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NXT UK results: Noam Dar vs. Mark Coffey Heritage Cup title match

Dragunov and Strong also sat down with each other ahead of their title match next week.

Taped at BT Sport Studios in London, England

Xia Brookside defeated Amale

Amale dominated early. She caught Brookside off a body press and slammed her before getting a near fall with a suplex. Brookside foiled a corner attack, then stomped Amale. Brookside kept up her offense and locked in a Camel Clutch, which Amale eventually broke.

They traded strikes, with Amale getting the better of the exchange. "The French Hope" hit a Northern Lights suplex on Brookside for another two count. Brookside countered the Hopebreaker into a sunset flip and leg submission.

Brookside evaded a running knee in the corner but still ate one at ringside against the barricades. As Amale stood by the barricades, she suddenly was yanked against the barrier by the hair by an unknown woman (Lizzy Evo, a notable name on the UK indie scene), who also clotheslined Amale before vanishing into the crowd. Brookside then hit Broken Wings for the pinfall victory.

The woman then joined Brookside in the ring for a celebration.

- Isla Dawn cut a creepy promo on Meiko Satomura. Dawn had the NXT UK Women's Championship belt that she stole and basically said she was holding it hostage until Satomura gave her what she wanted. Dawn never said what that was.

- A video hyped next week's NXT UK Championship match between Ilja Dragunov and Roderick Strong, with a number of NXT UK talent giving their thoughts on the bout.

NXT UK Tag Team champion Trent Seven (w/ Tyler Bate) defeated Ashton Smith (w/ Oliver Carter)

The two traded power spots early until Seven got an early two count after a leg drop. Smith escaped an attempted Cobra Clutch, then hit a huge powerslam, a Snake Eyes, and a running shoulder block for a two count of his own.

Smith caught Seven coming off the top rope, then hoisted him up into a vertical suplex in a vulgar display of power. Seven came back with a huge superplex, but he couldn't get the win with the subsequent pin.

Smith hit a clothesline after evading the Seven Star Lariat. Seven countered a sunset flip into one of his own and grabbed the ropes, which Tyler Bate disapproved of, so he let go. Seven then scored the pin with a handful of tights, which Bate also visibly was not happy about.

- A-Kid talked about facing Teoman soon.

- Wild Boar vowed to get his hands on Eddie Dennis.

- Moustache Mountain and Smith & Carter argued about the match result backstage. Sid Scala turned up and said they'd settle the issue in his office next week.

Tate Mayfairs defeated Kenny Williams by countout

Williams repeatedly refused to finish the match, pulling Mayfairs up from pinfalls. Eventually, Mayfairs laid motionless on the mat when Sam Gradwell appeared from under the ring. Gradwell chased Williams off and rolled Mayfairs into the ring, allowing Mayfairs to win by countout.

- Wolfgang talked about Mark Coffey being ready for his Heritage Cup match against Noam Dar tonight. Die Familie appeared and talked trash to Wolfgang. Charlie Dempsey then challenged him to a match, which will happen next week.

- Ilja Dragunov and Roderick Strong had a sit-down interview ahead of their title match next Thursday. This was really great. Strong said he respects Dragunov and Dragunov is at the top of his list. Strong said he's held many titles but also lost them -- and nothing pained him more than saying he "was" a champion. Dragunov has never experienced that with the NXT UK title -- and Strong would be interested to see how Dragunov bounced back from that. Dragunov vowed that he won't be the one losing.

NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship match: Noam Dar (w/ Sha Samuels) retained against Mark Coffey (w/ Joe Coffey) two falls to one in round five

Round One --

The round was pretty even. Dar drank from a hip flask that Samuels handed him. Dar used submissions late in the round as the clock ran out.

Round Two --

They went back and forth and Dar caught Coffey with a small package at 1:10 of the round. Dar 1-0

Round Three --

Coffey was dominant and scored a pin at 1:25 of the round after hitting an enzuigiri as Dar came off the ropes. Coffey 1-1

Round Four --

Coffey dominated the whole round until Dar caught him with the kneebar very late. Coffey was saved by the bell as he was writhing in pain.

Round Five --

Dar attacked early but was quickly overwhelmed. Coffey applied a Gator Lock and Dar looked like he was about to tap, but Samuels got on the apron and distracted Coffey. Joe Coffey also got in the ring. And as the referee was looking to restore order, Dar hit the Nova Roller for the deciding pinfall at 1:38 of the round to win 2-1.

Final Thoughts --

The main event was good, as basically always is the case when Noam Dar wrestles. Trent Seven vs. Ashton Smith was really good, with the gradual turn of Seven who cheats out of despair continuing. The debut of Lizzy Evo adds to Xia Brookside's character, and the Sam Gradwell/Kenny Williams feud also got extended. More of a building block show for the future.

Next Week --

  • NXT United Kingdom Champion Ilja Dragunov defends against Roderick Strong
  • Charlie Dempsey vs. Wolfgang