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NXT UK results: Nathan Frazer vs. Teoman

This week's show also had Amale vs. Nina Samuels, and A-Kid vs. Saxon Huxley.

As always, this week's show was taped at BT Sports Studios in London, England.

Amale defeated Nina Samuels (5:18)

They showed the "Nina Samuels Show" segment from last week that set up this match.

The two went back and forth early before Samuels evaded a running kick to the corner by rolling to ringside. She beat up Amale on the outside and continued the onslaught in the ring. She hit a twisting slingshot splash for a near fall and locked in a chin lock.

Amale came back with clotheslines and a senton. She eventually hit the running knee into the corner, followed by the Hopebreaker for the pin.

-- There was more "etiquette training" with A-Kid and Saxon Huxley. A-Kid tried to teach him to say "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain." Huxley screamed the lyrics and mixed them up instead. As A-Kid left the room, he calmly and correctly recited them and called A-Kid a "very nice man." When A-Kid returned, he screamed again.

-- Noam Dar and Sha Samuels entered their dressing room. Someone snuck up behind them, stole the Heritage Cup trophy and locked them inside the room as they screamed.

-- A recap aired of last week's match between Blair Davenport and Meiko Satomura where Davenport hurt her ankle. There was no medical update.

-- A clip aired from last week's tag team tournament finals with Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith confronting Moustache Mountain backstage after their win. The teams were friendly, but Moustache Mountain told them that they would be on top for the foreseeable future. That match will take place in two weeks.

Supernova Sessions Gallus Boys on Top with Jordan Devlin

Gallus hijacked Noam Dar's show and rebranded it "Gallus Boys on Top." Mark Coffey was the host with Joe Coffey and Wolfgang on the couch. They called out Jordan Devlin.

Devlin was annoyed, but Coffey promised to conduct the interview as a professional. They asked Devlin what was next after losing to Ilja Dragunov. Dar and Samuels then walked up to the set and were upset.

They argued back and forth with Dar claiming that Joe Coffey would never be a champion as long as he was around. Dar grabbed the Heritage Cup, but Joe Coffey held onto it and told Dar to enjoy it while he had it.

-- Jack Starz was backstage, looking like he ate one of Dave Mastiff's jackets. Mastiff asked what he was doing. Starz said that last week, Mastiff didn't tag him in in the tag team tournament finals. He said he wanted to be like Mastiff and earn his respect. Mastiff said he'd think about it.

--  Kenny Williams cut a promo on Sam Gradwell, likening himself to a thunderstorm.

A-Kid defeated Saxon Huxley (7:03)

A-Kid used his technique to control Huxley, but Huxley used his power to thwart him. Huxley hit a Thesz press and repeatedly slammed A-Kid into the mat.

Huxley kept manhandling the smaller man until A-Kid managed to lock in an Octopus hold. A-Kid tried to go for the omoplata, but Huxley turned it into a backbreaker. A-Kid followed up with some high flying and tried more submissions, but Huxley was still too strong.

A-Kid hit a flying superkick, but Huxley grabbed his wrist. A-Kid followed with an enzuigiri, but Huxley still would not let go. A-Kid then hit a springboard moonsault into a DDT for the pin and the win. Huxley was upset after the loss, but still shook A-Kid's hand.

-- Gallus walked backstage, being goofy. Wolfgang departed from the group and promptly was attacked by Devlin with a chair. Devlin reclaimed his sunglasses which Wolfgang had stolen some time back.

-- A-Kid was interviewed about his match with Huxley and said he thought that Huxley had found himself. Die Familie (Teoman and Rohan Raja) walked up and glared at A-Kid. Charlie Dempsey briefly stopped to stare at A-Kid, who acknowledged him. Dempsey acknowledged him back.

Nathan Frazer defeated Teoman (w/ Die Familie) (13:15)

Frazer dominated early, frustrating Teoman. Teoman eventually caught Frazer off a springboard attempt and dropped him throat first across the top rope.

Teoman was firmly in control, grinding Frazer down with a headlock. Frazer eventually managed to escape and threw Teoman to ringside. Teoman trapped him with the ring apron as he slid to the outside, but Frazer came back with a moonsault off the barricades. Teoman used the ring apron once more to blindside Frazer and stomp him in the head and neck.

Teoman locked in a surfboard submission, but Frazer turned it into a pinning combination. Frazer briefly made a comeback, but sold his neck and could not keep his attack up. He finally hit a superkick and both men were down.

Frazer hit a sling blade after which Teoman retreated to ringside. Frazer hit a huge crossbody on all members of Die Familie, then followed up with a splash off the top for a near fall.

Frazer went for a quebrada, but Teoman dropkicked him in mid-air and then scored a number of near-falls. Teoman stomped Frazer's neck, but he managed to hit an enzuigiri and went to the top rope. Both Raja and Dempsey tried to distract him, allowing Teoman to sneak up on him from behind. Frazer still managed to elbow Teoman off him and then hit a Phoenix Splash to pin the head of Die Familie.

Final Thoughts:

This was a good show. The women's opener was decent, A-Kid vs. Huxley was a good small/big man fight, and the main event was a very good match between two excellent workers. I am also looking forward to A-Kid vs. Dempsey which was teased earlier. Gallus hijacking Dar's show also was entertaining.

Next week:

  • Jordan Devlin vs. Wolfgang
  • Kenny Williams vs. Sam Gradwell

In two weeks:

  • NXT UK Tag Team Champions Moustache Mountain vs. Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter title match