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NXT UK results: Rampage Brown vs. Joe Coffey

Rampage Brown vs. Joe Coffey

The show opened with a graphic announcing that if Jack Starz finds a partner against Pretty Deadly tonight, the match will be for the Tag Team titles. 

Ilja Dragunov defeated Noam Dar (13:38)

Dar used some mat wrestling to control Dragunov early, but the Russian escaped and took Dar down. He looked to go for ground and pound elbows, but hesitated and restrained himself. A little later, Dragunov had Dar trapped and hit some elbows, but Dar countered into a crucifix. Dragunov went for the Konstantin Special, but his leg gave out upon landing and he crumbled to the mat. Dar then dropkicked him through the ropes to the outside.

Dar immediately recognized the injured knee and worked it over mercilessly. Dragunov eventually came back with a German suplex, held on and hit another one. Dar tried to escape his grip, but instead, Dragunov hit a third, this time using a Gotch-lift release variant.

Dragunov actually did Trish Stratus' old Matrix escape to avoid a clothesline and hit an enzuigiri. He followed up with a Konstantin Special for a very close near fall. Dragunov missed a kneedrop off the second turnbuckle and quickly found himself in a kneebar, which he narrowly fought out off.

Dar drove on relentlessly with strikes and kicks, targeting Dragunov's knee some more. Dar taunted him and he began smiling and trading punches and slaps with Dar. Dar stopped the Torpedo Moscow and went for the Nova Roller, but got caught with Torpedo Moscow mid-move. Dragunov then covered him for the win in a fantastic match.

-- Aoife Valkyrie was doing more of her working out in the woods and talking about how defeat had reforged and refueled her.

-- Jordan Devlin arrived back from the U.S. and Sid Scala was very excited to see him. Devlin asked if he had read an email he had sent and repeated he wanted his own, private dressing room on all shows, a Mustang to pick him up for travel, and a spot on Supernova Sessions because he had a lot to get off his chest.

Scala said he'd talk to Mr. Saint about it and wanted Devlin to go to the Performance Center. Devlin said the PC is for people in transit and that he is a finished product and doesn't train.

NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley) defeated Jack Starz & Nathan Frazer to retain (7:18)

Pretty Deadly came out first, followed by Jack Starz, who paused by the entrance as Frazer's music played and he entered alongside Starz.

Stoker and Starz started. Starz grounded Stoker, but one quick tag later, he found himself on the receiving end of some double team action. Starz got a backslide on Howley before tagging in Frazer who ran wild. Howley made a bling tag, but Frazer still got the upper hand on Stoker. Howley then pulled the top rope down as Frazer ran the ropes and tumbled to ringside. Pretty Deadly took turns beating Frazer over until he tagged Starz.

Starz ran wild and this time, Frazer pulled the rope down to make Howley topple to the floor. Meanwhile, Starz got a near fall on Stoker, but Howley grabbed Frazer and Stoker kneed him, sending him into the barricade. With Frazer out, Pretty Deadly hit Spilled Milk on Starz for the pinfall victory.

-- Another very spiritual video with new Heritage Cup Champion Tyler Bate aired. He was in some kind of zen garden, meditating and working out with various Japanese martial arts weapons. He talked about the mind being calm and everything being clear. He said he was a Heritage Cup champion and open to all challengers. He concluded with "I am Tyler Bate. I am."

Joseph Conners (w/ Jinny) defeated Flash Morgan Webster (5:05)

Webster was in control early, but Conners took over using some violent tactics. Webster eventually came back and hit a springboard moonsault off the second rope. He dropkicked Conners to the outside and then went to follow with a dive, but the referee stopped him. Webster hit a dive anyway, jumping over the referee.

Back in the ring, Conners got a near fall with a small package. Jinny grabbed Webster's helmet and handed it to Conners, but the referee took it away. Webster hit a kick and went to the top, but Jinny threw him off behind the referee's back. Conners then quickly hit the hangman's neckbreaker for the win. Dani Luna and Mark Andrews immediately stormed to the ring to send Conners and Jinny packing, but they still celebrated their win at ringside. 

-- A video narrated by WALTER aired, showing his dominance as the 800+ day champion on NXT UK. He returns next week.

-- A video hyped the second Kay Lee Ray vs. Meiko Satomura Women's title match next week.

Rampage Brown defeated Joe Coffey (11:38)

Coffey hit a running cross body early. They ended up at ringside and Coffey smashed Brown's leg into the ring post. Brown came back by attacking Coffey's previously injured wrist. Coffey dropped Brown on the top rope, sending him out fo the ring once more, following up with a dive. Coffey worked over Brown's ribs and back as he had previously been injured by Wolfgang a few weeks back.

Coffey hit an overhead belly-to-belly and a double-jump Vader Bomb for a near-fall. They battled on the top rope with Brown pushing Coffey off and hitting a flying shoulderblock off the top. Coffey went for the double jump reverse body press, but Brown ducked and Coffey crashed and burned. Another running cross body by Coffey sent both men over the top rope once more. They repeatedly crashed into each other on the outside before Coffey hit a Glasgow Sendoff that sent Brown crashing into the ring steps.

Back in the ring, Coffey hit a missile dropkick from the top and a Stinger splash into Brown's back. Coffey got a near fall with a bridging German suplex. Brown blocked All the Best for the Bells and hit a samoan drop. He went for the Doctor Bomb, but Coffey escaped. Coffey followed with two more Glasgow Sendoffs, a forearm to the back, and All the Best for the Bells for the pinfall victory.

They shook hands after the match and Brown signaled that he might be interested in a third and deciding match as they were 1-1 now. Before they could further elaborate, Ilja Dragunov's music hit and he walked out, indicating he might be interested to get a piece of the action himself.

Final Thoughts:

This was a fun show with two very good matches in Dragunov vs. Dar and Brown vs. Coffey which was a great hoss fight. Dragunov looking to get involved in their series is fine with me as he will certainly have great matches with both or even a triple threat match.

The Starz/Frazer pairing was fine and Conners beating Webster after interference will lead to more between these two and Subculture down the line.

I'm still not sure how to feel about Jedi Master Tyler Bate, but as long as he keeps being great, he can be a ninja turtle in his free time in my book. Devlin being back certainly is a welcome addition and I can see a big WALTER vs. Devlin match if and when NXT UK returns in front of crowds or even on a future NXT UK: TakeOver special.

Next week:

  • Kay Lee Ray defends her NXT UK Women's title against Meiko Satomura
  • NXT UK Champion WALTER returns