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NXT UK results: Teoman's debut, Bate vs. Mastiff, mixed tag match

Jinny & Conners vs. Niven & Starz

Tyler Bate beat Dave Mastiff two falls to one in the fifth round (14:15)

This was held under Heritage Cup rules which are:

  • Six three-minute rounds with 20 second breaks between.
  • Two out of three falls by pinfall, submission or countout. The match ends once a wrestler has won two falls.
  • Once a fall occurs, the round ends.
  • In the event of a disqualification or knockout, the match instantly ends.
  • If all six rounds are completed, whoever is ahead on falls wins the match.

Round 1

This was pretty even with Mastiff using his power to keep Bate at bay and The Big Strong Boi escaping his holds. The most impressive spot was Bate carrying Mastiff's weight while in a bridge.

Round 2

After some back and forth, Bate managed to pin Mastiff off a sunset flip at 1:35 of the round to go up 1-0.

Round 3

Bate picked Mastiff up after some strikes for the airplane spin, but collapsed under the weight and got pinned with a crucifix at 1:26 of the round to tie things up at one.

Round 4

Mastiff dominated Bate early, Bate came back with a dropkick, but got powerbombed off a hurricanrana. Bate countered another attempt, but got thrown to ringside. Mastiff destroyed Bate outside the ring, but Bate made it back inside at nine. Bate escaped a number of pinfall attempts as the round ended.

Round 5

Bate got pummeled and went for a German suplex he couldn't get. Mastiff hit one of his own, but Bate came back with the airplane spin. He hit another punch, went to the top and hit a corkscrew senton on Mastiff for the pinfall victory at 2:33 of the round. They bumped fists and Mastiff raised Bate's hand afterward.

-- Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster and Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams weighed on their match later tonight.

-- Aoife Valkyrie was talking to herself in a video and told herself that "I'll show you."

Teoman submitted Danny Jones (3:33)

Teoman started out in 2008 as Lucky Kid for GWF in Berlin. Originally looking to become a star in soccer, he suffered a knee injury just days before he was to start playing professionally. He toured with ZERO-One in 2011 and K-DOJO in Japan in 2015-16. He joined wXw as a regular in 2015, primarily as a tag team wrestler before breaking off as a singles wrestler. He was part of a number of stables, but outside circumstances led to those storylines to fizzle out on a number of occasions.

He appeared for PROGRESS, WCPW/Defiant, RevPro, Fight Club: PRO and others in the UK and also got booked on an ROH tour in October 2019. He surprisingly won the 2019 wXw 16 Carat Gold, beating Timothy Thatcher, Marcel Barthel, Ilja Dragunov and WALTER over three days and later that fall, he made his debut for PWG in the U.S.

One year later, he turned heel and reinvented himself as Metehan, a Turkish patriarch, including his own entourage. He attacked, and was to feud, with Alexander Wolfe after 2020's 16 Carat over the wXw Shotgun title, but that was cut short due to COVID-19. He won the Shotgun title in a tournament instead, holding it over the second half of 2020 before losing it right at the end of the year.

Jones previously appeared once on NXT UK in a tag team match against Imperium back in 2019. He wrestled extensively in ATTACK! and did two tours for All Japan Pro-Wrestling in 2017 and early 2020. He also had a few matches for PROGRESS and RevPro, as well as a number of other UK indie promotions.

Teoman controlled Jones' wrist early and started out with some aggressiveness. He launched into Jones, called him a dog in German, and told him to get up. Jones briefly fought back, but got beaten down with a forearm. Jones came back with a backstabber, but got his knee taken out with a dropkick. He ate a missile dropkick from the top. Teoman followed with a double foot stomp to the back and the crossface for the submission victory.

-- Xia Brookside had Nina Samuels clean up her room as she gave housekeeping the day off. She also had her clean the dishes by hand, after which Samuels discovered a dishwasher in the kitchen.

-- Wild Boar was shown being seperated from Eddie Dennis by a chain link fence. Dennis told him he had been a model student, but he separated himself from the pack (when he was injured by Webster & Andrews) before the street fight. Therefore, Dennis and Primate suffered the consequences and now, Boar would suffer consequences. He was violently pulled back with Primate and another man who looked like Tyson T-Bone and presumably beat up as he squealed. 

-- Amale called herself "the French Hope" and said the people of France had her back. She concluded with "I am special" in French.

-- A very well produced video was shown of Mark Coffey and Wolfgang playing pool at a pub. Joe Coffey joined them and gave them a pep talk. He said "Gallus boys on top" was a statement and that it wasn't just about titles. 

Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams beat Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster (10:55)

Williams and Webster started. After some back and forth, Webster and Morgan threw Williams and Jordan to ringside. Andrews and Jordan were in next and Andrews dominated with Williams shaking his head on the outside. Jordan briefly got cocky, but missed a bling tag and got further double teamed as Williams threw his hands in the air on the apron. Jordan finally took over but instead of making the hot tag, he went for a pinfall. Williams finally tagged himself in and started working over Webster.

Jordan tagged himself back in as Williams was thrown into a corner. After some back and forth, Williams got back in, but Andrews would not go down, hitting a double reverse kick on both men before wiping out Jordan with a moonsault to the outside. Webster scored a near fall on Williams before another tag to Jordan was made. He hit Stun Dog Millionaire on Jordan, followed by a somersault senton by Webster for a near fall which Williams made the save for,

After some back and forth, Williams accidentally threw Jordan to ringside, but still hit a see-saw lariat on Webster. He went to tag Jordan who wasn't there and Williams was pissed. Webster got a small package for two and then grabbed Williams in a waist lock, but pushed him against the referee in the corner. Williams then hit a mule kick low blow out of the referee's view which had Jordan upset and screaming, "What did we talk about?" Williams just shrugged and hit a headlock driver on Webster for the pin. Jordan & Williams argued after the match.

-- A video recapped Ilja Dragunov snapping in recent weeks. He will be on next week's show to share his thoughts.

-- A vide showed Trent Seven training to make weight for his NXT Cruiserweight championship match. He said he never trained that hard for anything before in his life. Bate was with him, calling it the most important match of Seven's career. Seven will be on next week's episode of The Bump where the official weigh-in for his match with Jordan Devlin will take place.

-- A video on Ben Carter aired where he talked about playing college soccer for the past four years in the U.S. while trying to make a name for himself on the indies. He wanted to return to the U.K. and said had a few options on the table. He said with a new opportunity comes a new name and he now is Nathan Frazer. He said he would take the business by the throat and would become the best to ever do this.

-- A graphic announced that NXT UK Champion WALTER will make a statement next week.

Piper Niven & Jack Starz beat Jinny & Joseph Conners (9:42)

The women started, but Jinny quickly tagged out so Starz had to enter. Conners dominated early, but Starz eventually reversed some of his offense. Starz tagged out, forcing Jinny in. She evaded Niven mostly and quickly tagged back out.

Jinny attacked Starz behind the referee's back as the heels smartly double teamed him. Conners worked Starz over and countered his offense. Starz missed a crossbody and ended up at ringside. Niven went to confront Jinny as she looked to get involved again. Starz finally made the hot tag and Niven chased Jinny around ringside.

Inside the ring, Niven ran wild and hit the running crossbody on a sitting Jinny. Jinny clipped Niven's knee, but got whipped into the corner, Just as she was looking to hit the cannonball into the corner, Conners tagged himself back in. Conners got into Niven's face and got slapped for his troubles. Niven shoved him into Starz, who hit an exploder. Niven and Starz then hit stereo cannonballs into the corners. Niven hit a Piper Driver on Conners, picked up Starz, and threw him onto Conners for the win.

Final Thoughts:

The show was fun and continued the trend of being heavy on well-produced video packages. Tyler Bate and Dave Mastiff was good with the big man/little man dynamic. Teoman looked impressive in his debut and will be interesting to see against different opponents. The tag match with Jordan and Williams vs. Andrews and Webster was all high-paced action and nicely progressed Williams' upcoming heel turn with the question being if Jordan is legit upset or is he in on it. The mixed tag main event was okay, but not overwhelmingly good.

Next week:

  • WALTER makes a statement
  • Ilja Dragunov speaks
  • Trent Seven appears on The Bump to weigh-in for his match with Jordan Devlin
  • Of note, NXT UK will air at 4 PM EST due to daylight saving time temporarily decreasing the time zone difference between the East Coast and the UK from five hours to four.