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WWE NXT Halloween Havoc live results: Two title matches


For the first time in 20 years, Halloween Havoc makes its return tonight.

Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal will decide the stipulations for tonight's title matches. NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai is defending her title against Candice LeRae, while LeRae's husband Johnny Gargano is challenging Damian Priest for the NXT North American Championship.

Shotzi Blackheart is the host of tonight's show. Coal miner's glove on a pole match, blindfold match, casket match, Chamber of Horrors, biker's chain match, buried alive match, devil's playground match, boiler room brawl, Shotzi's choice, weapons wild match, trick or street fight, and TLS match are the stipulation options on the wheel.

Three other matches have also been announced for tonight. Rhea Ripley and Raquel Gonzalez will collide as they face off on tonight's show, Dexter Lumis and Cameron Grimes will meet in a Haunted House of Terror match, and NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar will take on Jake Atlas in a non-title match.

Plus, Pat McAfee will make an appearance after returning to NXT last week and helping Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch win the NXT Tag Team titles.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The show opened with a look at the impressive Halloween set design, and Shotzi Blackheart was screaming on the stage. She made sparks fly with a metal grinder, and then a rock guitarist started shredding on a guitar. 

The guitar solo became the entrance theme for NXT North American Champion Damian Priest. He was in the ring, which had orange ropes for this speical episode.

An inflatable jack-o-lantern was on the stage for Johnny Gargano's entrance. He sliced it open, and it began to deflate. Not a fan of Halloween I guess.

Blackheart spun the giant wheel on the stage, and the wheel landed on a "Devil's Playground Match". The stipulation is essentially a no DQ falls count anywhere match

Johnny Gargano defeated Damian Priest in a Devil's Playground Match to win the NXT North American Championship 

Gargano pinned Priest to win the title after interference by someone in a Scream costume.

Priest began to pummel Gargano at the start, and he whipped Gargano into a corner. Priest followed with Stinger splashes, and he also was wearing Mechanix gloves like Sting used to wear as his Crow persona.

Gargano eventually managed to cut off Priest, and Gargano sent him crashing into the ring steps. Gargano pulled out a kendo stick from underneath the ring, and Priest grabbed a baton. They faced off with weapons before a commercial break.

The brawling continued through the break. Priest picked up the ring steps, and he hit Gargano with the steps. Gargano tried to crawling up the ramp to escape, but Priest wrapped him up in the deflated jack-o-lantern.

As the show returned from commercial, Gargano leapt off the stage into a senton on Priest. Gargano hit Priest with a kendo stick as the brawl moved back into the ring. Gargano went for a kick, and Priest clubbed him in the leg with a banton. Priest then gave Gargano a sit-out chokeslam for a near fall.

Gargano caught Priest with a kick, but Gargano sold his leg. He went for a tope, but Priest grabbed him by the throat. Gargano countered a chokeslam, and he sent Priest into the chainlink fencing around ringside. 

Gargano with sliced bread on the ring steps for a near fall. Priest went on to counter Gargano, and Priest suplexed Gargano onto the announce desk. They brawled near the Halloween set. A mannequin scared Gargano, allowing Priest to gain an advantage. They brawled backstage, and Gargano rammed Priest into a roll-up door.

Gargano dumped trash on Priest, and the he put the trash can over Priest's head. Gargano followed by sandwiching Priest with a cart. The show cut to commercial with Gargano in control. During the break, Gargano used a crowbar to apply the Gargano Escape. Priest teased tapping, so I guess submissions count anywhere along with falls counting anywhere.

After the break, Gargano climbed onto the stage that held the wheel gimmick. Priest connected when he flung a trash can at Gargano. Moments later, Gargano countered Priest to deliver a superkick. Gargano repeatedly hit Priest with a metal trash can. Priest came back with a kick, and then kicked the trash can into Gargano's face like a Van Daminator.

Someone in a Scream costume from behind hit Priest with a metal pipe. Gargano with a DDT to Priest on the stage. The person in the Scream costume handed Gargano a tombstone, and Gargano hit Priest with it. The tombstone shattered, and Priest fell off the stage. Gargano then pinned Priest to win the title.

Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett were at ringside on commentary. Joseph was dressed as Waldo from Where's Waldo. Barrett said he dressed as his favorite superstar, Bad News Barrett. He said he had some bad news for Joseph, and Barrett declared himself the winner of the costume contest.

Pete Dunne returns to join up with Pat McAfee

McAfee came to the ring to cut promo. He was flanked by new NXT Tag Team Champions -- Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch. McAfee buried the fans before talking about Adam Cole. He was upset about losing to Cole. 

McAfee claimed he was unable to come back and "handle" Cole because McAfee had other media projects. So McAfee said he gave Ridge Holland a Mercedes for attacking Cole. After Holland was injured, McAfee said he tried to recruit Burch & Lorcan. They turned him down until they lost to Undisputed Era, and then they came back to make a deal to align with McAfee.

Kyle O'Reilly interrupted them, and he marched towards the ring. Pete Dunne made a surprise return to presumably have O'Reilly's back. Dunne had two chair. He gave one to O'Reilly. They squared off with McAfee's squad. Dunne then turned on O'Reilly, and he hit him with a chair. Dunne is seemingly aligned with McAfee and company.

The heels beat down O'Reilly. Burch & Lorcan gave him a draping DDT on a chair, and the heels stood over O'Reilly.

Cameron Grimes was upset and scared to get in a van. The vechile was supposed to take him to the Haunted House of Terror. Grimes wanted to ride shotgun, but a zombie was in the seat. That scared Grimes. Michael Hayes popped out of the van as "Badstreet USA" played over the speakers. Grimes reluctantly got into the van, and it sped away.

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Esobar defeated Jake Atlas in a non-title match 

Esobar pinned Atlas with help from henchmen at ringside. Two matches so far, and both ended after outside interference. This cruiserweight match was also rushed, and it was very short. Just as it got going, it ended.

Esobar wore a Phantom costume, simialr to what Rey Mysterio wore in his classic match against Eddie Guerrero at Halloween Havoc in 1997. Escobar also had half of his face painted like a sugar mask to commemorate Dia de Muertos.

Atlas was in trouble at the outset, but he soon made a comeback. He got some near falls on Escobar, and Atlas executed a handstand DDT. He went to cover Escobar, but Escobar's henchmen put his feet on the rope to break the count. Atlas responded by doing a running flip dive on to Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde. 

Mendoza put on what was seemingly a loaded mask, and he gave Atlas a headbutt. After Atlas was rolled back into the ring, and Escobar delivered his new finisher. Escobar then covered Atlas for a pinfall.

Cameron Grimes vs. Dexter Lumis in a Haunted House of Terroris "to be continued"

This was like a B-level horror movie, except with no finish. At least not yet.

The van from earlier arrived at a haunted house, and a frightened Grimes climbed out. Grimes tried to act tough, he kept getting scared. Lumis was seen lurking around as Grimes wandered around the house. 

Grimes approached a referee to ask about the rules. The ref spooked him, and Lumis then appeared out of nowhere. Grimes was able to escspe his clutches, and Grimes ran away.

Lumis stalked Grimes like a horror movie villian. Grimes locked himself in a bathroom, and he saw the silhouette of a naked women taking a shower. Suddenly, Grimes felt very romantic. He took off his vest and went to get into the shower with the woman. She was a zombie that jumped out at him. He fled in fear.

Grimes ran around saying he was done. He wanted out of the house when Lumis grabbed him from behind. They brawled for a bit before Grimes was able to again escape the clutches of Lumis. 

Grimes grabbed a weapon from the ktichen, but he was overtaken by more zombies. He ran to the van, and he got in. Lumis was in the van, which scared Grimes. A freaked out Grimes ran away into the darkness. To be continued...

Rhea Ripley defeated Raquel Gonzalez

Ripley pinned Gonzalez for the first clean finish on the show. Ripley looked strong, as did Gonzalez until she dropped the fall. 

They exchanged strikes and slaps. Slugfest from the start, until Gonzalez began to stomp Ripley. Gonzalez would not leave her feet at first, even as Ripley hit her with some clotheslines. They mirrored each other several times.

Ripley eventually hit Gonzalez with a dropkick that sent her out of ther ring. Ripley followed with a wrecking ball dropkick, and then a somersault senton off the apron. Gonzalez soon countered Ripley, and she powerbombed Ripley into the chainlink fencing. 

The show cut to a commercial break with Gonzalez in control. Gonzalez was applying a Gory Special as the show returned from break. Ripley fought back for a hope spot. Gonzalez cut her off for a two count.

Ripley created separation with a backdrop, and Ripley made a comeback. Ripley with a dropkick for a near fall as she fired up. She applied her inverted cloverleaf submission hold, but Ripley sold her back that was worked over earlier in the match. Ripley had to let go.

Gonzalez delivered a Tour of the Islands, and Ripley kicked out at two. They fought on the turnbuckles, and Gonzalez sent Ripley crashing to the mat with a avalanche overhead suplex. Ripley again kicked out for a near fall.

Ripley countered Gonzalez with a flying headscissors, and Ripley followed with the Rip Tide. She then covered Gonzalez for a pinfall.

Cameron Grimes was seen running down the road. He was apparently headed for the Capital Wrestling Center. 

Drake Maverick was backstage dressed as Hollywood Hulk Hogan. He was flexing and such when McKenzie Mitchell approached him for an interview. Maverick began by saying "Let me tell you something Mean Gene." Mitchell told him she was not Mean Gene. Maverick broke character, took off his sunglasses, and he asked her if she could just play along. It's Halloween after all.

Someone entered the scene dressed as The Giant (Big Show) from WCW. He was joined by someone else dressed as The Yeti. They sandwiched Maverick to recreate the infamous finish of Halloween Havoc in 1995. Killian Dain entered through a curtain dressed as The Shockmaster. The Yeti and Giant fled. 

Maverick was upset that Dain did not trip like The Shockmaster. Dain said he moved the cord. Maverick told him he was no fun, and Maverick put on the helmet Dain was wearing. Maverick then tripped and fell. That was the joke.

The Conclusion of the Haunted House of Terror

Grimes finally made his way back to the CWC. He got back into the arena, and he collapsed out of exhaustion. He fell into a makeshift graveyard. Grimes soon realized he was in a graveyard, and he freaked out. A zombie woman crawled out from a grave, and Grimes freaked out even more. Another zombie crawled out, and Grimes fled to the ring. 

Lumis got into the ring to surprise Grimes, and Lumis began to pummel him. Lumis dropped Grimes with a running bulldog, and a spinebuster. The ring was surrounded in a fog of smoke. 

Grimes begged off as several zombies crawled into the ring. Lumis press slammed a zombie on to Grimes, and Lumis choked out Grimes. Lumis left teh ring as the zombies crawled around a lifeless Grimes. A graphic reading "The End" flashed across the screen.

Tommaso Ciampa in a pre-tape promo said he did not recognize NXT anymore. He was upset with a culture where everyone acted as if they are owed something. People want "my turn". 

"This ain't Monopoly," Ciampa said. "We ain't taking turns!"

Ciampa said everybody wants to blame someone else. Glass ceilings, brass rings, and such. Ciampa said he was never handed anything. He earned it, and for a time Ciampa was NXT. He wants to take it back, and it all begins with Velveteen Dream. 

Ciampa called Dream a prodigy that keeps getting in his own way. Ciampa went on to call him a "dead man".

Announced for next week on NXT is Ciampa vs. Dream. Also set for next Wednesday is Ember Moon vs. Dakota Kai.

Recording artist Poppy did a live version of Io Shirai's entrance theme, and Poppy escorted Shirai to the ring.

Shotzi Blackheart was back for Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal. She spun the wheel, and it landed on a "Tables, Ladders, and Scares."

NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai defeated Candice LeRae in a Tables, Ladders, and Scares Match to retain her title

Shirai retained in a wild match with some crazy bumps. 

LeRae at the outset attacked Shirai, and LeRae then went to drag a table out from underneath the ring. There was a bag on the table. LeRae opened the bag, and she was frightened by its contents. Inside were mannequin parts that were made to look bloody. Shirai chased LeRae around ringside, and she hit her with a mannequin arm.

As Shirai was chasing her, LeRae sent Shirai crashing into a ladder with a drop toehold. Shirai reversed a whip to post LeRae. They fought on top of the announce desk, and LeRae hit Shirai with a laptop.

LeRae set up a ladder bridge between the ring and the announce desk. Shirai soon cut her off, and Shirai delivered running knees to sandwich LeRae into the ring steps. Shirai put several chairs into the ring. She created a pile of chairs, which is right out of EVIL's playbook.

The show cut to a commercial break. Meanwhile, Shirai set up a table at ringside. That is out of Sabu's playbook.

Shirai was getting another table when LeRae went to cut her off. Shirai fought back, and she delivered a missile dropkick in the ring. Shirai went back outside the ring to finish setting up a second table at ringside. 

As the show returned from the commercial break, they were fighting to climb a ladder set up in the ring. LeRae propped a ladder in a corner. Shirai dropped her with a palm strike, and Shirai with backbreaker that placed LeRae onto a pile of chairs.

Shirai missed a moonsault, and she smashed into the pile of chairs. LeRae peppered Shirai with chair shots. Shirai reversed LeRae, and she suplexed LeRae onto an unfolded chair. That looked like very painful.

LeRae moved out of the way when Shirai came charging towards her, and Shirai crashed into the ladder propped in the corner. When LeRae went to climb the turnbuckles, Shirai tripped her up. LeRae fell over the top rope, draped in a corner. 

Shirai trapped LeRae's leg in a chair, and then she used a dragon screw with the leg still caught in the chair. LeRae sold big as she clutched her leg, but she avoided a Tiger Feint Kick. LeRae then hit Shirai in the back with a chair. LeRae off the apron with Mr. Toad's Wild Ride to sent her and Shirai crashing through the two tables set up at ringside.

The mystery person in the Scream costume came to ringside. The masked person carried LeRae up the ladder looking for her to retrieve the title belt. Shotzi Blackheart ran in to make a save. She got the person wearing the Scream costume into an electric chair (the move, not the one Abdullah the Butcher was placed in back in the day). Blackheart fell backwards, and the masked person took a bump onto the pile of chairs.

LeRae was still on top of the ladder. She finally woke up as Shirai set up another ladder next to the other. They were fighting on top of the ladder when LeRae raked Shirai's eyes. Shirai took a bump off the ladder, but she recovered enough to tip over the other ladder. LeRae went over the ropes and crashed through the ladder bridge set up at ringside. Shirai then climbed a ladder to pull down the title belt, and Shirai won the match. That was a helluva stunt show.