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NXT UK results: Pretty Deadly vs. Gallus Tag Team title match


Report --

NXT UK Heritage Cup No. 1 Contenders Tournament semifinals: Noam Dar defeated Kenny Williams 2-1 in round 5 (14:46)

Round 1

They took each other down early in the round. Williams grabbed Dar's hair as Dar tried to escape from a headlock. Williams attacked Dar's arm as he head him in a wristlock after the bell.

Round 2

Williams hit a few elbows at the start of the round. He worked over Dar's arm until Dar managed to kick his knee. Williams sold his knee, but it was a ruse as he rolled up Dar for a pin at 1:23 of the round. Williams 1-0

Round 3

Williams kept beating Dar down. Dar took back over and further attacked Williams' knee. Williams got a small package for a two count, but got caught in a knee bar and was saved by the bell as the round ended.

Round 4

Dar rolled up Williams with his legs on the ropes, but the referee caught him. Williams speared Dar in the knee, then removed the turnbuckle. as the referee reprimanded him, Dar grabbed a water bottle and tossed it to Williams, then alerted the referee. He used the distraction to lock in the knee bar for the submission. Dar 1-1

Round 5

Dar scored a near fall off a back elbow. Williams got a near fall off a clothesline. Williams looked to finish him off, but Dar rolled to ringside. Williams followed him, but as he went to return to the ring, Sha Samuels popped out from under the ring and grabbed his leg.

Dar used that opportunity to hit the Nova Roller on Williams as he was trapped, getting the pin and the win at 2:27 of the round. Dar wins 2-1


Gallus were warming up backstage when Jordan Devlin walked by and got under Joe Coffey's skin


Ilja Dragunov addresses the NXT UK locker room --

Sid Scala was in the ring and introduced Ilja Dragunov, who appeared on the video wall.

Ilja said he was happy for the very first time in a long time. He said he made the impossible possible and was absolutely unbesiegbar (invincible). He was looking forward to coming back to the UK and his most interesting question was who would be the person trying to take his championship away from him.

At that point Nathan Frazer walked out and said he wanted to take the initiative and asked "why not me?". Rampage Brown then came out, talked about what he had done to Joe Coffey and how Ilja was a violent man. A-Kid finally appeared and said he should be getting the first title match.

Scala then made a three-way between them with the winner getting the shot.

Brown bumped into Frazer on his way out, who pulled him back in. They brawled and Brown was the last man standing.


Jinny and Joseph Conners walked to their dressing room. Isla Dawn was in there, doing scary witch stuff. She had drawn a pentagram with lipstick on a mirror. Still scarier than Alexa Bliss and her doll.


Moustache Mountain were backstage. Bate said it was exciting to have a new champion and he was keeping an eye on the number one contender situation and the Heritage Cup. Seven interrupted him and talked about the Tag Team title situation. Bate looked taken slightly aback, but quickly got on board.


Emilia McKenzie defeated Stevie Turner (05:19)

Turner backed her into the corner, then shoved her, but McKenzie shoved her back and aggressively worked over her arm.

Turner came back with stomps in the corner, then kicked her head as she was in the ropes. McKenzie came back with clotheslines and a spear for another two count. Turner hit a side effect for another two.

McKenzie hit a rope-assisted German suplex, followed by running knees for the pinfall victory.


Wolfgang and Teoman talked about their Heritage Cup tournament match next week. Wolfgang joked about the eye and suggested they leave their family members backstage for the match. Teoman said he learned on the streets you had to take out the biggest guy in the neighborhood to earn respect.


A vignette on a new talent called Charlie Dempsey aired. Dempsey is Bailey Matthews, the son of William Regal. 

It was in black-and-white and he was watching old British wrestling footage. He said that an inspiration of his once said the body was like a ladder and you had to work it up and down.

He said he was training in the British style and was going to show us things we never saw before. He is coming soon.

Dempsey wrestled Tyler Bate on NXT UK back in February.


They showed what happened after the previous match; Blair Davenport ran in and destroyed Stevie Turner. She addressed Sid Scala and told him to reinstate her or bad things were going to happen.


NXT UK Tag Team Championship: Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley) defeated Gallus (Joe & Mark Coffey) to retain the titles (14:23)

Howley and Mark Coffey started, with Coffey getting the better of their exchange. Both tagged out and Joe Coffey worked over Sam Stoker for a bit. Pretty Deadly eventually outsmarted Mark Coffey and wore him down. Joe Coffey had Stoker under control, when Pretty Deadly used some questionable tactics to gain the upper hand and hit a GTS/codebreaker combo.

Thy had Joe under control for a few minutes. Eventually, he made the hot tag to Mark, who ran wild for a bit. Some tags later, it was near falls galore, after which all four ended up at ringside where they took each other out.

Joe Coffey then hit a shotgun dropkick off the top on Howley for a close near fall. He followed with the Glasgow Sendoff into the corner, then hit All the Best for the Bells, but Stoker made the save from the pin. Joe crashed into the ring post and Mark almost got the win with a crucifix.

Pretty Deadly then hit Spilled Milk on Mark Coffey for the successful title defense.

Final Thoughts --

  • The Noam Dar/Kenny Williams match was fun.
  • Emilia McKenzie looked dominant against Stevie Turner and the Blair Davenport storyline adds intrigue down the line.
  • The three way to determine Ilja Dragnov's first challenger should be tons of fun and hard-hitting. Each of the three would be great against him.
  • The tag match was really good and Pretty Deadly might be the best tag team signed with a major promotion nobody ever heard about.

Next week:

  • NXT UK Championship number one contender three-way: Nathan Frazer vs. Rampage Brown vs. A-Kid
  • NXT UK Heritage Cup number one contender tournament semifinals: Teoman vs. Wolfgang