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NXT UK results: Women's title falls count anywhere match


Quick results --

  • Joe Coffey pinned Sam Gradwell. Later, as Coffey and Gallus celebrated backstage, he drew the ire of Alexander Wolfe.
  • Pretty Deadly defeated Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith.
  • Saxon Huxley squashed Levi Muir.
  • in a brutal falls count anywhere match for the NXT UK Women's Championship, Kay Lee Ray retained against Piper Niven after Niven was attacked with a chair by Jinny. Both Niven and KLR crashed through a table and KLR landed on top of Niven. They used all kinds of weapons and probably had one of the most brutal women's matches in WWE history.

Full rundown --

Joe Coffey defeated Sam Gradwell

Gradwell was pinned by Coffey two weeks ago in a six-man tag match and has run his mouth and made excuses ever since.

Coffey worked over Gradwell's surgically repaired knee. Gradwell valiantly fought back and they traded stiff shots throughout the match. Coffey picked up the win with his Best for the Bells spinning lariat.

- Sid Scala was backstage with Jordan Devlin and announced that he and Johnny Saint had sanctioned title defenses for Devlin's NXT Cruiserweight Championship. Devlin said he didn't need them sanctioning his matches and said they should be thankful he won the title and brought it to NXT UK. Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan walked up and Jordan challenged Devlin for the title. Williams gave his blessing.

- A tremendous highlight video of the WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov battle aired. It was narrated by Dragunov.

- Alexander Wolfe was backstage and cut a promo about Imperium. Gallus celebrated Coffey's victory in the back and repeatedly disturbed Wolfe's train of thought. He screamed at them to shut up and got into a war of words with Joe Coffey. Coffey challenged him to fight at any place, any time. Coffey said that Wolfe cost him his title match against WALTER back in January.

Pretty Deadly (Lewis Howley & Sam Stoker) defeated Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith

These two had words at the NXT UK Performance Center last week, leading to this match.

Smith ran wild early on but was cut off by Pretty Deadly's teamwork. They then worked over Carter for a bit until he finally made the hot tag. Smith had a fiery comeback and Smith & Carter almost had the match won after an assisted 450 splash by Carter on Howley, but Stoker put Howley's foot on the ropes.

Smith rolled up Howley, but he pushed him off and Stoker hit an uppercut from the outside, allowing Howley to roll up Smith for the win.

- In a video from the NXT UK Performance Center, Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster were furious. Andrews talked about Eddie Dennis, saying he knew all along how selfish Dennis was and that he didn't care who he hurt along the way. Webster said he had known "Mike" (Wild Boar) since they were 12 years old and Boar had thrown away 15 years of friendship.

- A highlight video of Rampage Brown's debut aired, featuring some of the NXT UK roster commenting on it.

Saxon Huxley defeated Levi Muir

This was basically a squash as Huxley destroyed Muir. Jack Starz came to ringside to cheer Muir on, but it was to no avail. Huxley won after hitting a lariat.

- A video aired hyping up A-Kid and Trent Seven's paths to the finals of the NXT UK Heritage Cup tournament. Seven said he needed to win this to cement his legacy. A-Kid said he needed to win to kick off his career. The finals happen next Thursday on NXT UK.

- Jordan Devlin will also defend his NXT Cruiserweight Championship against Amir Jordan on NXT UK next week.

NXT UK Women's Championship falls count anywhere match: Kay Lee Ray defeated Piper Niven to retain her title

Niven attacked KLR as she walked out, even before the bell rang. Once they were in the ring and the match started, Niven threw KLR to ringside and dove through the bottom and middle rope with a crossbody for a two count.

Niven grabbed a chair, but KLR kicked it out of her hands. They fought around ringside and KLR hit a sunset flip over the barricade for a two count of her own. KLR grabbed the ring bell and went to smash Niven's head, but Niven moved and the bell bounced off the ring steps.

Niven hit KLR's previously injured knee with a steel turnbuckle. Niven brought a trash can into the ring, but KLR superkicked her. KLR then went for the Gory Bomb, but she couldn't get Niven up. KLR hit Niven with a kendo stick and applied a chain-assisted Camel Clutch, but Niven powered up to her feet and threw KLR backwards onto the trash can. Niven went for the Piper Driver onto a chair, but KLR escaped.

Jinny ran out and attacked Niven, but Niven disposed of her. KLR went for another Gory Bomb, but Niven countered into a backslide for another two count.

They brawled into the backstage area and KLR hit Niven in the head with a traffic sign. Niven returned the favor by breaking a picture frame over KLR's head. KLR smashed a guitar over Niven's back for another near fall. KLR set up a chair and went for another Gory Bomb, but Niven escaped and hit the Piper Driver through the chair for a close near fall.

Niven smashed a huge steel pipe into KLR's knee. KLR survived, superkicked Niven, and threw Niven face-first into some production crates. Niven back body dropped KLR onto some of the boxes and got another two count.

Niven then dragged KLR on top of the box and seemingly looked to go for a Piper Driver off the boxes through a table set up at the bottom. As she picked KLR up, Jinny reappeared and hit Niven with a steel chair to the back, prompting both Niven and KLR to topple through the table to the floor. KLR somehow landed on Niven and had her arm draped over her, which allowed her to score the pinfall victory and retain the NXT UK Women's Championship.

KLR and Jinny glared at each other as the show went off the air.

Next week --

  • A-Kid vs. Trent Seven in the Heritage Cup tournament finals
  • Jordan Devlin defends his NXT Cruiserweight Championship against Amir Jordan