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NXT UK results: A-Kid vs. Tyler Bate Heritage Cup title match


This week's show featured a long built-up match between Heritage Cup Champion A-Kid and Tyler Bate.

Rampage Brown pinned Wolfgang (6:20)

Brown floored Wolfgang early with a dropkick before Wolfgang floored him in return. Wolfgang missed a splash into the corner, fell over the top, and then got kicked to ringside for good measure. They brawled on the outside, but Wolfgang came back with a backbreaker once they got back inside. Wolfgang hit a splash onto Brown's back as he was bent over, but Brown came back with a samoan drop. Wolfgang hit a huge uranage for a near fall. They went back and forth until Brown hit a hard lariat and followed up with the doctor bomb for the win.

-- Ashton Smith was working out at the Performance Center and was being congratulated on becoming a father. Teoman walked up and congratulated him as well and said that family was the most important thing in life. He asked about Oliver Carter (who wasn't there) and said he was family too. He left and Smith looked confused.

-- Aoife Valkyrie was training in the woods. She said she lost, but if you learn from your loss, it isn't really a loss. She has been looking inward for so long and now, she can finally fly.

-- Rampage Brown was walking backstage and was asked about his injuries. He met up with Gallus and Joe Coffey said they had unfinished business, but he would let Brown heal up and find him when he was ready.

Amale pinned Xia Brookside (4:40)

Amale attacked Brookside two weeks ago, taking her out of the women's no. 1 contender gauntlet match.

Brookside attacked Amale right away and beat her down. Amale managed to pull her out of the ring and rammed her both into the apron and the barricades. Amale beat Brookside down, but she eventually came back with headscissors and a neckbreaker for a near fall. Amale hit a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall of her own. She then yanked Brookside off the second turnbuckle and hit a version of a fisherman's spinebuster for the pin and the win.

-- Nathan Frazer confronted Sha Samuels in a break room and challenged him for a match next week which Samuels accepted.

-- A video recapped Meiko Satomura's win in the gauntlet match last week and Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray's subsequent attack. There were clips of Satomura backstage, asking what was up with that kick and telling KLR that she will not be forgiven.

Supernova Sessions with Ilja Dragunov

Dar told Dragunov that his set was a safe space for him to discuss his anger issues. He transformed it into a spa with relaxing music and videos of waterfalls. He had a nice, custom made bathrobe for himself, but gave Dragunov a children's version with dinosaurs which Dragunov said he would take home to his son. Dar said he wanted to learn about where Dragunov's issues started and that it must have been when he lost to WALTER. Dragunov said that he lost something more in that match, but he had changed and had his feelings under control now.

Dar egged him on more and presented him with a stuffed animal, Lenny the dog. He told Dragunov to pet Lenny's head and count to ten if he knew how and get to his happy place. Dragunov called Dar a clown and the show his circus. He said his place on the roster was violence and told Dar he could hurt him really, really bad. It looks like there will be a match between them down the line. Dragunov came back after leaving and took the dog from Dar.

-- Sam Gradwell stormed into Sid Scala's office and complained about NXT UK being an unsafe working environment after getting punched by Trent Seven last week. He demanded a match and Scala said he would talk to Johnny Saint about it. Scala later announced Dar vs. Dragunov and Joe Coffey vs. Rampage Brown as taking place in two weeks.

Tyler Bate (w/ Trent Seven) beat A-Kid 1-0 in round six to win the NXT Heritage Cup title (18:58)

This was conducted under Heritage Cup rules.

Round 1:

They went back and forth and hold for hold in the first round in what was mostly a feeling out process.

Round 2:

They traded submissions for most of the round with neither man getting the firm advantage. They had some excellent technical exchanges.

Round 3:

They traded counters early on until A-Kid hit a vicious elbow strike on a downed Bate. Bate, in turn, punched him and A-Kid fell out of the ring. They had a striking exchange and both men tumbled out of the ring seconds before the round concluded.

Round 4:

Bate attacked right away, but A-Kid came back with an upward dropkick from the mat. They traded pinfall attempts and Bate got A-Kid up for the airplane spin. A-Kid countered into a sleeper and then hit a running kick for a near fall. He got the sleeper back on, but Bate backed him into the corner. Bate went for a suplex, but A-Kid turned it into a guillotine. Bate turned that into a suplex and went for a cover, but time ran out mid count.

Round 5:

Bate tried pinning A-Kid off a roman knuckle lock. A-Kid jumped to the top rope and Bate caught him for a bridging german suplex. Bate hit the Tyler Driver '97, but A-Kid kicked out. Bate went for a corkscrew plancha from the top, but A-Kid caught him in an armbar. Bate escaped with punches, but got locked in an omoplata but he couldn't lock it fully in. He finally got it, but time ran out once more.

During the break, Bate made Seven promise not to throw in the towel.

Round 6:

As the match had no falls up to this point, if any of the two competitors were to score a fall in this round, that person would be the winner. If the round concluded without a fall, the match would be ruled a draw.

Bate hit the springboard clothesline early and went for the Tyler Driver '97, but A-Kid hit a huricanrana for a near fall. Bate missed a rolling kapa kick and A-Kid missed a running soccer kick. Bate hit a punch, but A-Kid managed to hit a superkick and went to roll Bate up, but Bate spun out of the hold. He then sat down and hooked A-Kid's legs for a pinning combination and got the pin at 0:58 of the round to win the Heritage Cup title.

A-Kid handed Bate the Cup and congratulated him. Bate then celebrated with Seven as A-Kid slowly walked to the back.

Final Thoughts:

This was a fun show, The main event was outstanding and showcased two of the best pure young wrestling talents in the world  Go out of your way to watch it.

The Brown-Wolfgang match mainly built to Brown-Joe Coffey and Amale beating Brookside hopefully kicks off a more prominent role for the talented Amale. Dar is a lot of fun as the host of his show and Dragunov as the straight man played off well on him.

Next week:

  • Nathan Frazer vs. Sha Samuels

In two weeks:

  • Ilja Dragunov vs. Noam Dar
  • Joe Coffey vs. Rampage Brown