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NXT UK results: Number one contender's battle royal

20-Man Battle Royal

This show was taped at Coventry Skydome in Coventry, England, on March 7th.

The Big Takeaways

  • Jinny & Kay Lee Ray beat Dan Luna & Piper Niven when KLR pinned Luna after a Gory bomb.
  • Xia Brookside beat Amale with her new finisher, the Broken Wings.
  • Ilja Dragunov won a very good 20 man battle royal, eliminating Tyler Bate last to become the new #1 contender to WALTER's NXT UK Championship.

Show Recap:

The show opened with most of the battle royal participants cutting promos on why they were going to win.

Jinny & NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray defeated Dani Luna & Piper Niven (7:09)

Niven held back Luna as she wanted to start the match against KLR. As she was getting ready, KLR tagged out to Jinny, prompting Niven to tag out to Luna, so Jinny and Luna eventually started.

Luna started strong and caught Jinny off a body press and then disposed of KLR with an axe kick as she looked to interfere. KLR pulled Niven down from the apron, resulting in Luna getting distracted and Jinny hitting a rolling kappa kick to take over. KLR tagged in and hit a front suplex and then locked in a sitting abdominal stretch, raining down some blows on Luna. Jinny tagged in and locked Luna with the Iron Octopus, but Luna came back with some offense of her own. Jinny locked in a front face lock, but Luna suplexed her way out of the move before finally tagging in Niven.

Niven ran wild on Jinny and then hit a spinning fisherman buster on Jinny for a two count. Jinny hit a forearm and went for a hurricanrana, but Niven powerbombed her into the corner, hit the rolling cannonball, and went for a Vader Bomb. KLR tried kicking her off the ropes, but Niven caught KLR's foot leading to Jinny also attacking. Niven and KLR had a brief scuffle, but Luna got tagged in and hit a deadlift German suplex on KLR.

KLR snapped Luna's neck on the bottom turnbuckle while Jinny threw Niven into the ring steps on the outside. Luna made a brief comeback, but got overwhelmed by Jinny and KLR after which KLR hit the Gory Bomb on her for the pinfall victory.

- A video on Gallus aired.

Xia Brookside defeated Amale (2:59)

Amale got a wristlock right away, but Brookside flipped out of it and tripped Amale, taking her down once more with a bodypress. Brookside got a shoulderlock, but found her arm rung at the hands of Amale and ended up on the mat. Amale locked in a chinbar while trapping the arm, which gave Brookside some trouble. Amale transitioned into a hammerlock, but Brookside escaped via a snapmare. Brookside hit a twisting head scissors before hitting double knees to the back of Amale's head followed by Broken Wings for the win.

Ilja Dragunov won a 20 man battle royal to become the #1 contender to the NXT UK Championship (28:36)

The field: Ilja Dragunov, Trent Seven, Tyler Bate, Joe Coffey, Ridge Holland, NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin, Alexander Wolfe, Noam Dar, Tyson T-Bone, Dave Mastiff, Kassius Ohno, Travis Banks, Saxon Huxley, Flash Morgan Webster, A-Kid, Kenny Williams, Amir Jordan, Ashton Smith, Oliver Carter, and Ligero.

Seven and Bate were introduced first and after sizing each other up, they walked to the ring and posed together. Joe Coffey came out next before a few hype videos interrupted the entrances. When we got back to the battle royal, almost everybody was in the ring, but Dragunov, Holland and Wolfe still got full entrances. Everybody looked at each other for a while after the bell sounded.

Order of elimination:

  1. Kassius Ohno was looking to be allies with Jordan Devlin and Flash Morgan Webster, but quickly got eliminated by everyone.
  2. Saxon Huxley eliminated Kenny Williams and then got into it with Tyson T-Bone.
  3. Joe Coffey eliminated Flash Morgan Webster with a shoulderblock as Webster looked to launch himself back into the ring from the apron
  4. Amir Jordan eliminated Saxon Huxley with a head scissors over the top. Holland threw out A-Kid, but he managed to land on Huxley, locked in a choke, got Huxley on his knees by ringside, and made it back into the ring.
  5. Travis Banks eliminated Tyson T-Bone.
  6. Mastiff eliminated Travis Banks
  7. Mastiff eliminated Amir Jordan.
  8. Ridge Holland eliminated Ashton Smith by launching Oliver Carter into him. Smith ended up on the apron and Holland threw Carter into him, but they did their spot where Carter landed on Smith's back and backflipped back into the ring
  9. Ridge Holland then also eliminated Oliver Carter.
  10. Mastiff eliminated Ligero by launching him over the top onto Jordan and Carter. He then looked to get into it with Mastiff, but Noam Dar broke them up and attacked Holland. came back with an overhead suplex and Dar rolled to ringside
  11. Joseph Conners came out and pounded Holland's club on the steps, distracting Holland who got eliminated by Joe Coffey and Ilja Dragunov, who then promptly got into it with each other
  12. Joe Coffey eliminated Trent Seven, after Seven and Bate attacked each other after first hitting simultaneous airplane spins on A-Kid and Jordan Devlin. Bate then got suplexed by Dave Mastiff and further attacked by Coffey
  13. Devlin eliminated A-Kid after they battled on the apron and Devlin caught him with a headbutt as A-Kid looked to get back into the ring. He then ran wild on Coffey, Dragunov, Wolfe and Bate
  14. Dar snuck back into the ring and eliminated Jordan Devlin. Mastiff then hit a rolling senton, running senton, and running cannonball on Dar
  15. Mastiff lifted Dar onto the apron and looked to eliminate him, but Dar locked in a guillotine and all the remaining men in the ring eliminated Dave Mastiff
  16. Tyler Bate eliminated Noam Dar with a rolling kappa kick. Bate, Coffey, Dragunov and Wolfe were the final four and initially paired off but switched opponents a few times
  17. Coffey hit the Glasgow Sendoff on Dragunov and Bate in the corner, but got hit with a dropkick by Wolfe. Wolfe threw him over the top and then threw Dragunov into him to bounce Joe Coffey off the apron for the elimination
  18. Alexander Wolfe beat down Bate, but Dragnuov eliminated him with a running clothesline to get down to the final two

Bate and Dragunov battled it out with Dragunov hitting a running senton, followed with a few stiff chops to Bate's neck. Bate lifted Dragunov up and looked to get him over the rope and then landed a punch to Dragunov's jaw. Bate caught Dragunov off a bodypress and then hit an overhead suplex on him. He followed with the running shooting star and Dragunov looked out of it. Dragunov escaped the airplane spin and hit a hard lariat, but Bate came back with a slingshot lariat seconds later.

Dragunov was sent into the ropes and hit the Six One Line/Konstantin Special on Bate. They traded offense until both men were on their knees. Bate ended up in the bottom rope on the outside and looked to suplex Dragunov over, but Dragunov also switched over onto the apron. Bate went for another suplex, but Dragunov escaped and threw him back into the ring and then hit a top rope senton. Dragunov went for Torpedo Moscow, but got hit with a kappa kick. Dragunov then back bodydropped Bate over the top where the Big Strong Boi dangled for a few seconds before looking to skin the cat where he promptly has hit by Torpedo Moscow mid-move to be eliminated for the win.

Dragunov celebrated his victory as the show went off the air.

Next week:

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