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NXT UK results: Rampage Brown vs. Joe Coffey


Taped at BT Sport Studios in London, England

Report --

The show opened with highlights of the amazing WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov match from NXT TakeOver 36 where Dragunov won the NXT UK championship.


No DQ Joseph Conners locked in a shark cage match: Aoife Valkyrie defeated Jinny (14:28)

Jinny attacked Valkyrie during her entrance and rammed her into the apron. Jinny went to ram her into the cage but she countered, attacked Conners and locked him in the cage. Valkyrie beat Jinny up at ringside and the bell hadn't even rung at this point. It finally did as Valkyrie rolled Jinny into the ring.

Valkyrie dominated early, but Jinny came back and attacked Valkyrie with a chair on the outside. Valkyrie evaded a shot and rammed Jinny into the barricades hard. They brawled outside the ringside area and Valkyrie and ended up in a tech area. Valkyrie started attacking Jinny with a laptop computer and a trash can. She rammed Jinny into the steps and set up a table on the outside, but Jinny managed to evade it and got the upper hand once more.

They ended up back in the ring, as Jinny rained down blows on Valkyrie. Valkyrie was on the apron as Jinny tried to put her through the table. They ended up outside and Jinny wanted to suplex Valkyrie through the table, but received a suplex of her own for her troubles. Valkyrie went for her legdrop finish from the apron but Jinny moved and Valkyrie crashed through the table. Back in the ring, Jinny hit her rolling Liger kick, for a near fall.

Jinny looked to Pillmanize Valkyrie's ankle in a chair, but Valkyrie got out, hit an enzuigiri and got to the top. They fought on the top and Valkyrie hit a sunset bomb from the top but landed on the leg she banged up on the landing. The doctors checked her out but let her continue. Valkyrie hit a spin kick onto a chair Jinny had brought into the ring, but it only scored her a two count.

Valkyrie then smashed Jinny with the chair, picked her up and gave her a sort of pumphandle slam onto the chair for the pinfall victory.


Emilia McKenzie was asked about training with Meiko Satomura when Amale walked up and told Satomura she wanted a rematch, since she came this close to beating her. Emilia got into her face and she told her this was a grown women's conversation and to go play somewhere else. Emilia wouldn't move and Amale told her she would go through her to get to the champion. Satomura smiled at this.


Ilja Dragunov cut an amazing sit-down promo, interspersed with clips from the match with WALTER.

This is his promo verbatim: "I'm a champion. I'm your NXT UK champion. And I wish I could describe how it feels to be it. I can't describe the countless, sleepless nights full of fear. I can't describe how it is when your belief and your self-doubt are fighting inside your head, and this day by day. And I can't especially describe the limitless amount of pain flowing through your body, transforming into nothing else but sheer pride and honor. My will, my fists, my only weapons, it's everything I have to give and it's everything I need to take down every single person who's trying to take that away from me. Long live the czar."


First round Heritage Cup number one contender tournament: Kenny Williams defeated Oliver Carter 2-1 in Round 4 (10:14)

Round 1 --

Carter dominated the round and had Williams in a hammerlock as the round ended.

Round 2 --

Williams started out aggressive and scored the first fall off a roll up at 2:02 of the round. Williams 1-0

Round 3 --

Carter ran wild and scored a fall off a lariat at 1:34 of the round. Carter 1-1

Round 4 --

Both men traded near-falls early and Williams attacked Carter's knee. Carter scored a close near-fall with a small package. Williams retreated to ringside and grabbed his steel drinking bottle. He removed the top turnbuckle, distracting the referee and hit Carter with the bottle to score the final pinfall at 1:42 of the round. Williams wins 2-1


Nina Samuels came into Sid Scala's office and asked him for a match. He said someone else needed a match and signed Samuels vs. Blair Davenport. Samuels smiled but obviously wasn't thrilled. She left the room and screamed on the other side of the door.


Isla Dawn was back in the woods with her little wooden Wiccan box and put the strands of Dani Luna's hair next to Emilia McKenzie's watch, then put the box back under some wood. Okay. Still creepier than Alexa Bliss and her doll.


A video aired for Teoman vs. Nathan Frazer in a Heritage Cup #1 contender tournament match next week. Both talked about why they thought they would win.


Knockout or submission only match: Rampage Brown defeated Joe Coffey by knockout (19:46)

They had an MMA style opening with the referee telling them to shake hands i they wanted and they touched fists.

They traded hard shots early and beat each other up. They ended up at ringside and Coffey hit a dropkick that sent Rampage flying. He hit a Glasgow Sendoff over the ringside barrier as they brawled beyond the ringside area. Brown then back body dropped Coffey back over the barricade and dove onto Coffey over the barricades.

Back in the ring, they went at each other more. They traded submission attempts, before Coffey finally locked in a Boston Crab but Brown escaped. Coffey removed the turnbuckle protector, which was a large, vertical pad over all three turnbuckles for this match and sent Rampage into the steel. Coffey hit an electric chair on Brown. Brown then threw Coffey out of the ring and pulled his hand into the ring post.

Back in the ring, Brown hit a Saito suplex but Coffey evaded a second one and hit an overhead belly-to-belly instead. They traded blows and Brown stopped Coffey with a huge powerslam. Coffey came back with a moonsault block from the top. Brown went for a backdrop driver off the top, that had Coffey land right on his head, but the referee deemed him ready to continue.

Both were exhausted but convinced each other they would finish the fight. They traded blows and Coffey took him down with a hard right, but Rampage wasn't out yet. Coffey hit the Glasgow Sendoff into the corner, followed by All the Best for the Bells, but Brown still was conscious. Brown came back with a hard clothesline and the Doctor Bomb, but Coffey signaled he could continue. Brown then Brown then hit more strikes, another Doctor Bomb and followed with some hammer fists until Coffey was out and the referee stopped the match.

Coffey bumped Brown's fist after the match.

Final Thoughts --

  • The Jinny/Valkyrie match was a fun street fight with lots of brawling and redeemed Valkyrie.
  • Carter vs. Williams was okay and established Williams as more of a dastardly heel. Not sure if I ever see him rise above the midcard here, though.
  • Brown vs. Coffey was a great hoss fight between two of the meanest guys on the brand. The rules made it unique and there was a nice payoff if you have followed their feud throughout the past few months. This could easily have been on an NXT UK TakeOver and probably would have been, if there were any of those being done.
  • The Ilja Dragunov promo also was tremendous and I hope they play it on NXT next week.

Next Week --

  • NXT UK Heritage Cup number one contender tournament: Teoman vs. Nathan Frazer
  • Nina Samuels vs. Blair Davenport