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NXT UK results: Triple threat Tag Team title match

Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith and Die Familie both challenged Moustache Mountain.

Von Wagner defeated Sam Gradwell (6:48)

They traded strikes early until Wagner punched Gradwell in the face hard, then attacked him from the outside. Wagner continued his onslaught in the ring, including hitting a fallaway slam.

Gradwell hit a few forearms but quickly got caught in a bearhug. Gradwell hit a double strike that took Wagner off his feet, then followed with a flying forearm off the turnbuckle and body slammed the big man for a two count.

Wagner signaled that he wanted to throw Gradwell into the crowd, but Gradwell escaped from the military press position and locked on a sleeper. Wagner then hoisted Gradwell on his shoulders from that position and hit a neckbreaker slam for the win.

- Xia Brookside skipped into the Performance Center, followed by Eliza Alexander. They were asked about using questionable tactics in their tag team match and Brookside took offense. Amale came up and called out Alexander for a match, which she accepted.

- Ivy Nile talked about her upcoming title match with Meiko Satomura. Nile said she's the hardest worker and has 26 years of tape to study for Satomura while Satomura has none of her. They meet for the NXT UK Women's Championship next week.

- In the parking lot, Mark Andrews was asked about his upcoming match with Kenny Williams. He saw Williams screwing around with his car and they brawled before being quickly broken up. Tiger Turan was seen crouching in the background, watching them.

Stevie Turner defeated Angel Hayze (4:05)

There was a split-screen pre-taped promo from Turner where she said she is the future.

Turner threw an armband at Hayze and kicked her, but Hayze came back with a schoolboy and another quick pin attempt. Turner came back with a running knee lift and a running kick to the head as Hayze was in the ropes.

Turner quickly followed with a neckbreaker for another nearfall, then locked in a chinlock on Hayze. Hayze came back with a slingblade for a close two count, but she quickly got flattened with a running kick. Turner followed with a Mass Effect for the pinfall victory.

- Emilia McKenzie apologized to Satomura for letting her down by losing to Lash Legend. Satomura told her to be "more strong, work harder, and be better." Now why didn't McKenzie think of that?

- East End Bookie with Noam Dar & Sha Samuels was up next. They talked trash about Damon Kemp & Wolfgang, who they will face in two weeks. Dar & Samuels said Kemp & Wolfgang are fake friends -- but Dar & Samuels are real friends.

Triple threat match: Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith defeated Moustache Mountain and Die Familie to win the NXT UK Tag Team titles (14:17)

The rules were that each team could have a member in the ring at the same time, every man had to tag their own partner, there were no disqualifications, and a decision had to be reached by pinfall or submission inside the ring.

Tyler Bate, Carter, and Teoman started. They quickly went after each other with lots of fast pinfall attempts and attacked each other's legs. Bate and Carter eventually teamed up as Carter launched off Bate to hit a corkscrew plancha on Teoman.

Soon, Smith, Rohan Raja, and Trent Seven were in and traded punches. Smith hit a huge powerslam on Seven, who got tripped by Die Familie subsequently. They trapped him under the apron and rained down blows on him. Die Familie then double teamed Smith before focusing their attention on Seven.

After a few minutes, Seven finally managed to tag out to Bate, who ran wild on everyone. Smith tagged in Carter, who cleaned house as well. Carter almost had Teoman pinned after an assisted moonsault, but Raja made the save.

Teoman got the crossface on Bate off an airplane spin, but he then got squashed off a quebrada by Carter. Seven meanwhile hit a Super Emerald Frosion on Smith off the top, but he narrowly kicked out of the subsequent pin.

Moustache Mountain hit a Birminghammer/foot stomp combo on Carter, but Teoman broke up the pin. Teoman tried to steal the pin but got thwarted. Raja brought one of the tag belts into the ring and Teoman tried to hit Smith with it. Smith ducked and clotheslined Teoman to the outside, but he got hit with a lariat by Seven a split-second later.

Seven grabbed the title belt and was looking to use it on Smith, but Bate grabbed it from the outside and they had a tug of war over it. Carter then wiped out Bate with a dive and Smith rolled up Seven to win the titles.

Smith and Carter were ecstatic and celebrated. Seven looked shocked and Bate at ringside was devastated about the whole ordeal.

Smith and Carter celebrated with the belts on their way to the back as Seven and Bate were left in the ring. They eventually had words and Seven left, signaling that he was "done" and saying "this was it" as he went to the back.

Final Thoughts --

Basically a one-match show. Gradwell vs. Wagner was okay but forgettable, and Turner vs. Hayze was basically a squash.

The triple threat Tag Team title match was very good, as is to be expected with those three teams. Smith & Carter as champions will mix things up, while it will be interesting to see if Seven will actually retire after the loss.

Tension had been brewing within Moustache Mountain for months now. Seven's storyline of looking for redemption and it leading to his inevitable downfall has been playing out ever since NXT UK returned from its pandemic hiatus during the fall of 2020.

Next Week --

  • NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura defends against Ivy Nile
  • Mark Andrews vs. Kenny Williams

In Two Weeks --

  • Noam Dar & Sha Samuels vs. Damon Kemp & Wolfgang