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NXT UK results: Seven vs. Dennis, Blair Davenport debuts


Taped at BT Sport Studios in London, England

Kenny Williams defeated Nathan Frazer (9:03)

Williams worked over Frazer's left arm early, but Frazer eventually countered and repaid the favor. Frazer hit a somersault senton that was so fast that he over-rotated and actually landed on the ramp, but he fortunately seemed to be unharmed.

Back in the ring, Williams took out Frazer's knee and worked it over for a while. Frazer went for a springboard move, but his knee buckled. Frazer then hit a springboard dropkick anyway, using only one leg and scoring a near fall.

They went back and forth some more until Williams, while on the apron, removed the padding off a turnbuckle and pulled Frazer's head into it. Williams then hit the Headlock Driver for the pinfall victory.

- A video recapped Jordan Devlin's win over A-Kid from last week and the gruesome submission that Devlin used to score the win.

- Rampage Brown and Joe Coffey went into Sid Scala's office and agreed to talk privately.

- A video looked at the feud between NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura and Amale. Amale said she has been overlooked all her life and it will not happen anymore.

Mark Andrews pinned Lewis Howley to earn Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster a shot at Pretty Deadly's NXT UK Tag Team titles (9:17)

Howley dominated early, using his size to his advantage. Andrews eventually used his speed to fight back and landed a wheelbarrow bulldog for a near fall. He sent Howley to ringside and then followed with a dive.

Howley rammed Andrews' shoulder into the ring post and took over from there. Andrews came back with a moonsault block off the top that he turned into a tilt-a-whirl DDT. He followed with an enzuigiri and a destroyer for another near fall.

Andrews had the match won with a springboard hurricanrana, but Howley's Pretty Deadly partner Sam Stoker distracted the referee. The rest of Subculture then ran out to even the odds. Andrews then hit the Stun Dog Millionaire and a Shooting Star Press for the win.

With Andrews winning, he and Flash Morgan Webster earn a future NXT UK Tag Team title shot against Pretty Deadly.

- Jack Starz received a pep talk from Dave Mastiff at the UK Performance Center. Mastiff said if anybody came to NXT UK and was looking to prove themselves, they had to go through Starz. Mastiff said that was a "hell of a spot to be in."

- Tyler Bate said that if Mark Coffey wanted a match, all he had to do was ask.

Blair Davenport defeated Laura Di Matteo (03:14)

Davenport (Bea Priestley) moved from England to New Zealand with her parents, then trained there and made her debut at 16. She moved back to England in 2016 and trained more at the PROGRESS "Projo," also wrestling for PROGRESS, RevPro, Pro Wrestling: EVE, and other groups in the UK.

Priestley also competed for WCPW/Defiant and World of Sport, becoming champion for both groups, but she spent the majority of her time between 2017 and 2021 in Japan, where she was one of the top stars in Stardom. She won a number of different titles there, including the World of Stardom Championship. She also was signed to AEW from 2019 until August 2020, when she could no longer travel to the United States from Japan due to the pandemic.

Priestley also was part of real-life boyfriend Will Ospreay's United Empire stable in NJPW until being kicked out of the group shortly before severing ties with NJPW and Stardom and moving back to the UK.

Davenport aggressively worked on Di Mateo's arm and then slammed her. Di Matteo briefly fought back but ate a double foot stomp to the back for her troubles seconds later. Davenport hit a double-jump springboard dropkick, followed by a jumping knee as Di Matteo hung in the ropes. Davenport then hit a V-Trigger for the dominant victory.

After the match, Davenport cut a promo and put the women's roster on notice.

- A video aired where Jinny talked about Aoife Valkyrie. She said Valkyrie tried to be a mystery but was beaten by Meiko Satomura. And once Valkyrie cracked, Jinny would be able to get into her psyche and destroy her. She called Valkyrie a little girl playing dress-up and told her she would not survive. Jinny's delivery and choice of words is top-notch.

- Teoman and Rohan Raja sat at a dinner table. Raja thanked Teoman for taking care of him and his family. Teoman said that he was impressed when Raja had not given up in their match. They will face Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith in a tag team match next week, and Teoman said it was Raja's turn to protect the family. Raja said he would forever be loyal to Teoman.

- On NXT UK in two weeks, NXT United Kingdom Champion WALTER and Ilja Dragunov will face off in a rematch of their legendary bout from last year. There will be an in-ring press conference with WALTER and Dragunov next week.

Trent Seven defeated Eddie Dennis (11:35)

Seven came right out of the gates with an attack on Dennis, which he kept up until Dennis fled to ringside. Seven immediately wiped Dennis out with a dive, but he ate a lariat by Dennis seconds later. Dennis dominated the next stretch until Seven managed to eventually hit a DDT. Seven hit an Emerald Frosion for a near fall but then missed a twisting senton off the top.

Dennis hit a Severn Bridge on Seven, then hit another one into the turnbuckles. Seven evaded a lariat and hit a snap dragon suplex but fell victim to a lariat by Dennis right after that. They traded strikes until Seven hit the Seven Star Lariat for another very close near fall.

Seven had Dennis up for the Burning Hammer, but Dennis was able to escape. Primate and T-Bone then made their way out as Dennis hoisted Seven on the top. But Dennis ended up receiving a top rope Emerald Frosion from Seven. T-Bone got Dennis' foot on the rope and then pulled Dennis to ringside. Seven hit a dive on everyone.

Back in the ring, Primate distracted Seven, allowing Dennis to roll-up Seven for a near fall. Seven then hit the Burning Hammer for the win.

Primate and T-Bone then attacked Seven right away. They beat him down until Tyler Bate ran out and made the save. Moustache Mountain cleaned house and then hit an assisted powerbomb on Dennis. Bate pulled a pair of nunchucks from his pants and performed with them. Primate got back into the ring and got hit with the weapon, sending Symbiosis packing for the time being.

Final Thoughts --

A fun show. With a win over Nathan Frazer, it looks like Kenny Williams is getting more of a push than I initially thought. Pretty Deadly vs. Subculture is also fine by me any day of the week.

Blair Davenport looked good in her debut. It will be interesting to see her against some of the more established women on the roster.

The main event was a fun match and will set up a Moustache Mountain vs. Symbiosis match, possibly making room for one more babyface to even the odds down the line.

Next Week --

  • In-ring press conference with NXT United Kingdom Champion WALTER and Ilja Dragunov
  • Teoman & Rohan Raja vs. Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith

In Two Weeks --

WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov II for the NXT United Kingdom Championship. I repeat -- WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov II for the NXT United Kingdom Championship~!