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NXT UK results: Meiko Satomura debuts


Taped at BT Sport Studios in London, England

Big Takeaways --

The first show from a new set of tapings saw NXT UK focus on the women's division with the debut of Meiko Satomura, another women's match with Piper Niven facing Amale, and promos and vignettes with Dani Luna, Aoife Valkyrie, and Nina Samuels.

NXT UK also set up a number of matches for the future, including A-Kid vs. Sha Samuels for the Heritage Cup, Rampage Brown vs. Joe Coffey, and Gallus vs. Pretty Deadly for the NXT UK Tag Team titles.

In the main event, Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster finally got their revenge on Eddie Dennis and The Hunt.

Full Rundown --

- The show opened with a video recapping the feud between Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster and The Hunt. This led to a clip from earlier today where Andrews and Webster stepped out of a room with Sid Scala running up to them. Andrews and Webster said that they were tired of playing the numbers game and handed Scala Wild Boar's mask. Boar was seen laid out on the floor. The main event street fight was thus changed to Andrews & Webster vs. Primate & Eddie Dennis.

Meiko Satomura pinned Isla Dawn after Scorpion Rising (5:26)

Satomura was shown walking through the backstage area where she was watched by Xia Brookside, Scala, and Piper Niven.

Satomura dished out some leg kicks early, then controlled Dawn with a headlock. Dawn briefly got on offense, but she was quickly wiped out. NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray was shown watching the match from behind a big glass window in the arena.

Dawn hit a Northern Lights suplex for a two count and followed with a running meteora. Dawn went to the top rope, but she got thrown back down to the mat by a superplex. Dawn hit a Saito suplex for another two count, but Satomura came back with strikes, a spinning kick, and a DDT. Satomura then followed with Scorpion Rising (a step-up axe kick) for the pinfall victory.

After the match, KLR posed with her title belt behind the glass as Satomura urged KLR to join her in the ring.

- Rampage Brown and Joe Coffey met in a meeting room with a television. NXT UK general manager Johnny Saint appeared on screen and said the only people who wanted to see a match between Brown and Coffey more than him and the fans were Brown and Coffey themselves. He made the match official for next week.

- A video on Dani Luna aired, showing her working out with weights. Luna said it was a good feeling to enter the ring and know you were the strongest there. Luna said she wanted to be a better version of herself and learned as a powerlifter that you had to push until you got what you wanted.

- A video on Aoife Valkyrie aired where she said she would fly.

- Satomura cut a promo backstage after her match in Japanese and concluded with "Kay Lee, I am ready for you."

Supernova Sessions with Sha Samuels

Noam Dar introduced Samuels as his best mate. He would not let Samuels sit on the simple chair he usually has for guests, so they sat on the couch. Samuels talked about how he worked hard for 18 years to finally make it to the big stage and how half the NXT UK roster wouldn't be here if it wasn't for his work. Dar told him he'd fulfill every wish Samuels had, which brought out Sid Scala.

Samuels called Scala "the help" and demanded to see Johnny Saint, but Dar quickly de-escalated the situation and told Samuels that Scala was in fact the assistant general manager. Dar then talked about how Samuels represented the heritage of the sport and told Scala they had to make up for the Ed Harvey gimmick that NXT UK initially gave to Samuels. Dar suggested a Heritage Cup match with Samuels challenging A-Kid. Scala said they would consider it.

- Nina Samuels sat in the backstage area and accepted Xia Brookside's request for a rematch -- with the added stipulation that Brookside would have to become her personal assistant for one month if she lost. Samuels said that Brookside would finally carry her bags.

- Trent Seven was shown working out at the UK Performance Center in order to drop to below 205 pounds to challenge Jordan Devlin for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

Piper Niven pinned Amale after the Piper Driver (2:19)

Amale slapped Niven, but she got slapped back, dropped, and wiped out with a running crossbody from a seated position. Niven kicked Amale in the corner, but Joseph Conners walking out allowed Amale to attack Niven. Amale looked for a suplex but got hit with a headbutt, followed by a somersault senton in the corner. Niven then hit the Piper Driver for the win.

Conners looked on from the entrance and slowly clapped. Niven was irritated.

- A video aired focusing on Gallus and Pretty Deadly. They will have their NXT UK Tag Team title match in two weeks.

- A highlight video promoted that Ben Carter will be in action next week.

- Also next week, A-Kid defends the NXT UK Heritage Cup against Sha Samuels and Rampage Brown faces Joe Coffey.

Tag team street fight: Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster defeated Primate & Eddie Dennis after a Shooting Star Press by Andrews on Primate (16:03)

Andrews & Webster's music played -- but they did not come out. The camera went backstage and found Primate and Dennis beating down on both men. Andrews had been put through a table and they drove a production box into him.

The heels dragged Webster to the ring and the bell finally rang. Primate crashed into the corner right away as Webster moved out of the way. Dennis hit a slam on Webster for a two count. Webster briefly ran wild but got beaten with Dennis' belt to stop him in his tracks. Primate threw Webster over the barricade and held him for Dennis to slap around.

Andrews suddenly appeared on top of a huge production scaffold and hit a big moonsault on Dennis and Primate. Dennis and Webster squared off, as did Andrews and Primate. Webster hit a somersault senton off the apron on Dennis and Primate hit a springboard clothesline on Andrews from the barricade.

All four men had steel chairs as they finally met inside the ring. Dennis took out Andrews' knee with a chair, but he got another shot blocked by Webster's helmet, with Webster whacking the former headmaster with it. Dennis took out Webster with a kendo stick, but he ate an enzuigiri from Andrews. Andrews hit Stun Dog Millionaire and then went to the top, but Primate attacked his knee with a kendo stick.

The heels worked over Andrews' knee in the ring, targeting it with chairs and submissions. Dennis went to Pillmanize the leg with another steel chair, but Webster took the chair from him and ran wild. Andrews hit a sunset flip over Primate as Primate was on the apron and held on for dear life. Webster hit a high running knee and Andrews completed the sunset bomb onto the floor.

Dennis was alone in the ring begging as Andrews and Webster destroyed him with kendo sticks. The backs of Webster and Dennis were filled with red welts from the belt and kendo stick attacks.

Andrews and Webster got a table from under the ring. They got Dennis on the table, but Primate was looking to get back in the ring. Andrews took care of him but got German suplexed out of the ring for his troubles. Dennis rolled off the table, but Webster hit a somersault senton onto his back.

Primate finally made the save and hit Webster with an exploder into the corner. Primate set a table up in the corner and Dennis went for the Severn Bridge, but Andrews made the save. Dennis went for a top rope Severn Bridge, but Webster turned it into a super hurricanrana. Primate then got put through the table off a missed spear.

Andrews and Webster went to the top, with Andrews hitting a Shooting Star Press on Primate while Webster hit a 630 senton on Dennis. Andrews then pinned Primate to get the win.

Final Thoughts --

The main event was a brutal and crazy street fight with some wild high-flying action thrown in. If you only watch one thing from this show, this is it. It was both violent and spectacular.

Meiko Satomura looked very good in her debut and they built to a number of matches for the weeks to come.

Next Week --

  • Heritage Cup Champion A-Kid defends against Sha Samuels
  • Rampage Brown vs. Joe Coffey
  • Ben Carter in action