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NXT UK results: Meiko Satomura vs. Aoife Valkyrie


This week's show featured Aoife Valkyrie and Meiko Satomura in a fantastic match with the "Final Boss" ending Valkyrie's 14-month winning streak.

Teoman defeated Rohan Raja (6:02)

Raja is the former Gursinder Singh who wrestled in the Desi Hit Squad in Impact in 2018-19. He was born in the UK, raised in Australia, and trained under Lance Storm, starting out around 2015. Other than Impact, he mostly wrestled in Canadian indies, where he won a number of championship, and in Australia.

Raja quickly backed Teoman into the ropes, but got slapped hard for his troubles. He came back with an armdrag and a bridging pin, later slapping Teoman back and demanding respect. Teoman took him down and started pounding him.

Teoman repeatedly asked, "Who do you think you are?" in German as he kept slapping him. Raja came back with a running crossbody for another two count. He later hit a dropkick and a pop-up powerbomb for consecutive near falls. Teoman came back with an attack to the knee and a jumping DDT off the middle turnbuckle.

Teoman locked in a crossface and Raja almost made the ropes before Teoman rolled them both back into the center of the ring. Raja did not tap as he had promised, but tried to break the hold by throwing his upper body backwards while his arm still was trapped. There was an audible cracking/ripping sound that either was real or added in post-production. Raja screamed in pain and the referee stopped the match seconds later.

As the doctor and referee checked on him, Teoman cut a promo, saying "I don't know if you are stupid or brave but you can see the eye is watching."

-- Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster and Dani Luna (it appears their new name is Subculture) were shown in a cool video in South Wales, hanging out in what apparently was their old stomping grounds. Andrews was skateboarding, Luna trained, and they all talked about what the various subcultures they were part of in their youth taught them.

-- Ilja Dragunov sat backstage and was asked how he felt. Dave Mastiff walked up and talked about Dragunov's temper and challenged him to a match in "the spirit of competition" which was accepted.

Kay Lee Ray in-ring segment

Sid Scala was in the ring and introduced Kay Lee Ray, the longest reigning NXT UK Women's champion. She said what Scala said was good, but not good enough. She said she was the longest reigning Women's champion in all of WWE and rattled off a list of all the women she defeated during her reign. She asked Scala what he actually wanted from her.

Scala said the women's division in NXT UK was stronger than ever and that he and Johnny Saint had decided to book the top five women (Jinny, Isla Dawn, Xia Brookside, Dani Luna, Emilia McKenzie) in a gauntlet match with the winner becoming the new number one contender. KLR said that none of them would be able to beat the Forever Champion.

-- A video on Pretty Deadly and their various media appearances and interviews with a number of media outlets aired.

-- Heritage Cup champion A-Kid talked about his upcoming match in three weeks with Tyler Bate as they aired clips of their previous two matches which they split. He said he was glad he did not have to look up to Bate anymore, but could look him in the eye and wrestle him. He would find a way to beat him again. On a trivia note, he also called himself the first Spain-born WWE superstar which is wrong. Kane also was born in the country due to his father being stationed there in the Air Force at the time. 

Sha Samuels defeated Levi Muir (4:00)

Muir shoved Samuels into the corner off a lock-up. Samuels kneed him in the gut and punched him in the mouth. Muir got a two count off a running crossbody, but the East End Butcher quickly came back. Samuels worked over Muir's left shoulder and went for the Butcher's Hook, but Muir escaped. He got Samuels up for a torture rack, but Samuels escaped with some dirty tactics. Samuels then hit a spinebuster for the pinfall victory.

-- Trent Seven was at the UK Performance Center and talked about being one of the founding fathers of NXT UK. Sam Gradwell walked up and took offense, pointing out that he had signed the exact same contract for the exact same money (the original UK Championship Tournament in Blackpool in 2017) that Seven did. He said that the fans may put Seven on a pedestal, but that Seven was not on his.

Meiko Satomura defeated Aoife Valkyrie (11:23)

Valkyrie respectfully bowed to begin the match. Satomura started things off with a kick to the hamstring. She caught a kick by Valkyrie and smashed her with a forearm. Satomura kept dominating with a couple of armbars and wristlocks. Valkyrie came back off a test of strength and took Satomura down with a wristlock of her own, transitioning into a crucifix pin for a near fall.

Satomura came back with kicks and an armbar, but Valkyrie transitioned into a pin attempt to break the hold. She hit an enzuigiri that sent Satomura to ringside before Valkyrie hit her with a kick through the ropes. Valkyrie locked in a butterfly submission using her thighs that had Satomura screaming in pain before she reached the ropes with her feet.

Satomura managed to get a toe hold on, transitioning into a modified reverse figure four that had Valkyrie shuffling for the ropes. Satomura flipped Valkyrie backward onto her face, leveling her with a head kick for a close near fall. Satomura missed a kick and was hit with a Pele kick. Valkyrie went to the top for her diving axe kick and Satomura followed her up, but got power bombed off the ropes. Valkyrie missed a step-up enzuigiri and was hit with a Saito suplex.

Satomura went for Scorpion Rising, but Valkyrie stopped her and hit a moonsault off the second turnbuckle for another near fall. She went for the diving axe kick again, but Satomura moved out of the way and hit a DDT in retaliation followed by a handspring knee drop. Valkyrie powered back up, but got stopped with a double axehandle and another handspring knee drop. Satomura hit another kick, followed by Scorpion Rising for the pinfall that ended Valkyrie's undefeated streak.

Satomura helped her up, shook her hand, and bowed to her in a show of respect.

-- A really cool video with Symbiosis (Eddie Dennis, Primate and T-Bone) aired. They were behind a chain link fence and Primate said he was built on the battlefield. T-Bone said he had once been an unstoppable force but lost his way. Dennis said every soldier needs a leader and some men need a familiar face to remind them who they were. He said his mind may be a machine, but these bodies were his ammunition. He concluded by saying symbiotic in nature, Symbiosis in name.

-- A superb video hyped up the no DQ, loser leaves NXT UK match between Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams. It told their history together and had both men talking in sit-down interviews, vowing to end the other one's career.

Gallus (Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) defeated Symbiosis (Eddie Dennis, Primate and T-Bone) (9:27)

Dennis and Joe Coffey started, but Dennis immediately tagged in Primate. He hit Coffey with strikes and then tagged Primate who kept up the punching. Eventually, Dennis tagged in but quickly got overwhelmed. Mark Coffey and Wolfgang all took turns beating down Dennis as well. Primate blind tagged in and got to work on Joe Coffey once more. Primate was in next and hit a springboard double axehandle. 

Dennis tagged back in and hit a black hole slam on Coffey for a near fall. Symbiosis used quick tags to keep Coffey under control for a few minutes. Dennis went for the Severed Bridge but Coffey escaped and hit the double jump reverse bodypress off the top before both men crawled to their respective corners. They both managed to tag out and Wolfgang ran wild on T-Bone next.

They both tagged out and it was Mark Coffey and Primate in next. Primate hit a lariat to the back and Symbiosis used quick tags once more. T-Bone and Primate hit a power slam/flying headbutt combo, but Joe Coffey made the save. Gallus quickly tagged in and out and eventually, Joe Coffey hit the Glasgow Sendoff and All the Best for the Bells on Primate for the pin and the win.

Final Thoughts:

This was a fun show with no dull moments as the video packages and angles really made the show fun to watch. Raja looked good in his debut and injuring himself rather than tapping out which led to a ref stoppage was a unique finish rarely seen these days.

The gauntlet leading up to the Women's title match is a nice idea with the only reasonable outcome being McKenzie winning (and maybe avenging her loss to Isla Dawn along the way) as KLR vs. McKenzie is the only matchup we haven't seen already. McKenzie is the only woman KLR has not yet beat.

Satomura vs. Valkyrie was fantastic and made Valkyrie look like a star by being able to hang with a legend. The loss doesn't hurt her and she is no longer burdened by the undefeated streak. I could see her as Women's champion down the line, but she would also look good on NXT in the U.S.. I'm not sure how her gimmick translates to the main roster though.

The main event was a fun six-men mean guys match. Symbiosis are a decent team with Dennis being the brain behind the brutes, but I don't really see them make it past the midcard any time soon.

Next week:

  • Amir Jordan vs. Kenny Williams no DQ, loser leaves NXT UK match
  • Ilja Dragunov vs. Dave Mastiff
  • Noam Dar's Supernova Sessions with Nathan Frazer