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WWE NXT Level Up results: Enofe & Blade vs. Heights & Borne

The gif-worthy Sol Ruca was also in action this week.

This edition of WWE NXT Level Up was taped before Tuesday's WWE NXT with Sudu Shah and Byron Saxton on the call.

Amari Miller & Elektra Lopez defeated Sol Ruca & Dani Palmer

There were bubbles floating in the air when the bell rang to start this contest, a remnant of Miller’s bubbly entrance. Miller and Palmer started with Palmer ripping off a quick cradle out of an armdrag for a near fall. Ruca tagged in and hit a standing moonsault for a nearfall. She showed off her athleticism with a crossbody for another nearfall. Miller was able to get control and tag in Lopez who slowed Ruca down before bringing Miller back in.

Miller continued to grind Ruca down, transitioning a hammerlock into a short-arm clothesline for a two count. Miller started talking trash which allowed Ruca to get past her and make the tag to Palmer. Palmer hit two big shoulderblocks and a dropkick to Miller, sending her into the ropes and allowing Lopez to blind tag her way into the match. Lopez blindsided Palmer and after Miller knocked Ruca off of the apron, Lopez pinned Palmer with the Electric Shock choke bomb.

- Kelly Kincaid interviewed Tank Ledger. He compared himself to a military tank with the ability to get past any terrain and keep moving forward.

Xyon Quinn defeated Tank Ledger

Well, he never said a military tank could win a wrestling match.

Ledger wore the old Zack Ryder one-legged tights for this one. Well, not Zack Ryder’s old tights. That would be odd. This match started with, yes, a test of strength, between these two strong men. Ledger won it by lifting Quinn overhead by his arm before Quinn hit a forearm. Ledger kept hitting big shots, but got too ahead of himself and missed a charge in the corner.

Quinn took control with heavy strikes in the corner and a running back elbow for a near fall. Quinn held Ledger down before Ledger fought out and sent Quinn flying with a back body drop. Ledger strung some offense together, including a cartwheel into a standing Warrior splash. Ledger held Quinn in a fireman’s carry, but Quinn clawed at Ledger’s eyes to get out, landing a running forearm to win.

Edris Enofe & Malik Blade defeated Tavion Heights & Myles Borne

Four of Level Up’s best athletes came together to put on an impressive main event.

For anyone wondering, Enofe wore a shirt to conceal whether or not he actually got a giant WWE logo tattooed on his chest. While I’m not sure what working people about that would achieve, I’m just the messenger. Heights and Blade started with Heights using his mat wrestling for an early advantage. Blade used his athleticism to take control and hit a big dropkick to get a tag out to Enofe.

They hit a double-team combination before Heights sent Enofe into his corner to get a tag out to Borne. Borne and Enofe went back and forth before Borne dropped him with a DDT. A modified Doomsday Device got a near fall for Heights who transitioned into a crossface that Enofe fought out of. Borne tagged back in and hit a back suplex for a nearfall.

Enofe got the hot tag to Blade, who ran wild on Borne. A big crossbody off the top rope got a nearfall for Blade, but Heights blind tagged his way in. An impressive double-team facebuster almost scored the win, but Enofe dove over a charging Borne to break up the pin. Blade hit a thrust kick to Heights and tagged in Enofe to hit the Climax and score the win.