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WWE NXT Level Up results: Arianna Grace debuts

In her first WWE match, the daughter of Santino Marella took on Amari Miller.

Damon Kemp defeated Dante Chen

While this wasn't fantastic, it had more consistent narrative elements than the average NXT Level Up match, making it stand out.

Kemp started the match by taking Chen to the mat. After dominating on the ground, Kemp scored a suplex and a slam. Chen began to fight back with some targeted offense, focusing on the leg. This strategy yielded a long stint of control for Chen, who worked the leg for an extended period.

Kemp turned things around after a roll-up attempt caught Chen off guard. Kemp landed many power moves, punctuated with a powerslam. Kemp's rally led to his victory.

Arianna Grace defeated Amari Miller

This was bad. Everything in it was sloppy, boring, or both.

Grace, who is the daughter of Santino Marella, was making her WWE in-ring debut here. She joined the Performance Center this March and is set to take part in the inaugural NXT Women's Breakout Tournament.

Miller scored a takedown, establishing side control and a headlock immediately after the opening bell. She maintained this control for some time. Once Grace fought free, she landed an awkward arm drag to gain control of the arm. This also lasted forever.

Miller eventually escaped Grace's clutches and launched a sloppy rally. Miller tried for her finish, but Grace rolled her up instead, leaving Grace with a win in her debut.

Andre Chase defeated Quincy Elliott

This match felt like a throwback throughout its entire runtime, both for better and worse. So if you've been missing your 80s TV main events, it might be worth checking this one out.

Elliott toyed with Chase from the opening bell, dancing on his opponent whenever the opportunity presented itself. The actual wrestling that followed mainly consisted of both men trying to land something substantial but being stuffed.

Elliott won out in the opening exchange, scoring a splash to establish a strong lead. Elliott took his time, eventually giving Chase enough time to launch a comeback. Chase scored a dropkick and crossbody, flipping the match's momentum on its face. Chase continued to make offensive advances, eventually landing an impressive body slam on the much larger Elliott to bring this match to a close.