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NXT UK results: Noam Dar vs. Sam Gradwell Heritage Cup match


Jordan Devlin defeated Mark Andrews (09:47)

Backstage before the match, Andrews was very upset about something. Flash Morgan Webster came in and told him to focus on his match and they'd sort things out later.

Devlin humiliated Andrews early, but he came back with some innovative offense and eventually slapped Devlin hard across the face. Devlin took back over and attacked Andrews' back, wearing him down. Andrews eventually hit a tornado DDT, then followed up with an enzuigiri, roll through and double foot stomp to the stomach.

He caught Devlin mid-air and hit a sit-down power bomb for a near-fall. Devlin eventually came back with a slingshot cutter over the top rope and scored a near-fall of his own. Devlin went for the Spanish Fly off the top, but Andrews stopped him and hit a top-rope poison rana followed by a Code Red for a close near-fall.

Andrews hit a shooting star press off the top but Devlin got his knees up, went for a cover and a suplex, but Andrews turned it into a Stun Dog Millionaire. Devlin rolled to ringside, but Andrews hit a moonsault to the outside. Devlin slammed Andrews into the barricades and he narrowly made it back into the ring. Devlin downed him with a head butt, then hit Devlin Inside for the pin and the win.


Sid Scala announced that Pretty Deadly vs. Moustache Mountain II for the Tag Team titles would take place in two weeks

A video recapped Charlie Dempsey attacking Joe Coffey last week, leading to Gallus losing to Teoman and Rohan Raja. They then showed scenes of Dempsey choking out Joe Coffey in the ropes and Dempsey posing with Teoman and Raja. The announcers questioned whether he had joined Teoman's family.

Gallus then cut a promo, with Joe Coffey saying that now the numbers were even, Dempsey had gotten one lucky shot, but he would now get his head kicked in.

Scenes from earlier in the week showed Sam Gradwell walking out of his hotel room, presumably in the middle of the night due to some party noise. Noam Dar and Sha Samuels were having a wild party and Gradwell complained, then suggested a match. Dar accepted.

Scala was backstage at the arena about to make an announcement when Gradwell walked up to him and complained that the match with Dar was not for the Heritage Cup. Dar and Samuels came up and said that Gradwell had to win some matches before earning a shot. Suddenly, a hand clapped Dar on the shoulder and it was the returning Johnny Saint. He said they'd do whatever Scala wanted and Scala made the match for the Heritage Cup. Scala and Saint then embraced.


Isla Dawn defeated Aleah James (04:20)

Isla Dawn had her box, containing trinkets from various women on the roster, with her.

James controlled Dawn's wrist early, but then got overwhelmed. She came back with a dropkick, then was pulled into the ropes, killing her momentum. Dawn applied a modified cobra clutch, but James escaped and hit a series of crossbodies. She turned a suplex attempt into a small package for a near-fall.

James ended up on the turnbuckles and Dawn picked her up and hit a fireman's carry into a side slam for the pinfall victory.

Dawn then grabbed her box, looked creepy and returned James' headband that she had stolen a while ago.


Sid Scala was in his office when Xia Brookside was hear whining and complaining. She walked in and whined about her title match with Meiko Satomura, which she claimed Scala had promised her. He said he didn't. She kept shrieking about how her daddy promised to talk to him. He finally gave in and made the match for next week. Brookside then complained some more, saying a week wasn't enough time to prepare. Scala said next week or not at all. Brookside grumpily agreed and stomped off.

Moustache Mountain and Pretty Deadly both cut promos about their tag team title match in two weeks. Both promised to win.


Jinny defeated Angel Hayze (02:38)

Hayze was already in the ring when Dani Luna's music played but she didn't come out. Instead, Jinny came out, said she had taken care of Luna and Flash and Mark would have to live without her for a very long time. She also said that she was handling things on her own now and her business relationship with Joseph Conners was over. She said she was getting her winning streak back on track and Hayze accepted.

Jinny beat down Hayze, then locked in a reverse chinlock. She hit a clothesline, then followed up with the Makeover from the turnbuckles for the quick win.


Nina Samuels tried interviewing Meiko Satomura for her "show." Meiko was training with Emilia McKenzie and just stared at her. Emilia said they were training and asked Samuels to go away, which she did.

Noam Dar and Sha Samuels crossed out the names of A-Kid and Tyler Bate from the Heritage Cup trophy


A great video aired on the upcoming Ilja Dragunov vs. Rampage Brown match. Dragunov said Brown said he didn't need his respect, but by beating him to the ground, he showed Ilja the greatest respect he ever could. He said he initially won the title just for himself, but he realized he had a responsibility and that people felt something when they saw him fight. He was a symbol for dedication, for endurance, a symbol to fight like there is no tomorrow.

Brown was in a studio setting. He refused to let somebody put the microphone on him, then demanded they get rid of the light. He sat there in half darkness. He said Ilja wasn't some kind of golden boy and the fact that he had the title didn't sit right with him. He said he was the most respected competitor that NXT UK ever signed, but in the end that meant nothing. It didn't pay his bills or fed him, but the NXT UK title would. He said he wasn't messing around, would beat Ilja and make him suffer. He then pulled the mic off and said he was done.

Before he left, he looked into the camera and spoke into the small mic one more time, telling Ilja he would smash his face in, take his title and would have all the respect. This was great.


Mark Andrews was backstage near the medical office when he was asked abut his status. He said he was waiting for Flash Morgan Webster, who was getting his shoulder checked out. As Flash came out, Kenny Williams approached and made fun of them, saying the medical office should be called the Subculture dressing room. Andrews got in his face and said it was easy to pick on someone on the sidelines, but he wasn't injured. Williams backed off, then said Andrews didn't want to get into a backstage fight with someone like him.


NXT UK Heritage Cup: Noam Dar (c) (w/ Sha Samuels) defeated Sam Gradwell 2-1 in round 4 to retain the Cup (11:56)

Round 1

Dar evaded Gradwell early on. Gradwell eventually got his hands on Dar and threw him around. Dar caught Gradwell's leg, but he pulled Dar's head into his knee brace, then hit the fireman's carry into the sit-out power bomb to score the first pinfall of the match at 2:42 of the round. Gradwell 1-0

Round 2

Dar looked to be out of it and Samuels propped him up in the corner. Gradwell grabbed him, but Dar had been playing possum and rolled him up with a small package. Gradwell threw Dar to the outside, but Samuels interfered, allowing Dar to make it back inside. Dar then drop kicked Gradwell through the ropes. Back in the ring, Dar hit the Nova Roller to pick up a fall at 1:35 of the round. Dar 1-1

Round 3

Dar targeted Gradwell's knee with dropkicks and kept the bigger man under control, then hit a few hard kicks. Gradwell came back with a double underhook suplex. Dar locked in the super knee bar, then began to unfasten Gradwell's knee brace. Gradwell made it to the end of the round and was saved by the bell.

Round 4

Gradwell removed his knee brace between rounds and Dar attacked right from he start. Samuels rammed Gradwell's knee into the apron behind the referee's back. Gradwell got a near-fall off an STO, then looked to  pick him up but couldn't. Dar went to the top as Samuels put Gradwell's foot on the rope for Dar to jump onto. This time, Gradwell played possum and got Dar up for the fireman's carry. Dar held onto Samuels' scarf, then rolled up Gradwell, who kicked  out. Dar teased the Nova Roller, but instead locked on the super knee bar when Gradwell covered up. Gradwell tapped at 2:54 of the round, seconds before the bell. Dar wins 2-1

Final thoughts --

A very good show; the opener was fast-paced and full of action. Isla Dawn continues to build her character as some kind of evil witch, while Jinny looks increasingly brutal and ruthless. It's also interesting that they dropped her pairing with Joseph Conners without much of an explanation.

The main event was good and a fun match with Gradwell looking the best he's looked since his match with Ilja Dragunov earlier in the year. Dar and Samuels also are an entertaining heel duo.

The interview packages with Ilja Dragunov and Rampage Brown are also well worth going out of your way to look up.

Next week --

  • NXT UK Championship: Ilja Dragunov (c) vs. Rampage Brown
  • NXT UK Women's Championship: Meiko Satomura (c) vs. Xia Brookside

In two weeks --

  • NXT UK Tag Team Championship: Pretty Deadly (c) vs. Moustache Mountain