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NXT UK results: Trent Seven vs. Sam Gradwell


This week's NXT UK was a fun, but albeit skippable show.

Nathan Frazer defeated Sha Samuels (w/ Noam Dar) (9:04)

Frazer showed his agility early in attacking and evading Samuels, but got distracted by Dar once he got to the top, allowing Samuels to throw him to the middle of the ring. Samuels beat on Frazer for a while as Dar coached him from the outside. Samuels scored close near falls a few times, including one after a stiff clothesline. Dar told him to go for the Butcher's Hook, but Frazer fired up and fought back. Samuels feigned an eye poke and Dar pulled Frazer off the apron, but he evaded Dar's attack and took him out.

Back in the ring, Samuels got a near fall with a close up and the referee ejected Dar from ringside as he slid into the ring. Frazer hit a somersault dive on Samuels, evaded the Butcher's Hook, and picked up the win after a frog splash seconds later.

-- Footage from the post-women's no. 1 contender gauntlet match aired. Jinny and Joseph Conners mockingly clapped for Dani Luna as she walked backstage and Jinny told her "well done." Flash Morgan Webster then walked up and gave the heels the stinkeye. Back to the modern day, Jinny and Conners cut a promo on Luna and Webster, calling Subculture the "lower class" and themselves the "higher class," stating that they always win. I assume this will lead to a mixed tag down the line.

-- Dar was angry about being ejected from ringside earlier, complaining "nobody knew the rules around here." He decided to take his anger out on Ilja Dragunov and talked about their match next week.

Teoman defeated Ashton Smith (6:39)

Smith used his power early to both stop and beat down Teoman. He threw Teoman from the ring and as he slid out, Teoman pulled the ring apron away and then pulled it over Smith following by him raining down blows. He worked over Smith's arm and later rammed it into the ring post. He went for the crossface, but Smith powered out and got his opponent up for a vertical suplex.

Teoman came back with attacks on the arm but Smith came back, heavily favoring the injured limb. Teoman eventually managed to lock on the crossface, forcing Smith to tap out. Teoman taunted him afterward and then attacked him again, locking him once more in the crossface until Oliver Carter ran out to make the save.

-- Dragunov was asked about his match with Dar. He said Dar tried triggering him by bringing up some of his worst memories. He said he changed, but would bring Dar violence.

-- Jack Starz was backstage, talking on the phone to Piper Niven. Pretty Deadly walked up and ridiculed him until he snapped. He wanted a shot at their Tag Team titles and they told him he needed to earn that and also, he needed to find a friend first.

Kenny Williams defeated Andy Wild (4:03)

Wild, a 15-year veteran from Scotland, made his NXT UK debut here. He has wrestled for ICW, Premier British Wrestling, WrestleZone, BCW and many other promotions in the UK where he held a number of titles. He also runs a wrestling school in Scotland.

Williams is now clean shaven and they even showed him shaving off his beard in a split screen during his entrance. The burlier Wild manhandled Williams for a few moments, but quickly fell victim to an eye rake and found himself on the receiving end of Williams' attacks. Williams worked over his left knee and after a brief Wild comeback, Williams hit the headlock driver for the pinfall victory.

-- They promoted the second title match between NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray and Meiko Satomura in two weeks, showing the history between them, including KLR attacking Satomura after winning the gauntlet match two weeks ago. Satomura said she stopped respecting KLR after that kick and would end her reign as the Forever Champion.

-- They previewed the Rampage Brown vs. Joe Coffey match next week.

Trent Seven defeated Sam Gradwell (14:07)

Gradwell took over early with his more aggressive style. Seven eventually powered out of a chokehold and hit a snap DDT and a half-and-half suplex, followed by an Emerald Frosien. He missed a corkscrew legdrop from the top and Gradwell quickly locked in a single leg boston crab which Seven managed to reverse. Gradwell eventually kicked Seven through the ropes and hit a punch that saw Seven bounce off the apron on his way down. Gradwell further attacked Seven at ringside.

Back in the ring, they ended up on the top turnbuckle, fighting for position with Seven finally hitting a superplex for a near fall. Gradwell later hit a falcon arrow for a near fall. Seven got his legs up on a Gradwell aerial attack and hit the Seven Star Lariat for a near fall of his own.

They traded slaps and chops until Seven picked Gradwell up for the burning hammer and got the victory.

Final Thoughts:

The main event was solid but nothing special. The highlight was the opener with Samuels and Frazer. Smith looked good as a powerhouse against Teoman, who managed to dig more and more into his mean side as he has basically nothing in common with the former Lucky Kid. The rest of the show was mostly setups for the next two weeks of shows.

Next week:

  • Ilja Dragunov vs. Noam Dar
  • Joe Coffey vs. Rampage Brown

In two weeks:

  • NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray vs. Meiko Satomura in a championship rematch