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NXT UK results: Moustache Mountain vs. Smith & Carter Tag Team title match

This week's show also featured a celebration of NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura.

Amale defeated Xia Brookside (6:14)

Amale outwrestled Brookside early on, leading to her complaining. Brookside eventually came back with a vicious attack and hit a running knee attack to the back of Amale's head as she hung in the ropes.

Brookside locked in an armbar and further wore Amale down, until "The French Hope" came back with a samoan drop, running knee, clothesline and running senton. Amale smashed her head into the turnbuckles with a drop toehold, followed by a running kick in the corner and the Hopebreaker for the pin and the win.

- Gallus, Sha Samuels and Noam Dar were in Sid Scala's office. Scala announced that in two weeks, Dar would defend the Heritage Cup against Joe Coffey. Mark Coffey and Samuels argued and Scala proposed they settle their issues in the ring.

- Jack Starz and Dave Mastiff had their latest lesson called "Bomber Initiative." For some reason, Starz cut holes into Pretty Deadly's shirts and they complained, presumably leading to a match between the two teams next week.

Rohan Raja defeated Danny Jones (5:00)

Jones dominated early before Raja briefly stopped him with a forearm. After some more offense, Raja retreated to ringside to consult his teammates. He eventually attacked Jones on the outside and took over from there.

Raja methodically wore him down until the Welshman came back with an enzuigiri and backdrop driver. He followed with another suplex for a near fall.

Raja eventually hit a backstabber, followed by Seek and Destroy and a pin to gain the victory.

After the match, Die Familie stomped on Jones. Charlie Dempsey briefly hesitated, but eventually joined in.

- Symbiosis were in a promo video where they said they were supposed to win. Eddie Dennis whispered to them that an arrow can only be shot into the heart of their enemies when the string gets pulled back first. He told them to keep calm and focused.

- A truck driver drove through darkness and ate a burger, which distracted him from the road. He saw something and braked hard. He got out of the truck and found some hair or fur on the ground. Some creature ran through the woods nearby. Then the scene cut to black.

- Samuels and Mark Coffey continued to argue backstage.

- Die Familie walked by a visibly angry A-Kid. He grabbed Dempsey, prompting Teoman and Raja to get involved. Dempsey calmed them down and asked A-Kid what he wanted to say. A-Kid said he thought Dempsey was better than that. Dempsey shrugged and said, "Maybe." A-Kid then walked off, obviously still not pleased with the answer he got.

NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura celebration

Andy Shepherd was in the ring and welcomed NXT UK Women's champion Meiko Satomura. They looked at a video package, showing her highlights. He presented her with flowers. Just as she started thanking everybody, the lights went out and Isla Dawn appeared behind the barricades.

She got into the ring and talked about how she thanked Satomura to give her something to desire. She said the one final trophy she lacked was the one Satomura was holding. The champion told her to just ask for a match if that's what she wanted.

Isla said she did not ask, she takes. She then kicked Satomura in the face and stole her flowers. She slunk to the back and started eating the flowers. Ok, then. She is still scarier than Alexa Bliss and her doll.

- Sam Gradwell was backstage, looking at his bald head. He was furious and talked about his little son asking who did that to his hair. He said he just sees "that little cockroach" (Kenny Williams) when he looks into the mirror and Williams would not forget what he was going to do to him.

- NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov answered Nathan Frazier's championship challenge from last week. He accepted and told Frazer he was good but not ready to become champion. He said he himself had to win a battle royal and then did not win the title because he wasn't ready and his journey to the title was long and hard. He said Frazier would lose, but it would be the first step on his journey. The match between the two men takes place next week.

NXT UK Tag Team Champions Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) defeated Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter (13:03) to retain

Bate and Carter had some back-and forth exchanges early. Seven was in next and got worked over by Carter but quickly regained control once Smith was tagged in. The champs scored the first two count on Smith as Bate hit a somersault senton.

The challengers tried some double-team action, but Carter ended up in an airplane spin by Bate. He quickly came back from the attack and hit a top rope hurricanrana on Bate.

Bate turned things around but Seven was off the apron as Carter had taken him out seconds earlier. Bate still hit a running shooting star press for a near fall and finally tagged in Seven.

Seven held his own against both men, hitting the Seven Star Lariat and the Emerald Frosion on Smith but Carter made the save. Bate was in next and was almost pinned after a huge spinning sitout power bomb. He also kicked out of an assisted moonsault by Carter.

Smith hit a top rope leg lariat, followed by a Doomsday Cutter by Carter for what looked like the win, only for Seven to make the save at the last second. Some chaotic seconds later, Bate and Smith were in the ring.

They exchanged strikes until Bate hit Smith with a straight left that possibly knocked him out. Bate went for the pin but Smith got his foot on the rope. As the ref was already counting, Seven ran up to Smith on the outside and pushed his foot off behind the referee's (and Bate's) back giving the champs the win.

Final Thoughts:

This was a fun show with some interesting developments. Amale keeps looking good and there obviously is some storyline/match coming up between A-Kid and Dempsey. There will also be a Satomura vs. Dawn title match happening down the road.

The tag team main event was great and the seeds for a Moustache Mountain split ever so carefully get planted with Seven doing everything to hold on to championship gold, even if it means doing the wrong thing.

Next week:

  • NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov vs. Nathan Frazier in a title match
  • Mark Coffey vs. Sha Samuels
  • Pretty Deadly vs. Dave Mastiff and Jack Starz

In two weeks:

  • NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion Noam Dar vs. Joe Coffey in a title match