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WWE NXT Level Up results: Jones, Blade & Enofe vs. Quinn, Price & Nima

Ikemen Jiro was also in singles action on this edition of Level Up.

This past week's edition of WWE NXT Level Up was taped before last Tuesday's NXT with Byron Saxton joined by Sudu Shah.

Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley defeated Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson

Nile continues to impress on Level Up, coming up with more innovative ways to hook the Diamond Chain Lock submission. This was my first time seeing Jackson. She’s got a good look, some athleticism, and is one to keep an eye on.

Legend tried to jumpstart the match, but Nile sent her tagging out after a high roundhouse kick. Paxley tagged in, following a Nile suplex with a twisting senton on Jackson for two. Jackson and Paxley showed off their athleticism with a criss cross, leading to Jackson taking Paxley down with a reverse X-Factor. Legend tagged in and hit a big standing splash for two.

Paxley fought back with a dropkick, but Legend cut her off with a Umaga-esque tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Jackson tagged in and hit a backbreaker of her own. Paxley hit an enzuigiri, leading to both Nile and Legend tagging in. Nile ran wild, hitting a high kick and a rana before falling to a big boot from Legend. Jackson tagged in, but Nile caught both of them simultaneously with an insanely cool punch/kick combo.

Paxley low-bridged Legend out of the ring, allowing Nile to catch Jackson with the Diamond Chain Lock for the win.

- Kelly Kincaid interviewed Javier Bernal backstage. He questioned Ikeman Jiro’s fashion sense and said that he will beat Jiro while looking better than he ever could.

Javier Bernal defeated Ikemen Jiro

"Big Body Javi" scored a tainted win in a standard-issue Level Up match.

Bernal knocked Jiro down, but Jiro kipped up and hit some armdrags. It’s still odd seeing him doing his deal here in NXT after watching him in All Japan Champion Carnival tournaments years ago. Now, he’s here doing prelim matches on the NXT B-show. These two traded shots before Bernal knocked Jiro down on a springboard attempt and hit a neckbreaker in the ropes for a near fall.

Jiro fought out of a Bernal chinlock, but Bernal landed a big forearm in the corner for two. A bulldog out of the corner followed by a clothesline only got a near fall for Bernal. Bernal landed some heavy kicks to the midsection before Jiro caught one and hit a dragon screw leg whip. 

Some Jacket Punches took Bernal down before Jiro wrapped Bernal up with a tarantula and then hit a leg drop over the ropes. However, Bernal ducked the Ikemen Slash and rolled up Jiro with the tights to win.

Edris Enofe, Malik Blade & Odyssey Jones defeated Bronco Nima, Lucien Price & Xyon Quinn

This was an energetic six-man tag and a fun main event for Level Up. The crowd was into Jones in one of his first matches back from injury while Price had a very impressive show of aggression for his side.

Last week, I said Quinn was wearing the cool guy starter pack. He must have found a good promo code because Price and Nima had their leather jackets on as well. 

Nima used his size advantage to take down Enofe before tagging in Price, but Enofe dropped him with a dropkick and tagged in Blade. Blade got sent into the heel corner, but rolled out and tagged in Jones. We got a staredown between Jones and Quinn which had Saxton asking for some popcorn and hummus. That's an odd snack combination, but Saxton is in much better shape than me for a reason.

After Quinn failed at a shoulderblock, we got a Pier Six brawl with everybody jumping into the pool. Quinn tried for some trickery, getting his partners to distract Jones, but Jones didn’t fall for his shenanigans and got Enofe tagged in. Price blind tagged Quinn and laid out Enofe with a lariat. He sent Enofe into the corner and hammered him with shots in the midsection before tagging in Nima. Quinn and Nima hit tandem offense as Quinn got a near fall.

Price drilled Enofe with a kick to the midsection and cut off a sunset flip attempt. Price tried to take his opponents off the apron, but that allowed Enofe to break through and get a tag to Jones. Jones ran wild, hitting a bossman slam for a near fall that Quinn broke up. Enofe took out Quinn, allowing Blade to hit a splash off of Jones’ shoulders to score the pin on Price.