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NXT UK results: Number one contender's gauntlet match


Taped at BT Sports Studios in London, England

The show opened with a preview of the women's number one contender's gauntlet match. Nigel McGuinness stated that Xia Brookside had been injured when she was attacked by Amale last week and Sid Scala was searching for a replacement.

Heritage Cup rules match: Noam Dar defeated Nathan Frazer 2:1 in round five (12:25)

Round One --

They traded holds and mat-wrestled for most of the round. Dar slapped Frazer after the round ended.

Round Two --

After some back and forth and a long backslide spot, Frazer got the first fall with a small package at 0:58 of the round. Frazer took the lead 1-0.

Round Three --

Frazer hit a great dropkick and a running Shooting Star Press as Sha Samuels sauntered down to ringside and kicked Dar's corner man out of the arena. Dar had the upper hand for most of the round after kicking Frazer from the turnbuckles. Frazer was on the top rope ready to hit a move when the time expired.

Round Four --

Frazer missed a top rope foot stomp early on, then nearly got pinned after an elbow strike. Frazer got a near fall by evading the Nova Roller. Dar applied an ankle lock and Frazer tapped at 1:13 of the round. Dar tied things up at 1-1.

Round Five --

They traded quick pinning attempts early on. Frazer was on the apron and managed to kick off Samuels, who grabbed his leg. Frazer missed a springboard senton and fell victim to the Nova Roller at 0:50 of the round, giving Dar the win 2-1.

Samuels and Dar teased Frazer after the match.

- The clip from last week that set up a future Rampage Brown vs. Wolfgang match aired.

- A video recapped Pretty Deadly winning the NXT UK Tag Team titles. Pretty Deadly said they'll be on top for a very long time.

- Trent Seven talked to Jack Starz at the UK Performance Center. Sam Gradwell walked up and berated Seven, calling him over the hill and saying he could see through Seven's "concerned dad act." Seven decked Gradwell and they were pulled apart, with Gradwell repeatedly calling him an idiot and a stupid man.

Mark Andrews pinned Levi Muir (4:32)

Andrews had new music and gear. The screen also turns black and white and has "Subculture" scrolling at the border of the screen during his entrance. Andrews came out with his Subculture stablemates Dani Luna and Flash Morgan Webster, but they left ringside after the entrance.

Muir used his power early, but Andrews overwhelmed him with speed and hit a standing moonsault. They went back and forth, with Muir getting Andrews in a Torture Rack and hitting a rope-assisted suplex. Andrews hit Stun Dog Millionaire off another suplex attempt, then hit a dive through the ropes. He followed with a top rope Shooting Star Press to the back of a kneeling Muir for the pinfall victory.

- Sid Scala was asked about Xia Brookside's replacement for tonight. Amale walked up and demanded to be in the match, but Scala said she would not be rewarded for her actions. Scala said Amale would face Brookside once she returns. Amale flipped her lid and berated Scala in French, then stormed off. Scala's facials here were every bit of William Regal back in the day.

- A video recapped Kenny Williams defeating Amir Jordan in their Loser Leaves NXT UK match last week. They focused on Jordan crying after the match but showed more of what happened backstage with Jordan breaking down and being helped out of the arena

- A graphic plugged A-Kid and Tyler Bate's Heritage Cup Championship match for next week. A-Kid and Bate then had a sit-down interview with Sid Scala.

A-Kid said winning the Heritage Cup showed him he was in control of his life. Bate said the Heritage Cup represented the hold-for-hold British style and was made for him, but A-Kid smiled and said it was his. Bate said it was A-Kid's for now.

A-Kid said he beat Bate the last time they faced off for the Heritage Cup. Bate replied that A-Kid did, but he seems too sure of himself and this will be where he fails. Bate said A-Kid may be the master of the Heritage Cup rules, but Bate has the experience edge and has big matches under his belt.

A-Kid said he always looked up to Bate and watched at home when Bate won the NXT United Kingdom Championship. A-Kid said Bate was chasing him now, but Bate smiled and asked A-Kid if that was what he believed. He said A-Kid couldn't see the bigger picture and that Bate was in his own league. They shook hands as Scala told them that may the best man win. This was a great segment.

- Ilja Dragunov will be the guest on Noam Dar's Supernova Sessions next week.

Number one contender's gauntlet match: Meiko Satomura won the match over Emilia McKenzie, Dani Luna, Isla Dawn, and Jinny (16:34)

They did not announce who the fifth woman would be before the match.

Dawn and McKenzie started out. Dawn was in control early, but McKenzie came back and hit a spear for a near fall around the three-minute mark. Dawn pinned McKenzie after a bridging Saito suplex at 3:30.

Luna was in next and hit a deadlift suplex on Dawn. Luna hit an exploder and some other offense but crashed into the corner post and got rolled up around 5:30.

Satomura was the surprise replacement for Brookside. Dawn immediately attacked her and they briefly fought at ringside. Satomura came back and started dismantling Dawn. Satomura missed a handspring attack and Dawn kicked her leg and head. Dawn hit two Saito suplexes and got a near fall off a double knee attack. Satomura got an armbar and transitioned into a pinning combination to pin Dawn around 9:45

Jinny (with Joseph Conners) was in as the final participant. She attacked Satomura right away and they went back and forth for a few minutes. They traded submissions and Jinny hit a nice suplex from a seated position to escape. Satomura locked in an STF, but Jinny made the ropes. Satomura had Jinny on her shoulders when Conners got on the apron, but he caught a kick for his trouble. Satomura then pinned Jinny with Scorpion Rising to win the gauntlet.

NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray walked out after the match and got in the ring, posing with her championship. She bowed to Satomura but laid her out with a superkick when Satomura bowed back. KLR screamed at Satomura and posed with the belt as the show faded to black.

Final Thoughts --

Another strong show. Nathan Frazer vs. Noam Dar was very good and fast paced. Dar getting the win tells a nice story of the veteran being able to beat the upstart rookie.

The match with Mark Andrews was mostly there to show off his tweaked gimmick I guess. The sit-down with A-Kid and Bate was fantastic and told a great story of the (maybe a bit too) confident young champion and the calm veteran, who may be a step ahead of him mentally.

The gauntlet match was fine but felt a bit rushed at times. KLR vs. Meiko Satomura will be good, but we already got the match a couple of months ago and I'm not sure where this will lead, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt. I thought they'd be putting McKenzie over stronger, but maybe they have a longer redemption storyline planned for her and she may eventually face her mentor Satomura for the title if Satomura wins it from KLR.

Next Week --

  • Heritage Cup Champion A-Kid defends against Tyler Bate
  • Supernova Sessions with Ilja Dragunov