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NXT UK results: Subculture vs. Jinny & Joseph Conners


Wolfgang defeated Sam Gradwell (6:15)

Gradwell cut a promo on his way to the ring about Wolfgang being the "big bad wolf" and not being afraid of him.

Wolfgang displayed his power early and kept Gradwell under control  Gradwell came back and worked over Wolfgang's shoulder and eventually slapped him, which led to Wolfgang throwing him to ringside. Gradwell rolled back in and Wolfgang flipped over the top rope from the apron, hitting a big spear to gain the pinfall victory. He also got a cut above his left eye at some point during the match.

-- Backstage, Kenny Williams said the best thing about everyone thinking you're a scumbag is you can stop acting like you aren't one.

-- A number of women from NXT and NXT UK talked about Meiko Satomura winning the title last week. Raquel Gonzalez, Ember Moon, Dakota Kai, Xia Brookside, Amale and Beth Phoenix all gave thoughts with everyone except Amale praising her. She said Satomura robbed her of her opportunity to become champion, so she would take the title off her. Gonzalez said that she hoped at Survivor Series, it would be NXT vs. NXT UK and she could face Satomura. Good luck with that idea.

-- Mark Andrews was giving Flash Morgan Webster and Dani Luna a pep talk backstage when Jinny and Joseph Conners walked up and started talking trash. Pretty Deadly then walked by and said they couldn't wait to do commentary on the match later tonight.

Kenny Williams defeated Danny Jones (4:13)

Jones used his size and strength advantage to keep Williams at bay, but Williams pulled him into the ropes from the outside, double foot stomped his back and stretched the rules a little to keep the advantage. Jones briefly ran wild, but Williams took out his knee and hit Bad Luck (the headlock driver) for the pinfall victory.

- Ilja Dragunov vs. Rampage Brown vs. Joe Coffey in a triple threat match was announced for next week. The three of them were sitting down at a table, discussing the match. They asked Dragunov why he would get involved in their history and he said it was because they thought NXT UK was their playground but there were others there, including him. He said they talked about violence, but he was violence. Coffey asked him if he left a piece of himself in the ring when he faced WALTER. They talked about their similar upbringing in working class places like Glasgow, Leeds and Russia. They all talked over each other in the end and decided to find out who the toughest was among them. This was a really good segment.

-- Mark Coffey talked about Wolfgang being one up right now on him and needing an opponent. He went to annoy Sha Samuels who was trying to solve a crossword puzzle in a newspaper. Samuels took the bait and called him out for a fight so that match should happen soon.

Supernova Sessions with guest Jordan Devlin

Dar introduced his first ever t-shirt, now available on Dar and Devlin hugged and Dar complimented him on his outfit and style and gifted him a shirt. Dar asked about Devlin's endeavors in the U.S. and Devlin said Dar had been there, done that and they both were now back on NXT UK because the U.S. sucked. Dar said that Devlin had not lost but rather been robbed of the Cruiserweight title.

Dar then gifted Devlin time to make his own exclusive statement. Devlin put the whole NXT UK roster on notice. saying if they wanted to test themselves, just go backstage, find the biggest dressing room, and call him out.

-- A video showed Teoman beating Ashton Smith leading to Teoman vs. Oliver Carter next week.

-- Tyler Bate and Jack Starz were training at the Performance Center while Dave Mastiff was giving an interview. He felt fine and training went well. He then talked to Bate and Starz. Bate told Starz he had been impressive the last few weeks and wanted to give him a shot at the Heritage Cup. Starz said he didn't think he deserved it, but Bate said he did and the offer was there. Mastiff then told Starz not to turn down opportunities like this as Starz mulled it over.

Nathan Frazer defeated Rohan Raja (6:51)

This was Raja's first match back after his arm injury at the hands of Teoman a few weeks ago.

Raja used his size early, but Frazer hit a slingblade to take him down. Raja came back with a Black Hole Slam and threw Carter into the turnbuckles, staying on offense. Frazer came back with a neckbreaker and missed a moonsault, but landed on his feet to hit a standing moonsault that hit its mark. Raja caught him in a triangle next and transitioned into an armbar but Frazer escaped. Raja scored a close near fall with a pop-up powerbomb. Frazer hit a twisting suplex for a near fall of his own. After some more back and forth, Frazer hit a frog splash for the victory.

After the match, Frazer looked to shake hands with Raja when Teoman's eye symbol briefly appeared on the screen. Raja then left.

-- Jordan Devlin went into his locker room when he found A-Kid there drinking coffee. He told A-Kid it was his coffee machine and to get his backpack and his cup and leave. He noted A-Kid had lost his cup to which A-Kid said Devlin had lost something himself. Devlin wanted A-Kid to leave and A-Kid replied that if he wanted him to leave, he would have to make him. Jordan stormed off, calling for Sid Scala.

Subculture (Dani Luna & Flash Morgan Webster) defeated Jinny & Joseph Conners in a mixed tag team match (8:11)

Pretty Deadly were on commentary again for this match.

The men started with Conners gaining the upper hand early, but Webster came back and tagged Luna. Luna hit a suplex on Jinny and assisted Webster on a moonsault onto Conners. Jinny got back in and beat down Luna, working her over for a few minutes.

Luna came back with a number of suplexes before tagging out. Webster briefly ran wild before once more having Luna assist him on a somersault plancha to the outside. Luna threw Jinny around some more before leveling her with a clothesline. Jinny actually hit Webster with an elbow, but Luna slapped her and threw Conners out of the ring. Jinny caught her with a DDT for a near fall before the men got back in.

Jinny once more interfered before Luna stalked her at ringside. Jinny got in the ring as Webster and Conners were battling on the top rope. Jinny went to distract the referee which backfired as Luna powerbombed Conners off the top, allowing Webster to hit a 630 senton for the pin and the win.

Pretty Deadly provoked Subculture from the commentary position, possibly leading to a title match down the line.

Final Thoughts:

This was a fun show that had two good matches in Frazer vs. Raja and Subculture vs. Jinny & Conners. The opener was hard hitting and the Williams match was fine, but both are not really worth going out of your way to see.

The Devlin promo was good and his eventual battle vs. A-Kid should be tremendous.

I really like the NXT UK way of doing sit-down interviews where people actually discuss their matches instead of getting into brawls and the Dragunov/Rampage/Coffey match should be a great mean guys match.

The rest of the show was mostly build up, so expect Satomura vs. Amale and Pretty Deadly vs. Subculture down the line. I guess the winner of the triple threat may get WALTER eventually, but I could also see Jordan Devlin getting a shot down the line.

Next week:

  • Teoman vs. Oliver Carter
  • Ilja Dragunov vs. Rampage Brown vs. Joe Coffey in a triple threat