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WWE NXT live results: Finn Balor vs. Velveteen Dream


Preview by Joseph Currier

Finn Balor vs. Velveteen Dream was supposed to headline tonight's NXT episode, though it appears that whether or not the match will happen is in question.

NXT tweeted before tonight's show went on the air: "Ahead of tonight’s episode of #WWENXT, officials have learned of a possible incident involving @FinnBalor inside the @WWENXT locker room. This is a developing story, more information will be provided when available."

Last week's show ended with Tommaso Ciampa being attacked backstage by Karrion Kross. Balor has been feuding with WALTER and Imperium.

NXT's interim Cruiserweight Championship tournament will continue with three matches taking place tonight. In Group A, Kushida takes on Tony Nese and the recently-released Drake Maverick faces Jake Atlas. In Group B, El Hijo del Fantasma makes his NXT television debut against Jack Gallagher.

The interim title tournament began with Akira Tozawa defeating Isaiah "Swerve" Scott in a Group B match last week.

Plus, Tegan Nox teams up with Shotzi Blackheart against Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez. Nox defeated Gonzalez last Wednesday after Gonzalez was distracted when Blackheart helped fend off interference by Dakota Kai.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The show opened with announcers confirming an "incident" in the locker room. Footage from "moments ago" showed referees inspecting the scene in the locker room where the alleged incident took place. Finn Balor himself was missing. 

William Regal has removed Balor from the main event against Dream. Seems like Balor missing should be a bigger deal.

Velveteen Dream was in the arena sitting on the turnbuckles dressed like he is teaming with Deuce 'n Domino. He was beginning to cut a promo on Balor. 

NXT Champion Adam Cole interrupted the monologue. Cole accused Dream of scheming to get a title shot. Cole said he didn't know what happened to Balor, but he knows what will happen to Dream.

Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish rushed into the ring to ambush Dream in a sneak attack. There was a triple-team beatdown on Dream when Keith Lee ran in to make a save. Lee cleaned house and hit Cole with a pounce that sent Cole through the ropes.

Undisputed Era retreated, and this would seem to set up a tag team match.

Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae will be on the show later on.

Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez defeated Shotzi Blackheart & Tegan Nox

Gonzalez pinned Blackheart to win the match for her team.

Blackheart before the match drove a mini-tank to the ring. 

The babyfaces were getting to shine when Gonzalez was began to cut off Blackheart. Kai tagged herself into the match, but she soon took a powder after the faces began to run wild. Gonzalez rushed into the ring, and she a low-bridge sent her outside to the floor.

Nox assisted Blackheart in doing a springboard plancha off the top to the floor. Blackheart let out a primal howl before the show went to a commercial break. Before cutting away some yelled "Who's your daddy?!" 

Gonzalez was working over Blackheart after the break. Kai missed a face wash, and then Blackheart delivered an enzuigiri to create separation. Nox and Gonzalez tagged in to square off. 

Nox kept striking Gonzalez, but she couldn't knock her down. Nox went for a flying crossbody, and Gonzalez caught her for a fallaway slam. Blackheart tagged in to catch Gonzalez with a seated senton for a two count.

Kai jumped in the ring and grabbed Blackheart by the hair like Bret and Shawn in '97. Nox made a save, and she brawled with Kai on the floor. Meanwhile, Gonzalez executed a one arm powerbomb on Blackheart for the pinfall.

Adam Cole & Roderick Strong vs. Keith Lee & Velveteen Dream was announced for later in the show.

A heartbreaking vignette featured Drake Maverick opening up about his recent release from WWE. He was emotional when saying it could be his last WWE match. He isn't done yet, and he still has a story to tell.

"This ain't about a tournament anymore," Maverick said. "This is my life."

This situation -- since WWE still for some reason cannot mention it being a pandemic -- is affecting his co-workers, his friends and his family. He is but one person, yet he can be a beacon of light. He was three more matches in the cruiserweight tournament. 

He doesn't want any to feel sorry for him. Other peope are going through far more. His giving these matches everything he has got. He vowed to go out as the NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

This was a tremendous video package, but very sad at the same time. 

A video package highlighted Jake Atlas wanting to be an inspiration to others as he continues to break stereotypes. This was good stuff.

Jake Atlas defeated Drake Maverick in a Group A match in the Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship tournament

Atlas pinned Maverick with a cartwheel DDT. Atlas now has a 1-0 record in the tourney, and Maverick falls to 0-1.

Although this was a babyface match, Maverick maybe had a slight edge as the sentimental favorite. The announcers kept playing up Maverick being let go. What a strange business.

They got going and did a headscissors spot that sent Atlas over the ropes. Atlas fought back moments later with tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Atlas took control on offense.

Maverick looked to turn the tide after Atlas was posted shoulder first. A rally by Maverick led to him hitting a missile dropkick. He then applied a Tequila Sunrise, but Atlas escaped. Maverick followed with a tope suicida.

Maverick with a Randy Savage flying elbow drop or a near fall. Atlas soon cut him off with a superkick.

Atlas blocked a Super Frakensteiner, and then he did a cartwheel off the turnbuckles. He balanced on the top rope before dropping into a swinging DDT. Atlas then covered Maverick for the pinfall.

In something similar to an old school studio wrestling show, McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Atlas right after the match.

Atlas was remorseful about beating Maverick, but now Atlas stressed he was prepared.

"People are about to know my story, and I am going to become the next Cruiserweight Champion," Atlas said. 

A video package built towards Damian Priest challenging NXT North American Champion Keith Lee. Priest cut a good promo on Lee.

Vignettes profiled both Kushida and Tony Nese ahead of their first match in the cruiserweight tournament.

Kushida defeated Tony Nese in a Group A match in the Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament

Kushida submitted Nese using the Sakuraba Lock. Kushida now has a 1-0 record and Nese drops to 0-1.

With these two involved, of course this was good.

They grappled at the start. The fight spilled outside where Nese threw Kushida into a barricade. 

Kushida fought back with a flying ax handle. Nese broke up an attempted handspring, and he dragged Kushda out of the ring. Nese again sent Kushdia crashing into a barricade before the show cut to a commercial break.

Nese had Kushida locked in a body scissors when the show returned from break.

Kushida made a comeback that led into a handspring back elbow and cartwheel dropkick. Kushida with the wind up punch, and then he targeted Nese's arm with kicks.

Nese went for a pump handle, but Kushida barred the arm he had just worked over. Kushida applied a Sakuraba Lock, and Nese used a suplex to counter for a two count.

Nese with a Phoenix Splash for a near fall. Kushida struck back with a palm strike. Nese soon cut off Kushida with a palm strike of his own.

They were fighting on the top turnbuckle when Kushida again applied the Sakuraba Lock. They both turned a flip and crashed to the mat with Kushdia maintaining the Lock. Nese would then tap out.

McKenzie Micthell interviewed Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher. This was great. 

Thatcher said they have two different philosophies. Riddle like to knock people out, and Thatcher likes to lock in a hold and make people submit.

"You're a beautiful man, Timothy," Riddle said, "and everytime I look at your blue eyes you remind me of Stallion Pete."

"My eyes are brown," Thatcher corrected Riddle.

"I know bro," Riddle said before going on to say next week they will show "just how beautiful a man you really are."

"What do you have in mind?"

Trust me, bro," Riddle said.

An apocalyptic hype video featured Karrion Kross and Scarlett.

Johnny Gargano in a pre-tape promo at his dinner table put himself over. Candice LeRae brought him dinner, and Gargano cut a promo on NXT. Gargano's now infamous cup was sitting on the table. LeRae -- with her hair now a darker shade -- then cut a promo on NXT. This is kind of like them doing a serious version of Owen Hart's "enough is enough" gimmick. They were great sinister heels in this.

Gargano proposed they rule NXT as the first married couple to reign as both NXT Champion and NXT Women's Champion. Then they will get what they rightfully deserve.

A vignette hyped an upcoming match with Io Shirai challenging NXT Women's Champion Charlotte Flair.

Maverick was on a stairwell convalescing when he was approached for a comment. He is fighting his opponents and his own self. OMG, this is such a sad storyline.

Mia Yim defeated Jessi Kamea 

Kamea got some offense and was made to look strong at times. Yim dodged a missile dropkick, and then she fire up on Kamea. Yim executed a STO, and then she used Protect Ya Neck to score the pinfall.

Charlotte Flair came out to confront Yim after the match. She asked Yim if she wanted a title match, and Yim said she would be honored. 

Flair said Yim helped make her a star, and she called Yim a "good hand". Flair went on to say she now as the chance to make Yim a star too.

El Hijo del Fantasma defeated Jack Gallagher in a Group B match in the Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament

Fantasma -- with his new mask -- pinned Gallagher while making his televised in-ring debut on NXT. 

Gallagher was grounded at the outset until he cut off Fantasma with fireman's carry slam. Gallagher on the outsite sent Fantasma into the barricade.

Fantasma was able to catch Gallagher in a crucifix while in the ropes, and he flipped Gallagher over the ropes onto the floor. Fantasma followed with a plancha out of the ring.

After a commercial break Gallageher was somehow back in control. Fantasma started a comeback, and he launched into a tope suicida.

They traded near falls when each rolled the other up. Gallagher with a headbutt for a two count. 

Gallagher missed a charge into a corner. Fantasma with a fireman's carry into a Michinoku Driver to score the pinfall.

Fantasma in a post-match interview cut a promo in Spanish.

During the commercial break, masked men drove up in an SUV and tried to kidnap Fantasma in the parking lot. Fantasma fought them off and they sped away.

Dexter Lumis & Velveteen Dream defeated Undisputed Era (NXT Champion Adam Cole & Roderick Strong with Bobby Fish) 

The match started as Dream teaming with Keith Lee. Damian Priest ran in to injure Lee -- taking him out of the match. Lumis in an odd surprise replaced Lee. 

Dream scored a pinfall on the NXT Champion to win the match for his team. 

Dream wore a shirt and gear spoofing the nWo logo except his read "oVa" with "dream over" written underneath.

The match began with a melee. Fish interfered and he was ejected from ringside by the referee. 

Damian Priest suddenly appeared at ringside where he assaulted Lee. Priest hit Lee in the throat with a knightstick. Lee sold big and acted as if he couldn't breath. Officials poured out to check on Lee as the show went to its last commercial break. 

This had turned into basically a handicap match when the show returned from the break. Undisputed Era worked over Dream, and they dashed some hope spots.

Dexter Lumis appeared out of nowwhere on the ring apron in Dream's corner. Dexter Lumis?! Okay, sure. He subbed for an injured Lee -- who went to the back during the last commercial break selling his injury.

Lumis cleaned house after a hot tag. Fish ran back down to ringside. Lumis did a flip dive on to Fish and Srong.

Dream leapt off the top rope to deliver the Purple Rain Maker, and then he covered Cole for the pin.