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NXT UK results: Tag title number one contender's four-way match


This week's NXT UK saw new no. 1 contenders for the NXT UK Tag Team titles crowned in a four-way match.

Mark Andrews defeated Nathan Frazer (10:22)

They traded wristlocks and escapes with the more experienced Andrews getting the upper hand early on. Andrews kept outsmarting Frazer, who started to become frustrated. Andrews hit a nice Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Frazer came back, hit a sling blade, turned a bodyslam into a diving elbow drop and got a near fall off a shooting star press. 

Frazer evaded an aerial attack, but got caught with an X-Factor-esque faceplant off an attempted backflip when Andrews caught his foot. He then lawn darted Andrews into the corner. Frazer threw Andrews to ringside, but slipped on the top rope as he attempted a move to the outside. Andrews took advantage, pulled his legs out and hit a moonsault off the ring steps.

Back in the ring, Frazer caught Andrews mid-move off a springboard and hit an amazing-looking spanish fly. They traded more offense and Andrews hit the Stun Dog Millionaire but missed a shooting star press off the top. Frazer went to roll him up with a La Magistral cradle, but Andrews caught him mid-move and turned it into a successful pin for himself.

-- There was a recap of Rampage Brown both answering Ilja Dragunov's challenge and attacking him last week.

-- Sam Gradwell walked in and was confronted by A-Kid. A-Kid called him out about trash talking both he and his country last week and said if he wanted to talk to him, do it in his language. Gradwell condescendingly asked "Spanish?" A-Kid retorted "fighting" and called Gradwell a "yogurt." Gradwell said it was only funny when he did it.

-- NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly were at a rehearsal for the "Magic Mike Live!" performance at the Hippodrome Casino in London. The choreographer instructed them to be a part of the performance which they showed clips of. He was impressed, saying they understood what to do within 30 minutes, performed far better than he expected and fit right in with the rest of the crew. In my opinion, Pretty Deadly are a great act that most wrestling fans probably never heard about.

-- Kenny Williams was scribbling something about Sha Samuels on a wall when there was some noise nearby, caused by Saxon Huxley doing Saxon Huxley things. Williams berated him and then ran away while Huxley screamed "Kenny Cockroach" over and over. 

Dani Luna defeated Stevie Turner (05:09)

Turner evaded Luna early on. Turner wanted a test of strength and then stepped on Luna's toes, but quickly was overpowered. Luna hit a suplex, but got her hair pulled when she went for another one. Turner hit a Thesz press, but Luna was back in control right away. Turner threw Luna's head into the ropes and hit three hanging neckbreakers Three Amigos-style.

Luna came back with clotheslines, a powerslam, a fallaway slam and a spear in the corner. Turner briefly came back, but got hit with a kick to the face. Luna then hit the fireman's carry into a sit-down powerbomb for the pin and the win.

-- Nina Samuels was on her "show" backstage, trying to interview Isla Dawn who ignored her and did some Isla Dawn things. Samuels then talked trash about Aleah James, who just happened to walk by and hear this. She asked Samuels if she had a problem and said she was going to Sid Scala to get a match between them scheduled. Samuels looked unhappy, but sold the whole thing as an "exclusive."

-- There was a cinematic segment with Gallus in a car, talking about Teoman and Rohan Raja. They said they were a family and a business and would remind the world that it was the Gallus boys on top. A police car appeared and Joe Coffey told Mark Coffey to "put his boot down." I guess Gallus are also a crime syndicate now.

-- Subculture were celebrating backstage when Blair Davenport came into view and started talking trash, telling them to stay at the bottom, because by rising to the top, they would have to face her. Subculture were not all that impressed.

Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) beat Symbiosis (T-Bone & Primate); Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter; and Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz in a four-way NXT UK Tag Team title no. 1 contenders match (14:02)

Seven and Starz started with Starz managing to get Seven off his feet, followed by working over his leg. He tagged in Mastiff, who overpowered Seven briefly. Oliver Carter tagged Mastiff, quickly followed by Smith, who in turn catapulted Carter into Seven after another tag. Primate tagged Seven, but also got worked over by Smith and Carter. Starz and Mastiff kept up the deal with Mastiff flattening Primate with a senton.

Starz ran wild on Primate, sent him to ringside and dropkicked a number of members of each team for good measure, which included Eddie Dennis. It boiled down to Starz vs. Bate, but Dennis pulled Starz's leg out. This upset Bate and the referee, who expelled the former headmaster. T-Bone used the distraction to double clothesline Starz and Bate followed by picking up Mastiff for a fallaway slam. Symbiosis manhandled Starz, including scoring a close near fall.

Eventually, T-Bone found himself against Smith and Carter, who used some innovative teamwork to cut the larger man down. Seven was in next and fell victim to a Smith-assisted moonsault by Carter. Bate was in next with Smith when Primate blind tagged Smith, who just punched him and sent him to ringside. Everyone brawled outside with Seven, Smith and T-Bone ending up on the top rope. T-Bone threw Seven on top of everyone and hit a superplex on Smith, followed by Primate diving on everyone on the outside once more.

Primate hit a springboard crossbody on Bate who rolled through and picked him up for a airplane spin. Starz got involved, so he found himself in a giant swing in addition to the airplane spin already going on. Mastiff got involved and spoiled the fun though. Chaos broke out which included Starz powerbombing Seven and Smith getting Mastiff on his shoulders for some Doomsday action, the resulting pin of which was broken up by a top-rope headbutt by Primate.

He missed a second one and was wiped out by a rope-assisted Bate lariat, followed by the Seven Star Lariat from Seven, which scored Moustache Mountain another near fall.

Bate had wiped everyone at ringside out with a dive before returning to the top rope for a knee drop into a Birminghamer by Seven. Bate then picked up the pin and the win, making Moustache Mountain the new no. 1 contenders to Pretty Deadly's tag team gold. The champions came out after the match and applauded Moustache Mountain.

Final Thoughts:

The opener was excellent and quick-paced with two of the best high-flyers in WWE right now. The spanish gly Frazer hit off a springboard attempt by Andrews was a thing for highlight reels. The women's match was fine, but Turner showed some good fire.

The main event four-way tag was totally wild and crazy with a lot going on and everyone working really hard. It was a spotfest at times, but told a good story and the crowd ate it up.

Next week:

  • A-Kid vs. Sam Gradwell
  • Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) vs. Teoman & Rohan Raja