey used his advanced technical skills to take down Coffey, but Coffey worked over his thighs and hips.

Dempsey came back by front-flipping Coffey into the corner, then hit some European uppercuts and a gutwrench suplex for a near fall.

Dempsey trapped Coffey in a hammerlock, then smashed him in the face with forearms. Dempsey escaped a fireman's carry by raking the nose, then downed Coffey with a suplex. Dempsey actually worked over Coffey's bloody nose, trying to prevent him from breathing.

Dempsey hit a headbutt out of the corner that downed both men. They had a lengthy striking exchange and Coffey finally downed Dempsey with a discus lariat. Coffey hit the double-jump reverse crossbody but awkwardly hit his hand. He followed with the Glasgow Sendoff, but Teoman and Rohan Raja ran in and pulled Dempsey out of the ring. Gallus followed shortly after and brawled with "Die Familie" (German for "the family").

This allowed Dempsey to smash Coffey's injured hand into the steps and actually choke Coffey out with a dragon sleeper. Coffey passed out and the referee stopped the match.


A highlight video of last week's great match between Moustache Mountain and Pretty Deadly aired. Sid Scala then congratulated Moustache Mountain, but said it was time to determine their first challengers. There will be a tournament starting in three weeks, when Symbiosis face Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter. The winner of that match faces the winners of Die Familie (Teoman & Rohan Raja) vs. Jack Starz & Dave Mastiff, which takes place in four weeks, to determine the new no. 1 contenders. 

An awesome video on Jordan Devlin aired. It followed him through the day, from putting on a refreshing face mask before doing a 1,000 crunches in the morning, to looking out of his penthouse over Dublin, driving a sports car fast with the top down to meeting fans who adore him. He said Ilja Dragunov was pathetic, fighting for his family and fans, needing their approval. Devlin needs only himself. The way this was shot made Devlin the confident douche bag who can back his words up.

Moustache Mountain in-ring segment --

Seven said it had been a great night when they won the belts and now, after  a couple of rough months, Moustache Mountains were back. He said they had felt sure in the past, against the Grizzled Young Vets and once against Pretty Deadly. Seven got emotional saying, he wasn't sure what he'd do if they hadn't won the titles and he wasn't sure what he would do if he didn't have them anymore. He said he didn't know how long he had left, but then cheered up and said they do have the titles.

He then also said that they were the only team to ever hold the NXT and NXT UK tag team titles and that Bate was the first ever UK champion, held the Heritage Cup and now the tag titles, making him the first and only NXT UK Grand Slam champion. The crowd chanted "Grand Slam Boi" at him and Seven thanked the fans and everyone on the crew and the roster, then wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter cut a promo backstage, saying this was their time and they would become the next champions

A great video package on Meiko Satomura and Blair Davenport aired, showing highlights of both women. Davenport said she had become the number one foreigner in Meiko's home country but had never gotten to meet her in the ring. Now Meiko was the foreigner in her country and she would score a flawless victory against her. The two women will meet in three weeks.


Kenny Williams defeated Dany Jones (3:49)

Williams grabbed a mic on his way to the ring and said he didn't want Jones, but Mark Andrews and told Dany to go to the back and get him. Jones wouldn't comply.

Jones briefly dominated, but Williams took out his knee. Jones came back, whipped Williams into the corner, then hit an exploder for a two-count. Williams came back with another tackle to the knee, then hit Bad Luck but wouldn't make the cover. He hit a second Bad Luck and easily picked up the win.


Symbiosis cut a promo. Eddie Dennis said last year's words belong to last year's language but next year's words would be different. He said this was a new year, a new beginning and things would change. They said they would return, leading the pack. That voice, was Symbiosis.

A graphic announced a "special holiday edition" of NXT UK for next week

Kenny Williams came out of a room, screaming there had been a "terrible accident". Mark Andrews was on the floor in pain, clutching his arm and calling for a doctor.


NXT UK Heritage Cup number one contendership: A-Kid defeated Nathan Frazer at 2:31 of round 5 (14:18)

Round 1

They shook hands at the start of the round. They traded takedowns early, until A-Kid hit a dropkick and went for the Fujiwara armbar. A-Kid kept Frazer's arm under control. They evaded each other's attacks as the round concluded.

Round 2

A-Kid started with a waistlock takedown. Frazer tried working over the arm, but A-Kid escaped and they traded pinning combination. Frazer scored a fall off one of them, much to his own surprise. Frazer 1-0

Round 3

A-Kid came out with a running kick, but missed. He tried a few more and finally scored, then locked in an arm bar, but Frazer made the ropes. A-Kid locked in an octopus hold, but Frazer made the ropes once more. He hit a quebrada into a reverse DDT for another near-fall. A-Kid locked on a sleeper, then a running kick and finally slapped on the Fujiware armbar, but time ran out and Frazer was saved by the bell.

Round 4

Frazer escaped a sleeper, then hit a dropkick but missed a double foot stomp off the top. He hit a twisting neckbreaker for a close near fall. Frazer actually hit a backward roll into a Boston Crab, but A-Kid turned it into a pinning combination for a near-fall. A-Kid threw Frazer to ringside, then hit a flying superkick back in the ring to score a fall and tie things. A-Kid 1-1

Round 5

A-Kid hit a fisherman's suplex for a very close two-count. Frazer came back with a superkick for a near-fall of his own. They battled on the top rope next, with Frazer hitting as Spanish Fly powerslam for another two-count. He missed a moonsault but landed on his feet. A-Kid managed to lock in an armbar, which he turned into an omaplata and got the tap at 2:31 of the round. A-Kid wins 2-1

A-Kid offered his hand to Frazer after the match, who shook it.

Final Thoughts --

  • Another good episode. Charlie Dempsey has something very special about him. Not sure how I feel about him in a stable yet, as I would have liked him more as a lone wolf, but he more than delivers in the ring. He does a lot of little things that nobody else does and is super crisp with everything he does in the ring.
  • The Kenny Williams match was more a set up for an angle.
  • The main event was very good with some great action, quick pins and realistic submission attempts.

Next week --

  • A special holiday edition of NXT UK

In two weeks --

  • A special New Year's edition

In three weeks --

  • NXT UK Women's Championship: Meiko Satomura (c) vs. Blair Davenport
  • NXT UK Tag Team Championship number one contender tournament: Symbiosis vs. Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter

In four weeks --

  • NXT UK Tag Team Championship number one contender tournament: Die Familie (Teoman & Rohan Raja) vs. Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz