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NXT UK results: Number one contender triple threat match


Report --

NXT UK Heritage Cup number one contender tournament semifinals: Wolfgang (w/ Gallus) defeated Teoman (w/ Rohan Raja) 2-1 in Round 4

Round 1

Wolfgang beat him down Teoman. He briefly got distracted and almost got locked in the crossface. Wolfgang then scored the first pin after a spinning suplex in 2:03. Wolfgang 1-0

Round 2

Teoman was aggressive as the round started, but Wolfgang tackled him down. They ended up at ringside twice, but the second time Teoman pulled the apron over Wolfgang's head and beat on him. Teoman hit a top rope dropkick in the final quarter minute for a near-fall, then locked in the crossface but Wolfgang countered it into a pin just as the round concluded. 

Round 3

Wolfgang was in control until Raja distracted Wolfgang and Teoman dropkicked his leg. He worked over Wolfgang's arm and leg, then scored a pin after a diving uppercut at 1:12 of the round. Teoman 1-1

Round 4

Teoman scored a near-fall with a rollup in the first minute. Wolfgang came back with a running splash into the corner and an axe handle off the top. Mark Coffey finally punched out Raja at ringside. Wolfgang evaded a handspring back elbow and heat a spear to score the somewhat upset victory at 2:15 of the round. Wolfgang wins 2-1


Blair Davenport cut another promo on Sid Scala, saying bad things were going to continue to happen unless she is reinstated

Subculture were preparing to finish a graffiti of their logo backstage. Sam Gradwell walked by and greeted them. They found he had defaced their logo, so this will lead to a match down the line.

A cameraman walked up to Jordan Devlin's private dressing room. Gallus were in there, celebrating and drinking coffee. Devlin walked up and was furious, so Gallus kicked him out. He said he was going to tell on them to Johnny Saint.


Jinny (w/ Joseph Conners) defeated Isla Dawn

Dawn smiled at Jinny and got forearmed for that. She quickly took over and dominated the Fashionista for a bit. Jinny took back over and slammed Dawn's knee into the mat. Dawn came back with knees in the corner, then went for a backdrop driver on the apron but Jinny countered. She still got her legs pulled out and beaten up at ringside, then Dawn even punched Joseph Conners at ringside. She scored a near-fall off some double knees to the face.

Isla got on the top rope, but Conners berated her and she was distracted, allowing Jinny to knock her off the top and hit an X-Factor off the turnbuckle for the pinfall victory.


Subculture's Dani Luna was working out at the Performance Center and Mark Andrews said she was the strongest woman on the roster. Xia Brookside walked up and mentioned how Meiko Satomura told the women to step up and they should face each other. Luna agreed and Xia said she had the strength, but did she also have the speed?

A video aired of Charlie Dempsey (William Regal's son), looking through a Japanese wrestling instruction book. He again reiterated he would bring holds and damage joints and even though he was using stuff from older wrestlers, it would be new to a lot of people. He debuts next week.

Trent Seven, Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter were in a heated discussion. They talked about whether the Bookend or the Rock Bottom was superior. Seven said the Rock Bottom was, and said it was like comparing them to Moustache Mountain. They took offense to that and Seven suggested a match. Smith asked if he didn't want to check with Tyler first, but Trent blew him off and said Tyler would be fine with it, but he'd call him up. The match will take place next week.


NXT UK Championship number one contender triple threat match: A-Kid beat Rampage Brown and Nathan Frazer

A-Kid and Frazer ganged up on Brown, but he quickly beat both of them down. They tried again with more success as A-Kid locked on an arm bar and Frazer dropkicked Brown. A-Kid and Frazer then got into it and did some quick spots, with Frazer finally hitting a dropkick that sent A-Kid to ringside.

Brown got back in and sent Frazer flying with a huge back body drop. A-Kid was in with Brown next and wore the bigger man down with kicks and strikes. Brown came out on top, but was wobbly on the leg that had been worked over by both opponents. Brown threw A-Kid into Frazer, then planted Frazer with a uranage for a close near fall.

A-Kid came back in and hit kicks on both Frazer and Brown, then locked in a triangle on Brown. Brown picked him up and powerbombed him onto Frazer. Frazer then countered a Doctor Bomb by Brown into a reverse DDT. Frazer went up top, but got stopped by A-Kid who hit a top rope German. Frazer flipped through and landed on his legs.

A-Kid and Frazer did some more crazy spots. Frazer eventually hit a double DDT/Reverse DDT on both opponents.  Brown then stopped Frazer and hit a double back suplex on both men. A-Kid then went crazy, including hitting a German on Frazer as Frazer was springboarding off the ropes and A-Kid dove through them. He then transitioned from a submission attempt on Frazer to one on Brown, but got a powerbomb for his troubles.

A few crazy moments later, Frazer hit a moonsault powerslam on A-Kid. Brown got involved and A-Kid locked in a sleeper. Brown turned it into a vertical suplex, but he ate a superkick by Frazer before he could execute the move. Brown hit the Doctor Bomb on Frazer, but A-Kid locked in a sleeper as he went for the pin. Brown went to throw A-Kid over the top, but A-Kid evaded another attack and sent Brown to the outside with a flying superkick.

A-Kid then hit a suplex and another flying superkick on Frazer for the pinfall victory. A-Kid is the new number one contender to Ilja Dragunov's championship. This was incredible!

Final Thoughts --

Wolfgang beating Teoman so easily was a surprise, especially as Teoman was still unbeaten in NXT UK.

The Jinna/Isla Dawn match was fine, but nothing special.

The three-way main event was fantastic, both A-Kid and Nathan Frazer are tremendous and it's a shame they are not being seen by a wider audience. Brown is great powerhouse worker. One of the better main event matches in the brand's history. A-Kid vs. Dragunov should be an incredible match and I cannot wait to see it.

Next week --

  • Moustache Mountain vs. Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith
  • Charlie Dempsey debuts
  • Jordan Devlin vs. Joe Coffey