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NXT UK results: WALTER-Dragunov revisited, Wolfgang vs. Gradwell


Report --

NXT UK Heritage Cup number one contender's tournament first round: Wolfgang defeated Sam Gradwell 2-1 in round 5 (11:45)

Round 1 --

Wolfgang overpowered Gradwell early. They brawled at ringside and Gradwell hit a flying forearm from the apron. Wolfgang was about to punch Gradwell in the mouth as the round ended.

Round 2 --

Gradwell had Wolfgang trapped in an armbar on the mat about halfway into the round, but Wolfgang powered out. Wolfgang hit an axe handle off the top and a running kick to retaliate. Gradwell slapped him, then escaped to ringside to catch his breath for the last few seconds of the round.

Round 3 --

Wolfgang started out wild, but Gradwell stopped a spear with his knee brace, then hit a flatliner for the first fall at 0:24 of the round. Gradwell 1-0

Round 4 --

Wolfgang's left shoulder was hurt and he favored the arm, which Gradwell immediately focused on. Wolfgang fought back and eventually hit a front slam off a suplex to score a pin at 1:39 of the round. Wolfgang 1-1

Round 5 --

Gradwell hit a hard forearm for a near fall in the first minute. He evaded two spears by Wolfgang, but fell victim to the third one at 1:17 of the round. Wolfgang wins 2-1


A video recapped Blair Davenport's attack on Nina Samuels and Sid Scala last week.

Scala, still visibly upset, then announced that NXT management had suspended Davenport. 


Kenny Williams and Noam Dar talked about their match next week. Both are despicable heels and Dar said he was an elephant who would stomp the cockroach Kenny Williams out.

Pretty Deadly defending their NXT UK Tag Team Championships against Gallus (Joe & Mark Coffey) was announced for next week.


Gallus then celebrated Wolfgang's win and loudly sang backstage, which drew the ire of the Irish Ace. Jordan Devlin came out of his locker room and said he was getting a massage. He then told Joe Coffey after he took care of his neck, he would take care of Coffey's ego. Coffey got in Devlin's face, who flinched and held his neck in pain.


Oliver Carter, Ashton Smith & Saxon Huxley defeated Symbiosis (Eddie Dennis, Primate & T-Bone) (09:01)

Smith and Carter had new music and a new entrance screen. 

Huxley and Primate started and Huxley threw Primate to ringside quickly. T-Bone was in next and attacked Huxley, but got wiped out with a Thesz Press. Smith was in next and ate a big overhead suplex. T-Bone and Primate worked him over and Eddie Dennis joined in.

Smith outsmarted Dennis and tagged Carter, who immediately hit a beautiful springboard moonsault on Primate. Primate punched him to ringside and Dennis took over. All three members of Symbiosis worked over Carter, who eventually managed to hot tag Huxley.

Huxley ran wild and wiped out Eddie Dennis with an elbow drop, then followed up with a clothesline off the top. Smith was in and they hit a double suplex on Dennis. Smith was in trouble quickly, as Primate attacked him from the outside. Smith almost fell victim to a flying headbutt by Primate, but Carter made the save.

Smith then impressively hoisted Primate on his shoulders with ease, and Carter hit a Doomsday Cutter for the pin.


Stevie Tyler was asked about her match with Meiko Satomura. She said that she got a title match in only her fourth match and now had the blueprint to beating her.

Emilia McKenzie then walked up and said it was interesting that Tyler badmouthed Satomura when she had been beaten by her and that McKenzie would beat her too. After she left, Tyler pouted and called McKenzie two-dimensional.


Pretty Deadly cut an entertaining promo, talking about how they would beat Gallus next week, just as they had six months ago.


Replay from NXT TakeOver 36: NXT UK Championship: Ilja Dragunov defeated WALTER to win the championship

This was an incredible match, which Dave rated at *****¼ stars. The original report of the match can be found here.

Ilja Dragunov, Rhea Ripley, Cesaro, Drew McIntyre, Finn Balor, Toni Storm and Sheamus provided commentary and added insights for the match. 

Final Thoughts:

  • The Wolfgang/Gradwell match was a fine hoss fight.
  • The six-man was fun and showcased Carter and Smith as a really good team.
  • The replay of the WALTER and Ilja match was outstanding of course. I'd have preferred to have just Ilja's insights and maybe get some reactions from his peers in a separate segment. This was the best match in WWE this year by a country mile.

Next week:

  • NXT UK Heritage Cup number one contender's tournament semifinals: Noam Dar vs. Kenny Williams
  • NXT UK Tag Team Championship: Pretty Deadly vs. Gallus