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NXT UK TakeOver Blackpool II live results: WALTER vs. Joe Coffey


NXT UK returns to the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool, England as the third TakeOver special in the brand's history takes place today.

WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER will defend his title against Joe Coffey at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II. It was one year ago that WALTER made his NXT UK debut, booting Coffey and confronting Pete Dunne after their main event at the first TakeOver: Blackpool.

The NXT UK Women's and Tag Team championships will both also be on the line today. Kay Lee Ray defends her title against Toni Storm and Piper Niven in a triple threat match, while Gallus' Tag Team titles will be up for grabs as they defend against The Grizzled Young Veterans, Imperium, and Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster in a fatal four-way ladder match.

Tyler Bate vs. Jordan Devlin and Trent Seven vs. Eddie Dennis round out the announced lineup for today's show. The card starts at noon ET/5 p.m. GMT, with the pre-show beginning a half hour earlier.


Kickoff Show:

This was just recaps of all the matches scheduled for the show with no angles or promos beyond wha has been seen on the Prime Target Special or NXT UK weekly television. So it looks like no surprise matches either as they did on the first two UK TakeOvers.

Andy Shepherd, Tom Phillips and NXT General Manager William Regal are the hosts of the pre-show. Regal talked about what Blackpool means to him and said he had goosebumps. They ran down all the matches scheduled for tonight and then showed Piper Niven, Toni Storm and Kay Lee Ray arriving at the arena earlier today. A video recapping how the three-way women's title match came to be then aired. The hosts discussed the match, talking about how Toni challenged Rhea Ripley for Worlds Collide and questioning whether she had her mind truly set on the match tonight and how Piper Niven may be most focussed. 

Trent Seven and Eddie Dennis then were shown arriving at the arena earlier today. Regal reminisced about his own career and said when he looks at Eddie Dennis, he looks into the devil's eyes and this was what people had been saying about him in the past. Next up was a closer look at the match between Tyler Bate and Jordan Devlin and the panel stated that this might be the match of the night.

Another video aired on the four-way tag team ladder match between champions Gallus, the team they beat for the titles, Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster, initial champs The Grizzled Young Veterans and Imperium, consisting of Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner. Regal talked about how sometimes as a GM you need to make brutal matches like this to end things and the one WWE ladder match he ever was in certainly was career shortening.

Imperium where shown entering the building. A video then aired of WALTER talking about being the WWE United Kingdom champion today and forever. They then ran down the story behind tonight's main event. Tom Philips then talked about how Joe Coffey will bring a level of physicality to the match that WALTER might not have experienced yet. Regal also said that Coffey may lay a beating on the champion.

NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II

The show opened up with the great video package that aired at the end of Prime Target, running down all matches.

Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuinness are our announcers for tonight's TakeOver as they welcomes us at ringside.

1. Eddie Dennis pinned Trent Seven after hitting the Neck Stop Driver (8:16)

This was a fun opener and after some brief offense by Seven mostly was the Eddie Dennis comeback show. Dennis looked impressive here and won in just over eight minutes after first throwing Seven out of the ring with a Razor's Edge and then hitting his finish. It looks like Dennis will move further up the card in the months to come.

Seven wore a nice, crimson coat with the Moustache Mountain logo on the back, while Dennis entered wearing a black and green dragon mask, since he is the Dragon of Wales.

Dennis tried attacking Seven at the bell, but got immediately caught in a one-armed powerbombed for a two-count, followed by a DDT and a clothesline in the corner. Seven went for a superplex, but Dennis ducked out and hit a Razor's Edge out of the corner. Dennis took over at that point and beat down on Trent. He hit a vertical suplex for a two-count of his own, while the fans were solidly behind Trent Seven, who came back with a few chops and a snapdragon suplex, suicide dive and another suplex at ringside. Trent went for a reverse somersault senton from the top, but Dennis moved. Dennis hit a version of the End of Days for a near-fall.

Seven escaped another Razor's Edge but got decked with a forearm. he still came back with an Emerald Frosien and went for the Birminghammer, but Dennis reached the ropes and managed to pull himself down. Dennis went to remove the turnbuckle, but first got caught by the ref and then a forearm from Seven, but the turnbuckle still came off without anybody but the announcers noticing. Seven then hit a superplex from the top. The ref then noticed the exposed turnbuckle, but just kicked it to ringside instead of putting it back on as Dennis pulled Dennis into the exposed steel. He went to hit another Razor#s Edge into the turnbuckle but the ref stepped between them. Dennis then nonchalantly tossed Seven over the top to the outside onto a plant.

Back inside, Dennis went for a pin, but Seven managed to somehow kick out. Dennis then hit the Neck Stop Driver for the victory.

-- Gallus were shown warming up backstage

2. NXT UK Women's Championship: Kay Lee Ray (c) retained over Toni Storm and Piper Niven, when she pinned Niven after capitalizing on a frog splash by Toni Storm (13:10)

This was a great match that was non-stop action. it wasn't so much your typical WWE three-way where mostly two person wrestle while one is out of action, but mostly everybody vs. everybody. Lots of wild spots and hard hitting action. KLR retained the title when Toni hit a frog splash on Niven and KLR super kicked her and stole the pin.

A video recapped the history between these three women.

Toni came out first in a post-apocalyptic rock chick from the future outfit that was all steel spikes and black leather. Niven was out next, followed by the champion, Kay Lee Ray.

Storm immediately went after KLR, but Niven pulled her off as Kay Lee escaped to ringside. Niven then quickly hit a dive through the ropes, taking out KLR, then flattened both women with rolling cannonball sentons against the barrier and ring steps respectively. KLR recovered and pulled Niven off the apron. As Toni got to work on KLR, Niven came back in and hit a back senton on both women.

All three women fought each other until Toni looked to hit Storm Zero on KLR, but Niven flew in with a flying cross body, wiping out Toni. KLR then took out Niven, as Toni came back with a release German suplex on KLR. KLR recovered and hit a DDT for a near-fall, which was broken up by Niven.

KLR looked to go for the Gory Bomb on Niven but couldn't get her up. KLR then escaped Niven's Michinoku Driver, while Toni failed to get Niven up for a German. All three women then once more took each other out, with Niven finally hitting a backdrop driver on KLR. Toni and Piper traded shots. but KLR slammed into them.

KLR got a steel chair from under the ring and used it to choke both Toni and Piper. She looked to Pillmanize Toni's neck, but Niven managed to put a stop to that plan. Toni then got the chair, but hesitated using it on Niven, who screamed at her to hit her. As KLR looked on with a smile, Toni dropped the chair and nailed her with a kick. Toni and Piper then briefly worked together (or at least did not attack each other), as Toni first hit a tope suicida on KLR, followed by a cannonball by Niven off the apron. As Toni and Niven recovered at ringside, KLR hit a top rope somersault dive on both of them.

Toni looked for a superplex on Toni from the top, but Niven launched her into a sit-down power bomb before KLR hit another senton on Toni. Niven then hit a big power bomb on KLR for a close near-fall. Niven looked to hit another Michinoku Driver, but KLR managed to escape and actually get Niven up for a Gory Bomb. Toni slid back into the ring and slammed into the referee to break up the pin. Niven hit a Canadian Destroyer on KLR, but Toni slid in and hit Storm zero on KLR. Niven managed to break up Toni's pin a the very last split-second.

Storm then hit a Storm Zero on KLR onto the back of Niven. Toni went for another one on Niven, but couldn't get her up, settling for a sort of Pedigree instead. Toni hit a frog splash off the top on Niven, but KLR super kicked her and stole the pin for the victory.

-- Imperium were shown warming up, with Barthel and Aichner slamming into each other

3. Tyler Bate pinned Jordan Devlin after a top-rope corkscrew splash (22:22)

This was an incredible match between two of the best wrestlers in Europe, if not the world. Both should be much bigger superstars than they are on this level. They hit each other with everything but the kitchen sink and put on a technical masterpiece with everything looking crisp and stiff. Bate eventually won with a corkscrew splash from the top after a Tyler Driver '97 wasn't enough to put Devlin away. An early MOTY candidate in my book.

A video recapped the history between these two, starting with the original UK Tournament three years ago, where Bate eliminated Devlin. The difference between the Tyler Bate from early 2017 and today is mind-blowing (and the difference between that Bate and the one late 2014 when I first saw him in wXw was equally mind-blowing).

The crowd was going crazy for Tyler, singing his name and dancing in accordance. They started with an intense lock up with Devlin shoving Bate on a corner break. Devlin worked Bate's arm that Tyler could not escape from until finally flipping out of it and turning the tables on Devlin. Devlin quickly looked to hit Devlinside, but Bate had him well-scouted and escaped via side-headlock takeover.

Bate hit a monkey flip and back body drop, then impressively military press slammed Devlin before sending him to the outside with a beautiful dropkick. as he went for a dive, Devlin jumped on the apron and hit an uranage from the apron on Bate in the ring, then hit a rope-assisted moonsault in a creative twist on his usual one-two combo with those moves.

Devlin hit an elevated belly-to-back suplex for a two-count, then choked Bate on the middle rope using his legs. Devlin hit a butterfly suplex and mockingly twirled his moustache. He grabbed bate's arm and hit a number of Kawada kicks, then tried going for Devlinside, but Bate used his power to prevent the move, instead launching Devlin to ringside and launched himself over the top with a dive.

Bate went for a cross body, but Devlin caught him in mid-air with a Codebreaker, then hit a hard forearm to the back off a front whip to the ropes. Devlin hit a beautiful surfboard stretch and locked the chin for extra pressure.  bate managed to hit a flash roll-up off another whip, before both men crashed into each other with simultaneous running cross bodies. Bate stopped Devlin on a corner charge, then hit a flying uppercut off the second rope, followed by an exploder and a standing shooting star for a near-fall.

After another brief scuffle, Bate got Devlin on is shoulders for a long airplane spin. Bate followed with a bran buster for another close near-fall. Bate went for Tyler Driver '97, but Devlin turned it into a rana and hooked the legs, but Bate turned the cover around for another near-fall. Devlin then hit a vicious suplex for another near-fall.

Bate threw Devlin over the top, but Devlin rebounded with a rope-assisted cutter, then hit another one, this time from the ring onto the apron, as both men ended up dazed on the outside. At the count of eight, both men looked at each other and Devlin hit a head kick on bate, then slid back in the ring. bate dramatically followed him at about 9.9. Back in the ring, they traded stiff forearms that would have made KENTA and Goto cringe. They followed by trading fisticuffs, before Bate finally hit a rolling kappa kick.

Bate went for Tyler Driver '97, Devlin escaped, went for Devlinside, but Bate flipped out. He went for his rebound lariat, but Devlin turned it into a Spanish Fly as both men were down. That sequence was tremendous!

Devlin went to the top for what looked like a moonsault, but Devlin shoved him off the ropes and looked to go for a superplex. Devlin grabbed his throat and hit a top-rope Avalanche Spanish Fly, then followed with Devlinside, but Bate kicked out at 2.9 as the crowd exploded in a frenzy. Devlin hit more kicks and stomps, then stepped in Bate's fingers. he grabbed Bate by the beard, then hit a hard right . Devlin went for a Tyler Driver '97 of his own, but Bate flipped out of the move and tried for one of his own, but Devlin flipped him onto the apron. bate came back with head-butt, then hit a spring-board DDT, followed by another Tyler Driver '97, but this time it was Devlin's turn to kick out at 2.9. Tyler then hit a top-rope corkscrew plancha and finally got the victory.

As Bate celebrated, Triple H, William Regal and Johnny Saint were shown on the balcony applauding and giving both men a standing ovation.

4. Ladder Match for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships: Gallus (Wolfgang & Mark Coffey) (c) beat Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake) and Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster and Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) (25:00)

Another very good match and a fun ladder match. They did tons of creative spots, but nothing too crazy and while everything looked good, it didn't look ridiculously dangerous as some ladder matches from the past. It was mostly two teams in the ring at any time, with a few moments were everybody was in with each other. Gallus retained the titles in the end, after talking out Imperium. Some of the highlights included Webster and Morgan hitting a double Swanton on Wolfgang through a table on the outside and five ladders at the same time being used in the ring with everybody fighting on top of them.

A video recapped what led to this match.

In an untypical move for NXT (UK), Gallus, the champions, came out first. Also, Sid Scala is a liar, as he stated the next time any of the four teams would see the tag team titles, they would be suspended over the ring, yet Gallus were earing the belts. Andrews & Webster were out next, followed by Grizzled Young Veterans and finally, Imperium.

Gallus and Imperium paired off, as did the GYV and Morgan and Webster, who remained in the ring while the other foursome brawled at ringside. Grizzled Young Veterans remained standing, but quickly were taken out by Gallus as they celebrated. Imperium spoiled the party, taking out Gallus, but in turn were attacked by Webster and Morgan, who hit an assisted moonsault and standing moonsault on Aichner.

As the Welshmen regrouped in the ring, Gibson and Drake got steel chairs from under the ring and beat down Webster and Andrews. Gallus then came back in and relieved the veterans of the chairs. They looked to set up a conchairto on Drake, who was in a tree of woe, but got taken out by Imperium instead. Imperium got a ladder, but this time, Andrews and Webster beat them down and took the ladder, setting it up in the ring for the first time. Imperium spoiled the fun and both climbed the ladder, only to be knocked off by Gallus, wielding a bigger ladder.

Barthel took out Wolfgang with a ladder, as Webster and Morgan re-entered the ring and Webster hit a moonsault on Barthel off a ladder in the corner. Aichner then slingshotted Webster into another ladder bridged in the corner. Andrews slid under a ladder that Imperium looked to hit him with, then hit a double pelé kick on both. The Veterans then came back in and Drake hit a drop kick into the corner on Andrews, as Gibson trapped him with another ladder.

Meanwhile, Gallus also came back in and Coffey choke slammed Gibson on another, before they hit slingshot Samoan Drop on Gibson on another ladder. Imperium then foiled a Gallus attempt at reaching the belts as they brawled on the outside. Webster and Morgan used the opportunity to climb the ladder once more. In the stupid move of the night, Webster was alone at the top of the ladder, but instead of going for the belts, he hit a shooting star off the ladder on Wolfgang, which McGuinness also questioned.

Next up, Imperium and Andrews were in the ring and Aichner hit a triple-jump moonsault on Andrews on another ladder. Imperium climbed the ladder, but got pulled off by the Veterans. Drake and Gibson set up a taller ladder next to a smaller one, that still h Barthel on it. Gallus then set up another ladder and everyone but Webster and Morgan climbed a ladder. Andrews then wedged another ladder between the three ladders and the rope and climbed that one. Webster then brought a fifth ladder in and just leaned it against the rest. The ring resembled some weird playground climbing structure setup, with all the various ladders. Gibson hit Ticket to Ride on Andrews, as Drake hit a 450 off one of the propped up ladders.

Gibson then took Drake on his shoulders and climbed the ladder with him, but Aichner attacked Gibson, before they hit the European Bomb on Drake. Imperium then smartly cleared the ring of all the ladders but one, then climbed the remaining ladder on each side, but Gallus tipped the ladder over. They squashed Aichner and Barthel between two ladders and hit both repeatedly. They hit a power slam/kick combo on Drake, before Wolfgang launched Coffey over the top on the Veterans and Imperium. Gallus hit another power slam/kick combo on Gibson on the ramp.

As Gallus looked to grab the ladder in the ring, Andrews and Webster pulled it out of the ring, then hit a double Stunt Dog Millionaire. The Welshmen got the tallest ladder from the outside and had a tug-of-war with Gallus over it. Gallus won the war and pulled out some tables from under the ring, which they propped up between the apron an the barricade. Gallus looked to slam Webster and Morgan threw the tables, but they escaped and Coffey went through one of the tables. Andrews  and Webster then climbed a ladder and hit a double Swanton off the ladder on Wolfgang through the table on the outside.

Andrews and Webster then climbed one of the smaller ladders in the ring, but the Grizzled Young Veterans attacked them. Drake climbed the ladder as Gibson kept Andrews off, but Andrews somehow got hold of a kendo stick and beat down the Veterans. As Andrews climbed the ladder, Imperium slid back in the ring, and Aichner pulled off Andrews in a vertical suplex position before hitting a brain buster. As Barthel climbed the ladder, Mark Coffey came in to stop him, but Aichner pulled him up for a power bomb, as Imperium looked to hit a European Bomb onto a ladder. Wolfgang suddenly came back in  and speared Aichner through a ladder. Coffey then tipped over the ladder with Barthel on it, who flew to the outside on everyone else.

Gallus then climbed the ladder and retrieved the belts to retain the championships.

-- Ridge Holland was shown in the crowd; Travis Banks had been shown earlier between the matches. No new signees or surprises in the crowd tonight.

5. WWE United Kingdom Championship: WALTER (c) beat Joe Coffey by submission with a head-and-arm choke (27:31)

A very good world title match, that told the story of Coffey, the challenger being able to hang with WALTER blow for blow and gaining the upper hand for portions of the match, including some impressive power spots and at times even absorbing some big chops. At one point, the referee got taken out by WALTER and Alexander Wolfe interfered, causing Ilja Dragunov to come out and even the odds. A Torpedo Moskau by Dragunov on Wolfe inadvertently took out Coffey's knee, which factored into the match. WALTER survived two Best for the Bells, while Coffey kicked out of both a power bomb and a big splash. WALTER eventually tapped out Coffey after a sequence of moves, culminating with a head-and-arm choke.

After the match, Undisputed Era attacked Imperium, leaving WALTER laying leading up to the match between the two factions at World Collide during Royal Rumble weekend on January 25.

A video recapped the angles leading up to this match.

Coffey with a boxing stance and he ducked under a clothesline by WALTER. They locked up and Coffey actually managed to turn Coffey into the ropes and slapped him. WALTER retaliated with a forearm and a sleeper, but Coffey hit a backdrop driver and WALTER rolled to ringside. Coffey hit a boot on WALTER as he re-entered the ring and then hit a dive off the apron.

WALTER came back with European uppercuts, then smartly rolled into the ring for a half-second to break the count. Coffey drove WALTER into the barricades, but WALTER back body dropped him over. Coffey landed on his feet, then hit a dive over the barricades on WALTER.

Back in the ring, Coffey hit a number of body shots against WALTER, who actually covered up in the corner. WALTER came back with a strike of his own, but Coffey hit a belly-to-belly coming off the ropes and WALTER looked to have landed awkwardly on his shoulder. Coffey followed with a DDT out of the corner for a two-count. Coffey repeatedly tried to get WALTER up for a suplex and after some tries, actually got it for another two count. Coffey actually had the temerity to hit a chop on WALTER and WALTER dared him to go for more. WALTER then caved Coffey's chest in with a chop of his own. WALTER then punished the Scot with more chops and stood to order in the middle of the ring.

Another shot rang out throughout the arena, as WALTER hit another chop on Coffey on the outside, before rearranging his face with a boot. Back in the ring, Coffey came back with more chops, but WALTER hit a body slam, followed by a sit-down splash. He locked in a single-leg Boston crab, then transitioned into an STF, until Coffey reached the ropes.

More chops of WALTER sent Coffey crashing to the mat, before WALTER twisted Coffey's neck between his boots. Coffey rolled to ringside, but WALTER pulled him back onto the apron, then hist a number of hard shots across Coffey's chest. Coffey caught the last shot, then sent WALTER on his back with a stiff shot of his own. Coffey looked to got for a dropkick, but WALTER caught him in mid-air and locked in a Boston crab, then transitioned into the STF, hit a number of elbows, before locking his huge hands across Coffey's forehead and pulling back. Coffey eventually made the ropes once more, but the submission looked to have drained a lot of his resources.

WALTER trapped Coffey's arm and hit more chops, but Coffey came back with a shot and the two repeatedly slammed into each other. WALTER finally hit a big boot and looked to go for the power bomb, but settled for a suplex when he couldn't get it. WALTER got a two-count, then looked to apply another sleeper, but Coffey lifted him and dropped back, breaking the hold. Coffey managed to get WALTER on his shoulders for an Electric Chair, but WALTER escaped and Coffey speared him into the corner from behind. Coffey then hit a dead lift German suplex that put both men on their back.

Coffey hit a double-jump moonsault in WALTER for another two-count, but then ran into a bog boot. He shrugged it off, hit a clothesline but then ran into a chop. WALTER hit the power bomb, but Coffey kicked out at two. WALTER once more looked for a sleeper, but got thrown off with a judo throw. Coffey hit the Glasgow Sendoff and WALTER looked to hit a running senton but took out the referee, who rolled to ringside.

Coffey hit a power bomb of his own and got a viusal pin on WALTER, but the referee still was out.

Alexander Wolfe ran out and hot a kick on Coffey, then looked to drag WALTER back on his feet. At this point, Ilja Dragunov ran out and hit Torpedo Moskau on Wolfe, but Wolfe's momentum looked to have taken out Coffey's knee. WALTER then hit a huge lariat on Dragunov and stalked Coffey at ringisde, big booting him into the steel steps, then threw him into the steps once more for good measure, before hitting a power bomb on the apron.

He hit another clothesline and got a visual pin on Coffey, but by the time the referee slid back into the ring, Coffey kicked out at two. Wolfe and Dragunov then brawled to the back, as WALTER climbed the rop rope. Coffey was back on his feet and stopped him, but his knee buckled and he slipped off. WALTER repeatedly chopped Coffey, who feel to the mat, but still made it back to the top before WALTER could hit the big splash and launched a belly-to-belly superplex on the champion.

Both men exchanged shots on their knees and eventually on their feet, with Coffey getting the better of WALTER, even stopping a chop and getting WALTER to cover up once more. WALTER waited for his chance to strike though and struck at Coffey's knee, then went up top and hit the big splash (almost slipping in the process), the move that won him the title from Pete Dunne, for another close near-fall.

WALTER went for another power bomb but Coffey flipped out of the move, then hit two Best for the Bells spinning lariats, but WALTER kicked out of the move. He went for a third attempt, but WALTER ducked and applied another sleeper, transitioned into a headlock, back into the sleeper, then kicked Coffey into the back of the neck. Coffey reached the ropes, but WALTER hit a sleeper suplex, followed by a power bomb, a chop to the back of the neck, another power bomb and finally applied a head-and.arm clutch, forcing Coffey to finally tap out.

As Imperium celebrated in the ring and the show looked to go off the air, The Undisputed Era suddenly slid into the ring and attacked them. They took out Wolfe, Barthel and Aichner on the outside, before ganging up on WALTER, who initially faced off with Cole and fought back, but was outnumbered. They each hit moves on WALTER, before Adam Cole finally took WALTER out with the Last Shot. Undisputed Era posed in the ring, as the show went off the air. Cole, Strong, Fish and O'Reilly fired the first shots leading up to the war those two factions will have at Worlds Collide, but they sure will have to deal with the wrath of Imperium in the coming weeks.

Pre-Show Matches, Exclusives and Post-Show videos:

There were  two matches taped before the event, which will probably air on NXT UK next Thursday. Spoilers for those can probably found on the front page soon.

 A Q&A with Triple H, conducted by Alicia Taylor aired on YouTube and Facebook after the show concluded.

Some exclusive videos with comments from Toni Storm and Tyler Bate, Gallus, plus a confrontation between Eddie Dennis and Trent Seven and Undisputed Era celebrating after their heinous attack on Imperium are available on and YouTube. Toni said that she understands that rules are made to be broken, but bitterly added that this did not apply to her. She said that what happened tonight would make things worse for Rhea Ripley when they face each other at Worlds Collide, and that her headspace was worse than before this match. This looks like a heel turn might be coming up. Tyler jus thanked the fans and said Blackpool has a special place in his heart. Eddie Dennis provoked Seven backstage as he was being attended to by officials and Seven snapped and repeatedly tried attacking Dennis, so it looks like this feud isn't over. Gallus just were happy that they won their match and Undisputed Era celebrated on the entrance and had the fans chant Adam Cole BAY-Bay.

Final Thoughts and Analysis:

Another great NXT UK TakeOver. Eddie Dennis and Trent Seven had a good match in what feels like will be an ongoing storyline over at least the next set of tapings.

The women's match was very good and the way Toni got cheated out of her win, plus her emotional distress looks like a heel turn is coming up. This will probably play both into the match with Rhea Ripley at Worlds Collide (especially if she loses) and might also set up a match with Piper Niven on the UK home front once she completely snaps. Niven and Kay Lee Ray also might be a program going forward.

Tyler Bate and Jordan Devlin was a tremendous match and both deserve a bigger spotlight. The question is, what's next for Bate, as the only way to go on the UK brand would be against WALTER again, and while those two are great, the story has been told, unless Bate is the one to finally beat him. He would be a great fit on any roster and maybe might be better featured on NXT. The same goes for Devlin, who might be a good fit to join his mentor Finn Balor on NXT,now that they are in the same universe and on the same side of the locker room.

The ladder match was crazy and Gallus retained, which was a surprise, but any other results might have drawn criticism of the tag team titles changing too much. The finish left the door open for a Gallus vs. Imperium program, and they can have matches with all the teams in the match, plus what other teams there are on the brand. The match itself was very good.

WALTER vs. Joe Coffey told a good story and was a solid match. It established Coffey as a top-tier star and the spot with Ilja Dragunov can lead both to a Joe Coffey vs. Ilja Dragunov, Wolfe vs. Coffey or even WALTER vs. Ilja program. Ilja vs. WALTER seems like a logical next step and those two more then deliver on a big stage, so this match can be built up all the way to the next UK takeOver special.

All in all this was a great show and well worth going out of your way to watch it, if you haven't seen the show live.