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WWE NXT Level Up results: Oro Mensah vs. Xyon Quinn

Ivy Nile of the Diamond Mine was in singles action as well this week.

This week’s edition of Level Up was taped before Tuesday’s edition of NXT. Sudu Shah and Matt Camp of The Bump were on commentary.

Ivy Nile defeated Sol Ruca

Two of NXT’s best female prospects had themselves an impressive showing in the Level Up opener. This was better than some recent women’s matches on NXT proper.

Shah said that many people called Nile “the factory-built combat machine.” I would like to meet these people. There are so many purple lights flashing during Ruca’s entrance that my TV flips out for a second. 

Ruca used her long legs to work her way out of Nile’s holds before they both ended up on the mat, mirroring each other’s kipups to applause.

Ruca used her legs to transition a handshake into a headlock. Nile got out and hit a step-up chop to the head before the two reversed each other’s pinfalls. Ruca cartwheeled out of a hip toss and hit a facebuster for two. Nile fought off an armbar attempt, but couldn’t fight off a deadlift suplex from Ruca for two. Nile attempted an armbar of her own but only got it on properly after Ruca got her in the ropes.

Ruca hit a sidewalk slam and started her comeback, which included a frontflip splash. Nile dodged an attack before hitting a headscissors and a running kick. Ruca flipped out of another hip toss, but Nile caught her in her dragon sleeper (called the Diamond Chain Lock) for the submission win.

The finish got a big pop for Level Up standards. Ruca is an impressive athlete, and I can see her being quite good at this once she gets more reps.

- Kelly Kincaid interviewed Myles Borne, who seems to get an interview every week on this show. He humbly said that he would beat Hank Walker later tonight and maybe will do some celebrating afterward.

Hank Walker defeated Myles Borne

Walker showed some great fire here, beating his friend and ending his winning streak.

The announcers put over how these two both grew up in North Carolina, and that they have bonded over their shared experiences recently. Walker sent Borne flying with a pounce early on, but Borne caught him with a small package soon after. Borne used his technical skills to his advantage early on, knowing that the former security guard would be more apt to throw hands.

Borne went for a flying nothing before Walker caught him with a boot to the chin. Walker followed up with a Thesz Press and some ground-and-pound before splashing Borne in the corner. Walker fired up and ripped his shirt off, but Borne caught him with a Northern Lights Suplex for two. Walker ducked an attack off the ropes and hit a flying forearm for the win.

Oro Mensah defeated Xyon Quinn

This was a solid main event as Mensah showed off his unique offensive skills in a win.

Quinn came out with the Cool Guy Starter Pack, that being aviators and a leather jacket. Look out Top Gun -- we’ve got a real maverick on our hands. Mensah showed off his athleticism early on, backflipping off of Quinn’s chest before sending him flying with a headscissor takedown. Quinn got out of the way of a scissor kick and hammered Mensah in the back, but Mensah sent him to the floor with a dropkick and dropped him with a pescado.

Quinn sent Mensah into the apron to take control. Quinn worked on his back, dropping him with a backbreaker and a splash to the back. Mensah tried to get a backslide, but Quinn powered out and hit a clothesline. Quinn hit the taunt button before hitting Mensah with a neckbreaker for a nearfall.

Quinn locked Mensah in the dreaded bear hug, but Mensah fought his way out. Mensah hit a flurry of strikes and a springboard moonsault, but couldn’t hit a suplex as his back gave him trouble. He could hit a rounding kick to Quinn, and followed it up with a spinning heel kick in the corner to score the win.