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WWE 205 Live results: Sarray vs. Lash Legend


Sarray defeated Lash Legend 

Sarray made her in-ring return after a month-long hiatus against the very new Lash Legend. Sadly, the match wasn’t good, and the closing angle was just strange. 

Sarray offered Legend a handshake to open, but Legend slapped away her offering. Legend then succeeded in using her power to take control and maintain it for some time. Sarray eventually had a short rally that Legend ended with a rollup attempt, and Sarray took advantage, reversing the pin into one of her own; Legend failed to kick out.

After the match, Legend hit Sarray with a boot and a facebuster variation.  

Legend then cut a promo, claiming she used to like Sarray and that she was cute. Legend’s appraisal of Sarray changed, however, when Sarray dared to pin her. 

Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz defeated Erica Yan and Fallon Henley

This match was as formulaic as possible, and as a result, it was utterly forgettable. 

This match opened with some grappling. Feroz, who started the match, stayed in as her opponents traded tags. Eventually, this left Yan and Henley with control. Henley forced Feroz to fight out of an extended ground control segment, leading to the hot tag. 

Leon hit the ring, delivering multiple suplexes before tagging Feroz back into the match. Leon lifted Feroz, allowing her to hit Yan with a crossbody that led directly to the pinfall. 

Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde defeated Malik Blade and Ru Feng (Legado Del Fantasma)

Wilde and Mendoza made their return to 205 Live, following more than a year of absence. 

This was very similar structurally to the previous match. The work in-ring was better than the match before it, but was still not worth seeking out.

Blade and Feng gained a quick lead that Feng maintained even as Wilde and Mendoza tagged in and out; this lasted until Mendoza slipped free from Feng’s shoulders. After escaping, Mendoza and Wilde traded many a quick tag to take over the match. It wasn’t long before LDF had Feng desperate for a tag. 

Feng finally escaped from a prolonged submission, leading to the hot tag. Blade ran the gauntlet, taking out both of his opponents. Blade’s offence was short-lived, though, as he ran into Feng on the apron, causing enough of a pause for LDF to catch Blade with a tandem kick. Blade was then pinned.