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NXT UK results: Pretty Deadly vs. Williams & Jordan tag title match


Aoife Valkyrie pinned Stevie Turner (4:45)

Turner, 24, who previously wrestled as Bobby Tyler, started in 2016 and spent most of 2019 in Japan wrestling for Stardom. She was a semi-regular in RevPro and appeared for a number of UK promotions and also held a number of championships in various smaller promotions. She has a very futuristic gimmick and during an inset promo, she talked about her world being "four dimensional."

Valkyrie held onto a headlock early but Turner eventually countered it with some wacky offense. Valkyrie came back with a dropkick, but Turner quickly worked over her leg and scored a near fall. Valkyrie came back with a springboard spin kick from the turnbuckle. Turner turned a corner charge by Valkyrie into a backstabber for another near fall. Valkyrie caught a kick, hit a spin kick, and finally hit the top rope split leg drop for the pin and the win.

-- A-Kid talked about his career path thus far and how people in his home country of Spain watched him win the Heritage Cup tournament. He said he was looking forward to watching the no. 1 contender's match between Tyler Bate and Noam Dar next week at NXT UK: Prelude.

-- Piper Niven and Jack Starz were at the UK Performance Center. Starz was all excited and had set up a number of exercises for them. Niven calmed him down and told him he already was the best at exercising. She wanted to train with him in the ring as she was no Miss Olympia but could beat the daylight out of anyone on the roster "including the boys". She made him train with a bag in the ring and he ran wild on it.

Teoman submitted Josh Morrell (5:23)

Teoman worked over Morrell's arm early and nipped a quick comeback attempt by Morrell in the bud, then hitting a number of punches and European uppercuts. Teoman hit a handspring back elbow off the ropes before both men traded forearms. Teoman got his knees up on a standing moonsault and hit a missile dropkick off the top. He followed that with a running double foot stomp before locking in the crossface for the submission victory.

WALTER and Rampage Brown face-to-face meeting

Both men were sitting at a table with Sid Scala. Scala asked WALTER if he considered himself the greatest champion in NXT UK history. WALTER said Scala could answer that question himself as he was the longest reigning UK champion in history and the longest reigning WWE champion in modern history. So yes, he considers himself that.

Scala asked Brown how he prepared for the match. Brown said he doesn't take wrestling lightly and doesn't take WALTER lightly. This is his job and he takes it serious. WALTER sneered and said to Brown it was his job, but to WALTER, it's his life. Every time he steps into the ring, he works at restoring the honor of his sport and sees things differently than anyone else. Scala then asked him if he respected Rampage Brown. WALTER said no.

Scala asked why not and WALTER said Brown was just like everybody else. Brown took offense and said when WALTER first came to England, he beat him. WALTER confirmed, but said when he first came to England, Brown was the guy to beat but what had he done since then? WALTER said what he did was travel the world. Brown said he did that before WALTER and was watching WALTER the whole time and watching him bully everyone.

WALTER said he waited for Brown to finally arrive and to step up. He said Brown was like everyone else, wanting to ride his coattails. Brown called him a bully and told him he couldn't bully him. He said WALTER was full of himself. WALTER said he was the most selfless person on the brand and didn't step into the ring for himself but for his sport. He got up and said Brown would never understand and that's why he would never respect him. He would never be a champion, would never understand what it meant to be in his shoes, and would never be the NXT UK champion. Brown said we would see about that.

-- A cool video aired showing Gallus training in a boxing club with Joe Coffey having his right arm in a sling. They sort of ran their own fight club as a side hustle. Mark Coffey talked terms with someone and then sent Wolfgang into an enclosed area. Wolfgang knocked the guy out with one hook punch and added some ground and pound for good measure so Mark had to pull him off. This was much cooler and grittier than I can describe here.

Kay Lee Ray addresses the NXT UK roster

KLR said she was Women's champion for 510 days, asked for the best and NXT UK delivered. She faced Meiko Satomura, not just one of the best female wrestlers in the world, but one of the best wrestlers period. She beat the legend and everyone who thought she would lose her title was wrong. She was the forever champion and asked who could take the title off her.

Millie McKenzie walked out, who was last seen in NXT UK in August of 2018. She said she had been traveling, training and waiting to make her return and now was the time as she wanted to beat the best. She said one day soon, their paths would cross.

KLR stepped out of the ring and told "Ms. McKenzie" that she saw no reason their paths couldn't cross right now. Just as they were about to face off, Isla Dawn flew in and attacked McKenzie. KLR got back into the ring and looked on. Dawn was looking to set Millie up for a kick by KLR when Satomura's music hit and she ran in for the save. She hit a head kick on KLR and McKenzie hit a German suplex on Dawn, sending both women packing. 

-- A video showed Tyler Bate and Noam Dar preparing for their match next week. Dar said he was all fun and games until he was not. Bate said he liked Dar and wished him well, but he stood between him and a title shot. He said he had claimed he was "like water" in the past but now was a tidal wave and hoped that Dar brought his lifeboat.

-- KLR and Dawn were backstage when Scala ran up to them and said they would face Satomura and McKenzie (who he called Emilia McKenzie, so maybe that's her new name) in a tag team match next week. Dawn kept staring at Scala, which clearly made him very uncomfortable.

NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly (Lewis Howley & Sam Stoker) beat Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan to retain (15:23)

Howley and Jordan started, but the champs quickly tagged in to overwhelm Jordan. Williams tagged himself in and faced off with Howley. Williams started out aggressive, but got his arm worked over. He escaped and began working over Howley's leg. After some back and forth, Williams and Jordan quickly tagged in and out. Jordan ran wild on both champs and WIlliams joined in. Pretty Deadly regrouped at ringside. Jordan missed a blind tag and ran into an ambush by Stoker at ringside.

Pretty Deadly took turns at dismantling Jordan, including a double team big splash/leg drop combination. Jordan got worked over until he finally made the hot tag to Williams, who ran wild. He hit a springboard double back elbow and then consecutive dives on both men on opposite sides of the ring. After Stoker narrowly made the save on a near fall, Jordan got tagged in but Pretty Deadly wiped both Jordan and Williams out with Crossing Swords. Williams hit a wheelbarrow destroyer followed by a top rope senton by Jordan and a spinning DDT by Williams for a close near fall.

Some chaotic scenes later, the referee got wiped out when Howley got in the way of Williams' see-saw clothesline. Williams grabbed a tag belt and threw it to Jordan who refused to use it. Williams grabbed the belt to use himself, but Jordan told him they didn't need to cheat. Williams seemingly left the ring and threw the belt away, but grabbed the other one from the corner, returned into the ring and clocked Jordan into the back of the spine with it before walking out on him.

Pretty Deadly then hit Spilled Milk on Jordan for the win.

Final Thoughts:

This was a fun show that was more heavy on angles and segments (all of them good) than actual wrestling, even though the main event went more than 15 minutes and was a fun tag match.

The WALTER and Rampage Brown sit-down interview was strong as both men, especially WALTER, were great and told a really good story of their past and present. Millie McKenzie returning adds more depth to the women's roster and getting a more aggressive Isla Dawn and player-coach Meiko Satomura involved is both smart and intriguing.

Pretty Deadly also looked good in their first title defense and Kenny Williams vs. Amir Jordan is a nice midcard feud which will deliver some good matches and may even catapult Williams up a notch or two. It might even make him a viable contender for either the NXT Cruiserweight or NXT UK Heritage Cup title down the line.

Next week's NXT UK: Prelude card also looks to be great and on a level with the TakeOver matches the two previous nights.

Next week's NXT UK: Prelude card:

  • NXT UK Champion WALTER vs. Rampage Brown title match
  • Heritage Cup title no. 1 contender match: Tyler Bate (w/ Trent Seven) vs. Noam Dar (w/ Sha Samuels)
  • UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray & Isla Dawn vs. Emilia McKenzie & Meiko Satomura
  • Promos and appearances by A-Kid, Jordan Devlin and Ilja Dragunov