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NXT UK results: Noam Dar vs. Joe Coffey Heritage Cup title match

A-Kid also faced off with Charlie Dempsey on this week's NXT UK.

Taped at BT Sport Studios in London, England

- Noam Dar and Joe Coffey talked about their Heritage Cup Championship match tonight. Coffey said it will be his first match under Heritage Cup rules.

- Charlie Dempsey was asked about where Die Familie was. He said he didn't need them for this match -- it's just A-Kid and him.

Charlie Dempsey defeated A-Kid by submission (12:30)

Both men were looking to grapple early. They traded armbars, wristlocks, and hammerlocks on the mat. A-Kid and Dempsey each displayed their prowess of mat wrestling with holds, counter-holds, and escapes.

At one point, Dempsey got into a bridging position on his head. Even when A-Kid stood on top of him, he couldn't break Dempsey's bridge. A European uppercut by Dempsey then sent A-Kid to ringside. They traded more uppercuts, then A-Kid went for a backslide and transitioned it into an octopus hold that had Dempsey grasping for the ropes.

A-Kid hit a stiff kick that rocked Dempsey. They ended up on the mat with A-Kid going for a number of leg submissions. Dempsey went for Cattle Mutilation and then transitioned into an armbar and a kneebar before A-Kid countered into an armbar of his own.

Dempsey hit a perfect dragon suplex for a close two count. A-Kid went for an omoplata, but Dempsey countered with an overhead Gotch lift. They rocked each other with simultaneous elbow strikes, then Dempsey sent A-Kid out of the ring with a double-handed palm strike. With the referee holding Dempsey back and having his back turned to A-Kid, Rohan Raja suddenly jumped the railing, sent A-Kid head-first into the post, and rolled him back in the ring. From his positioning with the ref, Dempsey may or may not have seen Raja's attack.

Dempsey then basically twisted A-Kid into a pretzel, stretching both his leg and neck. Dempsey interlocked his hands for the submission victory. This was outstanding.

- Sid Scala was about to announce that a star from the United States will appear on NXT UK next week. Wolfgang interrupted and asked about a new challenge. Scala then revealed that Wolfgang will face Roderick Strong on next Thursday's episode.

- WWE recapped the Meiko Satomura/Isla Dawn segment from a few weeks ago, and it was announced that Satomura will defend her NXT UK Women's Championship against Dawn in two weeks.

- Aleah James was asked about the future of the title picture in the women's division. She was interrupted by Stevie Turner and they had words.

Symbiosis (T-Bone & Primate w/ Eddie Dennis) defeated Josh Morrell & Danny Jones (6:07)

Primate threw Morrell around early, then ate a dropkick before tagging out. Jones came in and held his own with T-Bone. Morrell went for a springboard crossbody, but T-Bone caught him and it was all downhill from there.

T-Bone smashed Morrell into the corner upside down, then punished him with more punches. Morrell eventually made the hot tag and Jones ran wild briefly. Morrell then actually hit a twisting corkscrew senton onto T-Bone for a two count, but he quickly fell victim to a top rope headbutt by Primate. Primate pinned Morrell to get the win.

As Symbiosis celebrated in the ring, Wild Boar suddenly returned after being absent due to injury for more than a year. He swung a chair into Primate's back, then hit T-Bone in the gut with it and flattened him with a lariat before focusing on Eddie Dennis, who quickly got struck down. Dennis begged off and Symbiosis pulled him to safety, but all three men looked shocked to see Primate's former partner in The Hunt return.

- Nina Samuels looked to tape another episode of her "show" at the UK Performance Center and encountered Emilia McKenzie. After they had a few words, McKenzie insulted her and walked off.

- Moustache Mountain and Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith were in a heated discussion backstage. Carter & Smith wanted another shot at Moustache Mountain's NXT UK Tag Team titles, but Tyler Bate and Trent Seven said that Smith and Carter first had to beat them in singles matches. The first takes place with Carter facing Bate next week.

NXT Heritage Cup Championship match: Noam Dar retained against Joe Coffey by 2 falls to 1 (15:44)

Round One --

They went back and forth early, with Coffey dominating. Coffey was going for a Boston Crab as the round ended.

Round Two --

Coffey dominated with power moves, a German suplex, and the Glasgow Sendoff. He got a pin at 2:25 of the round. Coffey 1-0

Round Three --

Coffey repeatedly took down Dar with waistlocks. He hit a double-jump crossbody for a two count but got distracted by Sha Samuels at ringside. Dar had the kneebar on but Coffey escaped. Dar then caught Coffey in a pinning combination to take the next fall at 1:48 of the round. Dar 1-1

Round Four --

Dar dominated early, working over Coffey's knees. Coffey ended up on the apron and hit a slingshot shoulder block, followed by an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Coffey locked in the Boston Crab with 15 seconds to go, but Dar grabbed the ropes.

They brawled at ringside as the round ended and had to be separated by their cornermen. Dar landed a cheap shot as they were being pulled apart.

Round Five --

Dar started with a running dropkick into the corner, then followed with another running kick for a two count. He went for the Nova Roller, but Coffey stopped him in mid-air with a Glasgow Sendoff and scored a two count. Coffey hit a lariat for another near fall.

They traded strikes, then Coffey hit a discus lariat, but Samuels put Dar's foot on the rope, prompting Mark Coffey to take Samuels out. Dar used the confusion to hit the Nova Roller and score the deciding pinfall at 2:53 of the round. Dar wins 2-1

Final Thoughts --

The opening match between A-Kid and Charlie Dempsey was just fantastic. They put on a mat-wrestling clinic like few can in WWE. Both have future superstar written all over them, if they are being used the right way. If this was A-Kid's NXT UK farewell, he went out with a bang here. It will also be interesting if Die Familie getting involved in Dempsey's issues will lead to an eventual split.

The tag match was decent and Morrell and Jones could easily be featured in a more prominent role as both are good. Wild Boar returning gives Symbiosis something to do and may also lead to Boar reuniting with his former friends in Subculture down the line.

The Heritage Cup main event was good -- if a bit predictable. The right guy won for where they are going with the Cup at the moment.

Next Week --

  • Roderick Strong vs. Wolfgang
  • Tyler Bate vs. Oliver Carter

In Two Weeks --

  • NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura defends against Isla Dawn