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NXT UK results: Women's title World of Darkness match

Meiko Satomura defended her title against Isla Dawn in a match with unique rules.

Supernova Sessions with Lash Legend

The segment took place inside the ring instead of at a set in the arena, which was a step down from the past.

Sha Samuels offered Legend his chair. Noam Dar then gave Legend some stale flowers, and Samuels gave her a beautiful bouquet. They aired a highlight reel of Legend in NXT 2.0 on the big screen.

Dar accidentally poured water all over himself, then Samuels ran the odds of all the NXT 2.0 "exchange students" (during which he insulted Damon Kemp). Legend then spewed a few catchphrases before the segment was over.

This didn't get over with the crowd and the story was that both Dar and Samuels fawned over Legend.

- Sid Scala announced a four-team mini-tournament, with the two winning teams advancing to challenge for Moustache Mountain's NXT UK Tag Team titles in a triple threat match. During the announcement, Von Wagner interrupted and told Scala the only important announcement was Wagner being here. Sam Gradwell appeared and took offense at Wagner putting his hands on Scala. They had words and we got more NXT 2.0 catchphrases. Looks like those two will meet in the ring down the line.

- Sha Samuels was backstage with Lash Legend, who took selfies. Samuels was hitting on her, but she wasn't into it. Damon Kemp turned up and looked at the odds, prompting Legend to leave, which upset Samuels. Kemp said his odds meant "mad disrespect" and told Samuels to watch his match.

Tiger Turan defeated Tate Mayfairs (4:05)

The debuting Turan dominated the early minutes with some nice lucha offense. Mayfairs actually took over and scored a few near falls. Turan came back with a missile dropkick from the middle turnbuckle, then followed up with a somersault senton for the pinfall victory.

- Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter had words with the Coffey brothers backstage. The two teams will meet in a match next week, with the winners getting a title shot in the triple threat.

- A highlight video for next week's special 200th episode of NXT UK aired. It looked at some of the past and present stars of the brand.

- Drew McIntyre narrated a video for Clash at the Castle, WWE's first major UK pay-per-view in 30 years.

- A highlight video on Ivy Nile aired. Nina Samuels announced that she would personally welcome Nile to the show next week.

Damon Kemp defeated Danny Jones (4:15)

Kemp used some amateur-style takedowns and mat wrestling early. Did you know Kemp is from the same alma mater as Brock Lesnar and Gable Steveson, who he also looks similar too? What a coincidence, huh?

Jones floored Kemp with a short-armed clothesline and actually scored a two count. Kemp quickly came back, then hit a rolling fireman's carry and running powerslam to get the win.

After the match, Sha Samuels ran in and beat down Kemp.

- A few people were backstage and clapped for Tiger Turan as he came back from his match. Kenny Williams ran after Turan and was upset the people didn't take notice of his wanted posters for Turan.

- A highlight video on Die Familie aired and was narrated by all three members of the group. Charlie Dempsey said he would again defeated A-Kid, while Rohan Raja said that him and Teoman would become NXT UK Tag Team Champions. They toasted to conclude the segment.

- A tremendous video on next week's Loser Leaves NXT UK match between NXT United Kingdom Champion Ilja Dragunov and Jordan Devlin aired. It showed highlights from their previous empty arena match and the contract signing from last week.

Devlin said his father told him when he was a young kid that he could be whatever he wanted, but also to rise. Dragunov said he was in constant pain and was always sore, but he wants it no other way. Dragunov said Devlin will have a lot of time to think about his decisions when he has to leave NXT UK next week. Devlin said he would want himself gone too if he was sharing a locker room with himself. He told Dragunov to never bet against an Ace.

World of Darkness match: NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura defeated Isla Dawn to retain her title (12:49)

The rules of a World of Darkness match are no DQs, no countouts, and the match is contested in a "low light setting."

Satomura attacked Dawn before the bell rang. Once the match started, Satomura ran wild until Dawn caught her with a kick to the head. Dawn stumbled to ringside and Satomura hit her with a soccer kick from the apron. Dawn came back and got some plunder from under the ring, including a broom.

Satomura kicked a chair into Dawn's face, but Dawn rammed her into the barriers. Dawn got on her knees and conjured up some smoke and spooky noises. She got her box of trinkets and pulled out a strand of Dani Luna's hair, then used it to choke Satomura across the mouth and eyes.

Satomura stepped onto the box as Dawn went to get something from it again. Satomura got on the top rope, but Dawn attacked her with a chair. Satomura blocked an attempt at a backdrop driver on a pile of chairs. They brawled on the outside and Dawn broke the broom over Satomura's back.

Dawn used a cable to tie Satomura's hands to the ring post, then started whipping and choking her with a thick piece of rope. Satomura managed to kick Dawn and free herself. Satomura ran at Dawn, but Dawn caught her with a drop toe hold into the ring steps. Satomura evaded Dawn and threw her into the steps herself. Satomura then got a kendo stick and beat Dawn with it before hitting a DDT and handspring knee drop.

They got into it with a kendo stick and a chair before tying each other up in the ropes with mutual leg holds. Dawn hit a meteora from the top rope, which drove the champion into a pile of chairs neck-first. Satomura narrowly kicked out from the subsequent cover.

Dawn set up two chairs and went for a half-nelson suplex through them, but Satomura blocked it and hit a Death Valley Driver on a chair, followed by a chair-assisted Scorpio Rising for the pin and successful title defense.

Final Thoughts --

The main event was a fun, creative street fight with a few original spots I've never seen done like this. This was probably Isla Dawn's best match thus far. The rules sounded campy, but the dark atmosphere actually added to the match and things made sense within the context of it, unlike past "Bray Wyatt Red Light District" fiascos.

Tiger Turan, who will turn out to be Amir Jordan, looked good, as did Damon Kemp, who incorporates his amateur background well into his style. Them not acknowledging his family connections is beyond stupid, though.

Lash Legend does nothing for me as a character. The Supernova Sessions segment moving from a set to the ring detracted from it, as did the interaction between Dar, Samuels, and Legend feeling fake and forced. I also hate the NXT 2.0 rookies being portrayed as being bigger stars than the established and far better talent on the UK brand, but I guess it is what it is.

Next Week (NXT UK #200) --

  • Loser Leaves NXT UK match: NXT United Kingdom Champion Ilja Dragunov defends against Jordan Devlin
  • Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter vs. Mark & Joe Coffey (winning team advances to future triple threat match for the NXT UK Tag Team titles)
  • Ivy Nile vs. Nina Samuels