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NXT UK results: Moustache Mountain vs. Dar & Samuels


Report --

Taped at BT Sports Studios in London, England

Joe Coffey defeated Eddie Dennis (08:26)

Coffey punched Dennis out of the ring and attacked him at ringside. Back in the ring, Dennis escaped through the ropes to stop another barrage by Coffey. Dennis came back with a judo throw and kravate. Coffey eventually escaped with a slam, but missed the Glasgow Sendoff into the corner.

Dennis caught a body press by Coffey and hit a slam for a near fall. They traded strikes and Coffey hit an overhead belly-to-belly suplex, followed by a running shoulder block and an elbow drop for another two count. Dennis caught Coffey on the turnbuckles, then hit the Severed Bridge for a another close near fall.

Coffey came back with a spinebuster and a Boston Crab. T-Bone and Primate ran in and distracted the referee, but Coffey disposed of them. Gallus ran out to brawl with T-Bone and Primate.

Back in the ring, Coffey hit the double-jump reverse body press, Glasgow Sendoff and All the Best for the Bells to pin Dennis.

Coffey got attacked immediately by Primate and T-Bone, but the rest of Gallus made the save and sent Dennis and his thugs packing.


Ilja Dragunov sat at a laptop and watched clips of his match with WALTER, getting an incredulous look on his face as the match progressed. He then watched clips of his matches with Jack Starz, Sam Gradwell and others and how he would snap whenever he got chopped in the neck. His eyes grew bigger as he watched, before the screen faded to black.


Gallus were excited as they came backstage. Joe Coffey encountered Rampage Brown and told him he'd watched him and WALTER and it was tough, as he'd been there himself. He reminded Brown that he had promised him a rematch and told him to give him a call.


Sam Gradwell defeated "Bomber" Dave Mastiff (04:54)

Mastiff quickly backed Gradwell into the ropes and called him a "Yogurt". They traded hammerlocks, before Gradwell got smacked in the mouth. Mastiff hit a judo roll over Gradwell, then followed with a fireman's carry roll. Gradwell came back with a knee strike with his knee brace, hurting Mastiff's back.

Mastiff eventually hit a running crossbody but couldn't hit his cannonball senton into the corner because of his injured back.

Gradwell seized the opportunity, impressively hoisted Mastiff on his shoulders and hit a Falcon Arrow for the win.


Aoife Valkyrie walked through a city at night and talked about this being her opportunity. She will face Meiko Satomura next week.


A video profiled Emilia McKenzie.


Jinny (w/Joseph Conners) defeated Dani Luna (04:03)

Dani took Jinny down with a waistlock takedown right away. Jinny slapped her, then escaped through the ropes and attacked Dani from behind when she turned away.

Jinny locked on an Iron Octopus but Luna powered out. Jinny locked it on once more from a seated position, but Luna lifted her up and threw her. Luna hit two consecutive rolling gutwrench suplexes, then followed up with another suplex.

They traded strikes and slaps and Dani followed with a running clothesline. Conners got on the apron, which distracted Luna and allowed Jinny to hit a kick to the knee, rolling Liger kick and pin Dani with a La Magistral cradle.

After the match, Jinny stomped away at Dani and locked her in a modified STF as Conners screamed into her face. Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster ran out to make the save.


Sid Scala was asked about the Amir Jordan-Kenny Williams main event from last week when Jordan stormed in and demanded a rematch.

Scala said that Williams was willing to give him a rematch under no DQ rules, but only under the condition that the loser will leave NXT UK.

Jordan was taken aback, but eventually signed the contract and said that nobody would be taking this away from him.


A video aired on newcomer Rohan Raja (Tony Gill, the former Gursinder Singh of the Desi Hit Squad in Impact in 2018/19), who said he was 6'1", British born, Australian raised, Canadian trained (by Lance Storm, nonetheless). He said he would make his NXT UK debut next week against Teoman.

He said Teoman had been making people tap out but that he does not quit and Teoman would have to bring his A game.

Teoman replied to Raja's promo, saying he would die for his family and protect them with honor, respect and fear. He reiterated that he was the "Babo" (boss) Teoman.


Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) defeated Noam Dar & Sha Samuels (12:50)

Dar and Bate started the match. Bate had the early advantage with arm drags before Dar managed to tag in Samuels, who wanted Seven. Seven quickly hit a clothesline and leg drop. Bate was back in and hit a somersault senton, then worked over Samuels' arm before Dar tagged back in.

Bate had Dar up for the airplane spin, but Samuels blind tagged back in and attacked Bate, who eventually tagged Seven. Dar and Samuels quickly tagged in and out and worked over Seven for several minutes. Seven finally hit a DDT and snap dragon suplex on Dar before finally making the hot tag.

Bate ran wild and hit an exploder on Samuels. Bate hit a Seven-assisted  power bomb on Samuels and went for a bridging pin, but the referee was distracted and Samuels eventually kicked out. Samuels hit a spinebuster on Bate off a slingshot lariat. Seven and Bate hit subsequent dives on both Dar and Samuels.

Bate then hit a double foot stomp of the top into a Burning Hammer by Seven on Samuels and pinned him.

Final thoughts --

A decent show with a good main event.

Dennis vs. Coffey lead to the inevitable six-men tag, which should be a fun, hard-hitting brawl next week.

Jinny vs. Dani Luna also progressed the storyline and we should get some sort of mixed tag team match out of it soon.

Sam Gradwell picked up his first proper win since returning, and looked good in doing so.

The main event was a small redemption story for Trent Seven, who I still suspect will turn on or challenge Tyler Bate if/when he wins the Heritage Cup from A-Kid.

I like how they had short promos building up next week's Rohan Raja vs. Teoman match, which felt like watching Superstars or Wrestling Challenge when I was a kid.

Next week --

  • Aoife Valkyrie vs. Meiko Satomura
  • Teoman vs. Rohan Raja
  • Gallus vs. Eddie Dennis, Primate & T-Bone