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NXT UK results: Tyler Bate vs. Noam Dar Heritage Cup match


Report --

Mark Coffey (w/Wolfgang) defeated Rohan Raja (w/Teoman) (05:54)

Coffey started strong but quickly got trapped in the ropes and had his arm worked over. Coffey eventually came back with a lariat and slam, but sold the damage his arm had taken.

Coffey eventually scored the pin after a diving, running uppercut.

After the match, Teoman and Raja attacked Gallus until officials ran in to break up the brawl. 


Tyler Bate warmed up with Trent Seven backstage.

A video looked at the mayhem after last week's tag team match between Symbiosis and Dave Mastiff/Jack Starz. In two weeks, there will be a triple threat match between Symbiosis, Mastiff/Starz and Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter.

Charlie Dempsey was interviewed backstage about his match with Danny Jones later tonight. Just as he was talking about how their styles would mesh, Gallus stormed in and Wolfgang asked Dempsey if he had seen Teoman and to tell him they were looking for him. Dempsey was frustrated and said this had been the second time now that this (Gallus interrupting him) had happened.


Amale defeated Myla Grace (03:49)

Myla Grace made her NXT UK debut here. Grace has been around since at least 2018 and had matches all over the UK and Ireland, including OTT.  She also has a street-dancing background.

Amale started out very aggressively and beat down on Grace, who briefly came back with a rollup but got taken out by double knees as she stormed the corner. Amale hit a spinning neckbreaker, but Myla kicked out at one. At that point, Blair Davenport wandered out from the back and started watching the match.

Myla hit some spinning head scissors, a 619 and a tornado DDT for a two count. Amale then nonchalantly kicked her in the face and hit the Hopebreaker (a fisherman spinebuster) for the pin and the win. Davenport looked on bemused, then walked off again.


Noam Dar warmed up backstage.

Aleah James was interviewed about her win over Xia Brookside from last week. Nina Samuels walked up and welcomed us to another edition of the Nina Samuels Show. She then said James did not "measure up" to her (as she looked about one foot shorter than Samuels). James asked if there was a problem, then walked off, saying she wasn't doing this right now

Flash Morgan Webster was in front of a door. Dani Luna asked if he was sure about this. He opened the door and it was Rampage Brown's dressing room. He told Webster not to try it (Webster is running around, slapping people lately) and Webster turned away but then tried anyway. Brown blocked him, grabbed him by the throat and pushed him against the wall. He told Webster if he wanted a match, all he had to do was ask. Webster then was happy because he "got him."


Charlie Dempsey defeated Danny Jones (04:52)

Dempsey started by schooling Jones with takedowns, suplexes and submission holds. Jones hit a high hip toss and a number of strikes and attempted to lock in a sleeper of his own. Dempsey tried to work his way into a double wristlock, then bridged into the corner, pulling Jones' head into it and kept on with impressive mat wrestling.

He locked in a standing cravate, then hit a suplex from the hold. Dempsey then hit two consecutive butterfly suplexes, never releasing Jones from his grip and rolled backward on top of him from the bridge both times. He then locked in a sort of double wristlock crossface for the submission victory.


They then aired a great video hyping up the Meiko Satomura vs, Jinny for the NXT UK Women's title match for next week. match. Jinny said Meiko was getting old, frail and weak. Satomura said she was prepared and while Jinny was the queen, she was the final boss.

Isla Dawn did some more scary stuff in the woods with her box and said some weird stuff, all while painting around her face with lipstick. Okay then. Still scarier than Alexa Bliss and her doll.


NXT UK Heritage Cup: Noam Dar (w/Sha Samuels) defeated Tyler Bate (w/Trent Seven) 1-1 in Round 6  to win the Cup (17:34)

They had a tale of the tape graphic. No intangibles in NXT UK, but accolades. 

Round 1

They went back and forth in the round, feeling each other out. Dar tried provoking Bate as the round ended but he would have none of it.

Round 2

Bate worked over Dar's legs early until Dar fled to the ropes. The pace picked up and Bate eventually hit the airplane spin, but Dar escaped. They hit a double clothesline with 15 seconds left, then were entangled in a lockup until time ran out.

Round 3

Bate threw Dar to ringside, but Dar got back in as Bate went for a dive. He then hit a kick on Bate through the ropes and sent him into the ring steps. Back inside, he hit the Nova Roller to pick up the first fall at 0:59 of the round. Dar 1-0

Round 4

Dar immediately worked over Bate, using his momentum. Bate came back and hit a spinning European uppercut off the turnbuckles, then hit an exploder suplex and a running shooting star press, but Dar countered for a near fall. Bate hit the slingshot lariat, then went for Tyler Driver '97 and got the pin at 2:03 of the round. Bate 1-1

Round 5

Bate started with a dragon screw, but Dar hit one off the turnbuckles in return, then hit a running uppercut for a close near fall. Dar kept targeting the left leg with kicks. Seven advised Bate to use the Birminghammer, but Dar raked the eyes and hit a spinning back elbow for another close near fall. Bate locked in a knee bar with about 20 seconds left, but Dar sat up and they traded punches as the round ended.

Round 6

They traded kicks early, and Dar went to the top, but Bate jumped up and hit a top rope exploder, followed with a dive through the ropes as Dar had rolled outside.

Samuels looked after Dar, but Bate wiped out both men with a plancha. Dar got a roll up off a Tiger Driver '97 attempt, Dar caught Bate's leg off a slingshot lariat and went for the Champagne knee bar, but Bate rolled through and hit a Saito suplex-style German. At that point, Pretty Deadly walked out and distracted Bate, allowing Dar to roll him up for a near fall.

Dar again locked in the Champagne knee bar as Seven started brawling with Pretty Deadly on the outside. They took his towel and were attempting to throw it into the ring, with Seven trying to get it back. As Seven finally yanked it away, the momentum led to him accidentally throwing it into the ring himself, which the ref took as a sign that Seven had thrown in the towel for Bate.

Dar thus won the match and the Heritage Cup due to apparent submission at 2:45 of the round.

If Bate had managed another 15 seconds, he would have retained under Heritage Cup rules. Dar wins 2-1.

Pretty Deadly were clapping and celebrating outside the ring as Seven tried to explain to Bate what had happened. Dar and Samuels celebrated the victory in the ring.

Final thoughts --

The main event was excellent with a somewhat anticlimactic finish, but it builds nicely into a Moustache Mountain vs. Pretty Deadly feud and Dar as a heel now can have some great Heritage Cup matches against the likes of Ben Carter, A-Kid, Charlie Dempsey, Mark Andrews or Flash Morgan Webster.

Charlie Dempsey vs. Danny Jones was excellent and with a bit more exposure, I could even see Dempsey ranking in the top 10 for Best Technical Wrestler in the Observer Awards. I'd love to see him on a bigger stage in NXT 2.0 or maybe even in NJPW down the line as a protege of Zack Sabre Jr.

Next week --

  • Meiko Satomura (c) vs. Jinny for the NXT UK Women's Championship

In two weeks --

  • No. 1 Contender's match to the NXT UK Tag Team titles: Symbiosis (T-Bone & Primate) vs. Ashton SMith & Oliver Carter vs. Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz