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WWE NXT live results: Bron Breakker vs. Roderick Strong


Bron Breakker's road to a potential rematch against NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa continues tonight.

At WarGames, Breakker pinned Ciampa to win the match for Team NXT 2.0. Breakker then appeared on last week's NXT and issued a challenge to Ciampa. Breakker pointed out that they each had a win against each other and challenged Ciampa to put the NXT Championship on the line against him.

But Malcolm Bivens appeared instead and challenged Breakker to face Roderick Strong on tonight's show. Breakker accepted, saying that he doesn't care who he has to run through to get to Ciampa.

Strong retained the NXT Cruiserweight Championship against Joe Gacy at WarGames.

Tonight's NXT will also see Gacy's associate Harland make his in-ring debut. Cora Jade will face off with Dakota Kai, Cameron Grimes will take on Duke Hudson in a no holds barred match, Tony D'Angelo will be in action against Andre Chase, and Boa will face Edris Enofe.

Plus, Grayson Waller will address his attack on Johnny Gargano from last week. Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The show opens with Grayson Waller's arrival to the building. A crowd gathered in the parking lot heavily booed him, and they chant that he sucks.

Cameron Grimes enters the CWC for his no DQ grudge match against Duke Hudson. Grimes pulls a weapons-filled trash can out from underneath the ring, and Grimes throws the plunder into the ring.

Hudson enters wearing gold trunks and a blond wig that was held in place by amateur wrestling headgear, which is a gimmick that is decades old in pro wrestling. Good to see it return, even if it is cheesy.

Cameron Grimes defeated Duke Hudson in a no holds barred match

Grimes pins Hudson in what appears to be a blow off to their feud. Grimes even rips off the wig after the match. 

Weapons came into play early and often during the match. Trash cans, matching lids, kendo sticks, metal folding chairs, and tables were all used during the match. The soundstage itself is used as a weapon at times. Hudson went for a Razor's Edge on the floor, but Grimes counters to send Hudson crashing into the barricade.

Hudson cut off Grimes with an uranage slam onto an unfolded chair. Grimes kicked out of a pinning attempt, then the show cut to a commercial break with a split screen. A poker table was set up during the break, and they teased a superplex through the poker table as the show returns from commercial.

Grimes counters the superplex attempt, and Grimes leaps off the top rope with a flying crossbody for a near fall. Trading near falls, Hudson blocks a Cave In. Hudson then powerbombs Grimes through the poker table. 

Hudson grabs hair clippers, and he teases cutting Grimes hair. For some reason, Hudson becomes mesmerized by the clippers. He stares a hole through them like a goof, allowing Grimes to kick him in the face. Grimes executes a poison rana. In taking the bump, Hudson rolls through into a seated position on a chair. Grimes delivers a Cave In, and Grimes hooks a leg. One ... two ... three. 

Grimes rips the wig off Hudson's head after the match, revealing that Hudson is indeed now bald. 

McKenzie Mitchell was interviewing Cora Jade when Dakota Kai interrupts to rant about Raquel Gonzalez. Kai warns Jade about Gonzalez, and Kai acts crazy. '

A pre-taped segment features a double date between tag teams. Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen are waiting for their dates when Kayden Carter arrives driving a jacked-up pickup truck. Kacy Catanzaro is riding shotgun. The women's truck was bigger and more cool than the dudes. Off the go in the pickup truck to a country music concert. They danced and the guys were smitten by the women's line dancing.

Grayson Waller is in the ring to explain himself.

Waller begins by spoofing Johnny Gargano's speech from last week. Waller said he was trending everywhere, and that is what happens when you bet on yourself. Waller says he cemented himself as a WWE Superstar after attacking Gargano. Waller then buries the fans before showing a bunch of hate tweets directed at himself. 

Waller singles out Vic Joseph, a friend of Gargano. Waller trash talks Joseph for not saving Gargano last week. Waller concludes by saying all he needs to succeed is himself.

A promo from Diamond Mine leads into the next match, but first it's time for Lashing Out with Lash Legend.

Legend is joined by Jacket Time. Kushida and Ikemen Jiro were wacky. This was odd.

Ivy Nile (with Diamond Mine) defeated Amari Miller

Nile won an enhancement match via submission.

Nile was dominate for much of the match as she stalks Miller. Nile went on to cut off a comeback by Miller, and Nile submits Miller with a neck crank. Nile looked like a killer in winning the match.

MSK with their shaman bro, Matt Riddle. We finally get to see what's in the bag. Inside were various items, and Riddle pulls all sorts of ridiculous stuff from a fanny pack. Riddle says all this stuff is a distraction.. They need to let go and clear their minds if MSK want to regain the tag team titles. After being asked who do they clear their minds, Riddle pulls out scooters. They all happily ride away. This was wacky but very fun.

Harland (with Joe Gacy) defeated Guru Raaj

Harland easily wins a short squash match after mauling Raaj. Put a hockey mask on him, and Harland could be Sid Vicious as Lord Humongous. 

Hip hop artist and actor Westside Gunn was ringside. Vic Joseph on commentary says Gunn is there specifically to see the debut of Harland. I am skeptical.

Harland mauls Raaj before using a high angle side slam for his finisher. Harland handily pins Raaj for an easy three count.

Gacy asks Harland after the match if he feels better. Apparently, Harland did not yet feel better. Harland again attacks Raaj after the bell. Raaj is pummeled until Gacy calls off Harland. GAcy then leads Harland away.

Later in the show after a commercial break, Harland throws Brian Kendrick down a flight of stairs. 

LA Knight cut a promo... yeah. 

Cora Jade defeated Dakota Kai

Jade upset Kai for a underdog victory. NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose joined the announce team for guest commentary. Rose attacks Jade after the match, and they did an injury angle with Jade.

Rough start to the match, and haphazard. Jade was a babyface in peril as Kai works her over. Jade eventually makes a comeback, but Kai cuts her off yet again. 

Kai gets a shovel from underneath the ring, because that is now her gimmick. The referee takes the shovel away from Kai. In the meantime, Jade rushes in to roll up Kai for an upset pinfall.

Kai attacks Jade after the bell. Raquel Gonzalez runs in to make a save, and she brawls with Kai. 

The other members of Toxic Attraction, Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolan, enter to distract Jade. Mandy Rose then jumps Jade, and Rose delivers a shoulder breaker to apparently injure Jade.

Tiffany Stratton is backstage. We do not see her face, but we do see her telling Grayson Waller that her daddy says he is bad. Io Shirai also ranted in Japanese to Waller. He thinks the women like him, but they do not. 

Raquel Gonzales and Dakota Kai were still fighting backstage, because this feud must continue.

Tony D'Angelo defeated Andre Chase

D'Angelo pinned Chase to win the match. D'Angelo has Pete Dunne's mouthguard in a case like it is a trophy, so that is building to a match in the near future. Dunne confronts D'Angelo after the match.

Chase is the Brooklyn Brawler of NXT, only with a classier gimmick. Chase is supposed to be a smart teacher. However, the character seems pretty dumb. He loses a lot too.

Chase got a lot of offense, but to no avail in the end. D'Angelo pulls Chase's sweater over his head like a hockey fight. D'Angelo signals for the finish. He then delivers a northern lights suplex. D'Angelo then transitions into a twisting fisherman's buster, and D'Angelo scores a pinfall. 

D'Angelo cut a promo after the match, and Pete Dunne interrupts to confront him. Dunne wants to fight, but D'Angelo insults him instead. D'Angelo says they can settle things next week. He goes to sucker punch Dunne, but Dunne counters to snap the fingers of D'Angelo. 

Dunne then smashes the case containing his mouthguard, and Dunne retrieves his property. 

Bron Breakker basically kicks Grayson Waller out of the babyface locker room. 

Boa defeated Edris Enofe

Boa gets heat on Enofe, shining him up for a quick comeback. Boa cuts off a Enofe, and Boa applies a death grip like he was Meng. Boa then delivers a roundhouse kick, and Boa pins Enofe.

Raquel Gonzalez was backstage cutting a promo on wanting to end Dakota Kai for good. Gonzalez challenged Kai to a street fight. 

Grayson Waller steals LA Knight's car, but not before apparently attacking Knight. He was laid out in the parking lot as Waller drove away in Knight's car. Grand theft auto and assault is a heck of way to get heel heat.

Jacket Time (Kushida & Ikemen Jiro) defeated Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake and Zack Gibson)

Jacket Time actually got a win. Please let them get a push. This was a fun tag match, and the best bout on the show so far. 

Grizzled Young Veterans with heat on Kushida, as they work him over. Led to a hot tag to Jiro, and he cleans house on the heels. 

The Creed Brothers appear on the stage to watch while it was in progress. Creed Brother have a quick standoff with Grizzled Young Veterans, causing a distraction. The babyface team capitalizes on the distraction. Jiro and Kushida fly with stereo dives outside the ring. 

Jiro with senton off the top rope, and he pins Drake to win the match.

Confirmed for next week on NXT is a street fight with Gonzalez against Kai. Also announced for next Tuesday is D'Angelo vs. Dunne.

Bron Breakker defeated NXT Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong (with Diamond Mine) in a non-title match

Breakker pinned Strong clean in a really good match. This beats out the tag match for best match on this show. Tommaso Ciampa attacks Breakker after the match, so their title program is back on the front burner.

Great grappling to start the match. Roddy Strong is also so dang great. 

NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams watch the match from a perch above the ring. They distract Strong as the show cuts to a commercial break. The match continues with a split screen, and Strong proceeds to tie up Breakker. Strong is soon reeling as Breakker fights back. Strong jumps on Breakker to apply a camel clutch.

Breakker makes a comeback as the show returns from the break, but Strong with a suplex dashes the hope spot. Breakker goes on to break a Strionghold, and Breakker explodes into a flurry of offense that leads to a Frankensteiner.

Strong answers back with a flurry of his own, leading to a near fall. Strong executes a superplex, followed by a butterfly suplex that was very much like Scott Steiner. Breakker kicks out because he is the real Steiner in the match, even if we cannot call him a Steiner.

Strong went for a bulldog, but Breakker blocks the move to deliver a slam. Breakker with a gorilla press slam that he turns into a powerslam, and upon impact he covers Strong. A three count later and Breakker cleanly pinned the Cruiserweight Champion. 

NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa runs in after the match to attack Breakker. Ciampa gives Breakker a Widow's Bell onto the title belt. Ciampa yells in Breakker's ear and Ciampa poses over Breakker as the show goes off the air.