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NXT UK results: Tyler Bate vs. Kassius Ohno


Taped at The Brentwood Centre in Brentwood, England on October 5, 2019

Quick results --

  • NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray pinned Xia Brookside after a Gory Bomb in a non-title match.
  • Travis Banks defeated Ligero after hitting a Slice of Heaven. What Banks had missed was Joseph Conners attacking Ligero on the outside. Conners then also attacked Banks and cut a promo telling the NXT UK roster that -- as long as he suffers -- everybody had to suffer.
  • Alexander Wolfe asked for and got a match with Ilja Dragunov for next week.
  • in a tremendous main event, Tyler Bate defeated Kassius Ohno after hitting the Tyler Driver '97. This was worthy of a spot on any NXT/NXT UK TakeOver and probably one of the best matches in the brand's history. It's worth going out of your way to see if you rarely watch this show.

Full rundown --

A graphic plugged tonight's main event of Tyler Bate vs. Kassius Ohno.

Non-title match: NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray pinned Xia Brookside after a Gory Bomb (7:02)

They locked up and KLR applied a wristlock, but Brookside escaped with a side headlock takeover. KLR applied a headscissors on the mat, but Brookside escaped via a headstand. KLR took her down with a hard forearm, but Brookside came back with a crucifix and sunset flip in quick succession for a couple of near falls.

KLR caught Brookside off a crossbody attempt and worked her over on the mat for a few minutes. KLR hit a front face suplex and then went for a Gory Bomb, but Brookside escaped.

Brookside hit a spinning headscissors takedown and then eventually hit a hurricanrana off the ropes. KLR then stopped Brookside's offense with a superkick and hit the Gory Bomb for the pin.

- A video recapped the history between Imperium and Ilja Dragunov and Dragunov joining Gallus in their battle with Imperium last week.

- A video with Piper Niven aired. Niven said she was a plus-sized athlete and wanted to give people confidence and always is happy when she hears people tell her she inspired them.

Travis Banks pinned Ligero after hitting a Slice of Heaven (10:03)

This was a rematch from their bout a few weeks ago that ended in a double pin.

They shook hands to start the match, but Banks followed up with a kick that missed. They traded punches, then took each other down with simultaneous kicks to the face. Ligero hit a handspring crossbody for a near fall.

Ligero applied an abdominal stretch, then followed up with a number of lariats. They found themselves in a backslide position and again ended up in a double pinfall situation but kicked out.

Banks followed up with a coast-to-coast dropkick from the rope into the corner for another near fall. Ligero caught Banks with a springboard sunset bomb and a Destroyer for a near fall of his own.

Ligero missed a splash from the middle of the rope and they traded cradles, after which Banks hit the Kiwi Crusher for another close two count. Ligero came back with a superplex that hurt both men.

They battled on the apron. Banks hit a fisherman's suplex on the apron, then tried to follow up with a double foot stomp from the apron to the outside but missed. Ligero hit the C4L to the outside, but as he rolled Banks back into the ring, Joseph Conners suddenly appeared and drove Ligero's head into the post. Banks didn't see the attack and hit a Slice of Heaven for the pinfall victory.

Conners then attacked Banks and Ligero and beat both men down. Conners cut a promo, saying this was supposed to be about him and he was supposed to be the first WWE United Kingdom Champion and part of the first NXT UK TakeOver.

Conners screamed that he was worthy, worthy of TakeOver, and who was he (he didn't specify who he meant) to tell him that he wasn't worthy. Conners said as long as he was going to suffer, everybody was going to have to suffer along with him. Conners was still wearing the T-shirt from the original UK Championship tournament that took place in January 2017.

- A video on Ridge Holland aired. He had some kind of club which he dragged along a fence and stated "NXT UK -- I'll be seeing ya." He debuts next week.

- They showed a clip of William Regal visiting with Johnny Saint and Sid Scala at the NXT UK Performance Center. Alexander Wolfe interrupted them and politely asked Saint for a match with Ilja Dragunov. Scala whispered into Saint's ear, which drew the ire of Wolfe. Saint then agreed that Dragunov and Wolfe could settle their differences next week.

Tyler Bate pinned Kassius Ohno after the Tyler Driver '97 (24:02)

Ohno applied a wristlock, but Bate worked his way out of it and countered with one of his own. Ohno applied a cravat. Bate escaped and locked in an Octopus hold, then transitioned into a sunset flip attempt, which Ohno turned into a modified Camel Clutch and later a surfboard submission. Bate ended up locking in a side headlock and hit Ohno with his foot for good measure.

Bate did a headstand in the corner and caught Ohno with a headscissors takedown as he rushed in. He followed up with a number of dropkicks, but Ohno turned things around once more and drove Bate into the ring post as Bate was on the apron. As Bate returned to the ring, Ohno brutally assaulted him with kicks and elbows. Ohno called Bate a "stupid boy" as he kept beating on him.

Ohno crashed down on Bate with a senton for a near fall, then hit a hard rolling elbow to the temple. Ohno ended up on the top rope and hit Bate with a hard right, then went for a cravat but turned it into a version of the Kassius Clutch and eventually turned it into a sit-down cravat powerbomb.

Bate got back to his feet and tried going for a German, but Ohno blocked it. After some struggling, the Big Strong Boi eventually hit an exploder suplex on his much bigger opponent. He followed up with a knee strike, a flying European uppercut, a running uppercut into the corner, yet another exploder suplex, and a running Shooting Star Press for a two count.

Bate went for the Tyler Driver '97 but couldn't get it. He hit a few uppercuts and tried again, but Ohno gave him a huge back body drop and Bate over-rotated and hit the mat hard.

Ohno hit a cyclone kick for another two count and followed with a number of headbutts. Bate powered back up and hit a number of slaps and eventually got another two count of his own. Bate went for the airplane spin, but Ohno grabbed the ropes and hit a few kicks. Bate came back with clotheslines and kicks, but Ohno kicked him in the neck on the rebound clothesline.

Ohno went up top for a moonsault but missed. Bate then hit a deadlift German suplex for another two count. Bate hit two rolling koppu kicks and both men were out of it -- Ohno in the ropes and Bate on the mat.

Bate hit another rolling koppu kick. Ohno hit a running boot and Bate hit the rebound clothesline. Ohno rolled to the outside and Bate followed him out with a big dive, but Ohno caught him in mid-air and hit the Dream Crusher to the neck for a 2.9 count.

Ohno berated Bate, calling him a rookie and himself a veteran. They battled on the top and Ohno applied a cravat, but Bate escaped and picked him up on his shoulders for the UFO airplane spin. Bate then finally hit the Tyler Driver '97 for the well-deserved pinfall victory.

This was an awesome match that people should go out of their way to see.

Next week --

The first matches from this coming weekend's set of NXT UK tapings in Hull will air, including the debut of Ridge Holland and a match between Alexander Wolfe and Ilja Dragunov.