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WWE NXT live results: Four-way match to determine new champion


A new champion will be crowned as NXT's revamp begins tonight.

With Samoa Joe vacating the NXT Championship due to injury, the winner of a fatal four-way match on tonight's show will become the new NXT Champion. Pete Dunne, Tommaso Ciampa, Kyle O'Reilly, and LA Knight are facing off in the match.

The four-way match was originally set to decide a challenger for Joe. Dunne, Ciampa, O'Reilly, and Knight had all emerged as potential challengers for the NXT Championship following Joe winning the title from Karrion Kross at NXT TakeOver 36 last month.

The show will also feature the wedding of Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis. Plus, Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro will face Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne, B-Fab will make her in-ring debut, and Ridge Holland and Julius & Brutus Creed will be in action.

The revamp is being called "NXT 2.0." It will include NXT's new logo and a new set making their official debut tonight.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


It's a new day ... Yes it is!

Big E of New Day is the WWE Champion, and it is also a new day for NXT. Tonight NXT has a new look, and a new NXT Champion is crowned.

Let the reboot begin. The lead-in on USA Network is the Western movie Tombstone. Pretty sure the lead-in to NXT on USA has never been a Western. Tonight is already different. Not too different in some ways. USA airs an ad for Monday Night Raw just before the NXT show starts.

NXT 2.0 opens with promos from the contenders in the fatal four way match for the NXT Championship. Tommaso Ciampa began by saying tonight is Goldie 2.0. Pete Dunne in a snarling promo says he will put down the other contenders. Kyle O'Reilly talks about being one win away from achieving a goal that is 16 years in the making, and says it's "about damn time" he wins the NXT title.

LA Knight closes out the opening promos with a shot at former champ Samoa Joe. Knight claimed the medical reason for Joe vacating the title was due to him losing his manhood, because he was scared of Knight. Now three others are stuck in that same spot. Bron Breakker (Bronson Steiner) walks in wearing a signature Steiners singlet. He told Knight he wanted to prove himself. Knight warned Breakker he would "beat the brakes off this cross eyed halfwit."

The new canned intro featuring music from Wale is an improvement in my opinion. The new graphics are a bright change of pace. Very vibrant. The remodeled set and the new layout of the arena looks much better than the previous soundstage.

Bron Breakker defeated LA Knight  

Breakker (Bronson Rechsteiner) upset Knight in the opener to NXT 2.0. 

Breakker fittingly looks like a Steiner, especially with his 1990s singlet. Its color pattern matches that of NXT 2.0. 

Knight's new moniker is the "Million Dollar Mega Star." He works over Breakker at the start of the match, but Breakker soon fights back. Breakker gives Knight a belly-to-belly suplex, but Knight tries to cut him off. Breakker fires up once more to pick Knight up for a gorilla press, and Breakker drops Knight into a powerslam. Breakker then covers Knight for a three count.

NXT roster members are backstage congratulating Breakker on his shocking win.

Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) defeated Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs

Aichner pins Jensen to win the match. 

Jensen & Briggs cut promos in an inset picture tthat woukd have fit it on an episode of Wrestling Challenge in 1987. They got to shine early on and often in this present day match. When Jensen climbs the top rope, but Barthel distracts him. That allows Aichner to give Jensen an avalanche butterfly suplex, and Aichner covers him for a pinfall. 

Great promo from Hit Row puts over B-Fab. 

B-Fab (with Hit Row) defeated Katrina Cortez

B-Fab pins Cortez in a short enhancement match. Cortez got some offense, until she leapt off the middle rope. B-Fab with a high kick boots Cortez in the face, and B-Fab pins her.

After the match, B-Fab went to cut a promo. She is interrupted by Elektra Lopez, who was again dressed like Carmen Sandiego. Where in the world? She was also flanked by El Legado del Fantasma. Lopez and B-Fab had words with each other.

Austin Theory returns to NXT in a backstage skit with Johnny Gargano, Cameron Grines and Odyssey Jones. Theory surprised Gargano by returning after previously running away. Theory says every wedding needs a priest. So Theory brought Damian Priest with him. Gargano is glad to see him and all, but Priest is not an actually priest that can officiate the wedding. Theory is confused by this.

Breakout turn for Carmelo Hayes

Samantha Irvin interviews the Breakout tournament winner, Carmelo Hayes, in the ring. Hayes says life is great, and he now has "the juice." But he admits there is a target on his back, so he called a friend to help watch his back. That friend is Trick Williams.

Trick tells Carmelo that he is proud of him, but Trick has a bone to pick with him. Trick says Carmelo is acting too humble, yet Trick claims he and Carmelo are "bouty bouty." Hayes flips a switch, and he cuts a heel promo proclaiming himself as "The Chosen One." When 'Melo shoots, Hayes says he does not miss.

Duke Hudson entered the set ready for a match that was apparently next. Hudson stops on his way to the ring, and Hudson tells Hayes he "got lucky" when Hayes beat Hudson in the tournament. Hudson then saunters past them on his way to the ring.

Trick says stuff like that stops tonight. Trick removes his shirt, and he jumps Hudson. Hayes joins in on giving Hudson a beatdown.

Mandy Rose has a new look she is debuting tonight. 

Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro defeated Gigi Dolan & Jacy Jayne via disqualification

Mandy Rose ran in for a DQ.

During the match it was TO THE BACK like an old episode of Impact. Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland jump Kyle O'Reilly in a sneak attack backstage. Meanwhile, the women's tag match rolls on until Mandy Rose runs in. 

Rose is dressed in all black from her cut-off shorts to her leather jacket and boots. Rose was also wearing a beanie on her head, waiting for the big reveal. She attacks Catanazaro, and the referee calls for the bell.

The big reveals comes when Rose showing her new hair color. Out with the blond, Rose in now a brunette. 

Sarray ran in to run off the heel trio. This leads to a trios match.

Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolan & Jacy Jayne defeated Sarray, Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro 

Rose covered Carter to win the six-woman tag match. Rose also faced off with Sarray during the match, but their issues remain unsettled.

The heels work over Catanzaro, proverbially cutting the ring in half. Hot tag to Carter, and she runs wild. Rose fed into her, and Carter got a nearfall. Jayne jumps in to break up the count with a superkick. A melee ensues. When the smoke settles Sarray is facing off with Rose.

Rose has beef with Sarray due to the injury angle from a few weeks ago. Rose was getting vengeance when Carter cuts her off. Carter is briefly distracted trying to dodge an attack by Jayne. That allows Rose to strike. Rose delivers a knee strike, ans she covers Carter for a pinfall.

A commercial tie-in with an insurance company promotes WWE Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez.

William Regal is joined by interview correspondent McKenzie Mitchell for an announcement about the main event. Kyle O'Reilly is out of the fatal four way. Replacing O'Reilly in the title match is Von Wagner (Cal Bloom), who by the way is the son of retired pro wrestler Wayne Bloom. No relation to Dr. Wagner. 

Ridge Holland defeated Drake Maverick (with Grayson Waller)

Holland pins Maverick in a glorified squash match.

Holland mauls Maverick. The underdog tries to fight back, but to no avail. Northern Grit by Holland, and he covers Maverick for an easy three count.

Ciampa in a backstage promo mentions it has been 908 days since Ciampa had Goldie, which is his pet name for the NXT Championship belt. 

Tony D'Angelo is coming soon to NXT. In a vignette he talks about being in the mafia without saying he is the mafia. D'Angelo mentions his great amateur wrestling background, but that does not pay. He is now in the family business. D'Angelo is also coming to NXT, where he says the money is at.

Julius & Brutus Creed (with Diamond Mine) defeated Dan Jarmon & Trevor Skelly

The Creed Brothers won handily in another squash match.

Slower pace than their debut where they pummeled two enhancement wrestlers. Make no mistake, they pummel two job guys this week, just more slowly. They took their time more so this week. 

In a post-match promo, the Diamond Mine get into the ring. Malcolm Bivens introduces the audience to the newest member of Diamond Mine. She is Ivy Nile.

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Kushida interrupts Bivens promo to tell Bivens they talk too much. Bivens challenges Kushida to a title match against Roderick Strong. Kushida accepts the challenge, thus making a title match for next week.

Tommaso Ciampa defeated Pete Dunne, LA Knight and Von Wagner in fatal four way to win the vacant NXT Championship

Ciampa won the title after pinning Knight in a really good match. Started out like a standard WWE fatal four way, but got much better from there.

Similar to other fatal four ways in WWE, it starts with two wrestlers ending up outside the ring so two could face off in the ring. At least at first things were typical, as the match gets wilder as it goes on.

Wagner looks like a powerhouse. He got to shine just before the show cut to a commercial break. Knight during the break took out Wagner by sending him crashing into the ring steps. Not for long as Wagner was soon back in the ring.

Highspots galore with everybody getting to look strong at some point or another. Lots of action and a quick pace throughout. Ciampa executed a Widow's Bell on LA Knight for a near fall, and Ciampa followed up that with a corkscrew flip dive over the ropes to the outside. 

Wagner with an Olympic slam on Dunne for a close two count. That would not be his only near fall. Another came just before the finish. Knight is able to give Dunne a superplex, only for Wagner to jump in with a suplex on Knight for another two count. Ciampa punts Wagner to break up the count. 

Fairy Tale Ending finisher by Ciampa, and he covers Knight. 1...2...3. 

"Goldie is coming home," proclaims Vic Joseph on commentary. No wonder Goldie was mentioned so much by that name throughout the show. Nice touch to remind viewers of the name.

While the title match was billed as the main event, the wedding is closing the show.

The wedding of In-Dex

NXT roster members file in as guests to the wedding. Johnny Gargano, playing the father figure, walks Indi Hartwell down the aisle. As the ceremony begins we learn some middle names. Lumis' full name is Dexter Gaylord Lumis, and Hartwell's full name is Indi Ophelia Hartwell. 

The official presiding over the ceremony does the "dearly beloved" routine, and then he asks who is here to give Hartwell away. Gargano begins to cut a promo, but Candice LeRae has to stop him. Gargano ask Austin Theory is if he has the rings. Theory says "we're in a ring, silly." 

Ikemen Jiro stands up wearing his flashy sports jacket and trunk. Almost everyone in the ring raises their hand. Lumis looks around while opening his coat to reveal a hatchet. Everyone puts their hand down. 

Hartwell reads her vows. She tells Lumis he is misunderstood, and many people see him as a creep. She sees him as her "cuddly teddy bear." Some people see Lumis as a stalker. What she sees is a "caring man with a well-groomed mustache, and tight clothes that never takes his eyes off me." She says Lumis is called a freak.

"Damn right he's a freak." Indi says. "Dexter's my freak," Indi says. She goes to say she remembers that night he climbed into the Gargano's house late at night.

Lumis quickly covers the microphone, cutting off Indi's story. Gargano is in disbelief. Indi says Dexter is cute when he is upset like that. She also put him over for never losing a staring contest. She says they understand each other, and she loves him. The guests pop with applause.

Now it was Dexter's turn to recite his vows. The crowd is hushed. The building grows quiet at the notion that Lumis may deliver a spoken word. Lumis instead gives a thumbs up.

The wedding officiant calls out Lumis, saying Hartwell poured her heart out to him. He cannot believe Lumis has nothing to say. The officiant is now causing a scene. Is his name Ken?

Lumis snatches the officiant in a chokehold, and Lumis puts him to sleep in the middle of the ceremony. This is the equivalent to a ref bump in a wedding, and a first for me. Never seen such in all my days. What in tarnation? The man presiding over the wedding is choked out.

Gargano starts a chant for William Regal, urging Regal to preside over the wedding. Regal looks mortified at the thought.

Beth Phoenix jumps into the ring. She has history in this storyline, as she helped play matchmaker. Phoenix in the past urged Hartwell to make a move on Lumis. Now they are getting married and Phoenix is saving their relationship once again. Phoenix has been a strong supporter of In-Dex. 

Phoenix says she got ordained as a minister, so she can now preside over the ceremony. Phoenix says lets cut to the chase. Andre Chase stand up to interrupt. He is taken out by a nerve hold from Odyssey Jones.

Hartwell says her "I do" when Phoenix asks her. Phoenix asks Lumis. Long pause. Phoenix says we can take that as a "yes" from Lumis, but Lumis grabs the mic. Lumis says "I do," and the crowd goes wild.

Phoenix pronounces them husband and wife. "You may kiss the bride." The couple kiss for a happy ending.

New NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa is watching the wedding from a backstage monitor. He is approached by Bron Breakker. They shake hands in a show of respect, yet the moment is tense. They have an awkward staredown as the show fades to black. 

The wedding ended on a happy note, which is very unlike the chaos of wrestling weddings of the past. If viewers on USA Network still wanted to see a wedding end in chaos, they could have stuck around after NXT. Tombstone was the lead-in before NXT, and the movie aired again on USA Network after NXT went off the air. The movie opens with the heel faction ruining a wedding, after NXT had closed their show with a happy wedding.