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WWE NXT live results: Halloween Havoc fallout


The fallout from Halloween Havoc takes place on tonight's NXT.

Last week's Halloween Havoc special featured four title matches and three title changes. Tommaso Ciampa retained his NXT Championship against Bron Breakker, while Mandy Rose won the NXT Women's Championship, Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne won the NXT Women's Tag Team titles, and Imperium's Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner won the NXT Tag Team titles.

Rose will kick off tonight's show, Ciampa will address what's next for him, and we'll be hearing from Barthel & Aichner.

Dakota Kai made her return to NXT at Halloween Havoc and cost her former tag team partner Raquel Gonzalez the NXT Women's Championship. Kai faces Cora Jade tonight.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams went to Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis' haunted house at Halloween Havoc to get Hayes' North American title belt back. Tonight, Hayes & Williams will face Gargano & Lumis in a tag team match.

Plus, Kyle O'Reilly & Von Wagner take on Legado del Fantasma's Raul Mendoza & Joaquin Wilde, Tony D'Angelo appears on Lashing Out with Lash Legend, Cameron Grimes enters Duke's Poker Room, and Robert Stone has issued a challenge to Xyon Quinn.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


New NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose kicks off the show. She won the title last week at Halloween Havoc, completing what is being called the "Toxic Trifecta." All three members of Toxic Attraction won titles last Tuesday night.

Rose enters the ring for a promo. Some in the crowd chant for her, and some chant against her. She heeled on the crowd, regardless. Rose goes on to talk about defeating Raquel Gonzalez for the title last week. Rose told us she was winning the title, and she did. She added that she was a woman of her word. In saying she was the baddest in the building, Rose cursed, and she was bleeped by censors.

Rose brought up the other two members of Toxic Attraction. She assumed everyone was wondering where they were, since they were not at Rose's side as usual. Cut to backstage where Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolan were attacking Zoey Stark. They targeted Stark's leg, and Stark sold big. 

Back in the ring, Rose says Toxic Attraction runs NXT. She adds there is not a woman, tag team or faction that will stop them. Rose is interrupted by Io Shirai, who says she saw what Toxic Attraction. Shirai does not like Stark, but Shirai says she likes Rose even less.

Shirai challenges Rose to a match right here and now. Rose tells Shirai that she is not scared of her. Rose then hits Shirai with a cheapshot, striking her with a microphone. Rose begins to pummel Shirai. Rose continues the attack at ringside, until they both get back into ring. Rose cuts a promo on Shirai, but Rose is interrupted when Shirai makes a comeback.

Shirai was a house of fire, and she went for a moonsault. Jayne and Dolin runs down to the ring to jump Shirai. Toxic Attraction gang up on Shirai for a beatdown. Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro make a save as they run in to even the odds. The heel trio flees, and the first programs for the new champions are becoming clear.

Backstage after the melee, Toxic Attraction see Dakota Kai. At Halloween Havoc, Kai interfered to cost Gonzalez the women's title, giving the win to Rose. Kai tells Rose she did not do it to help Rose. Kai says she did it to "end Raquel." Kai then heads to the ring for the opening match on this show.

Meanwhile, Cameron Grimes arrives to Duke's Poker Room. Duke Hudson insults him, but Grimes takes it in stride. Grimes is so great. I hope these skits do not make him look like a geek. We shall see the skits continue later in the show.

Dakota Kai defeated Cora Jade

Kai pinned Jade to win decisively. Kai was a new killer instinct.

Jade carries a skateboard to the ring like she is Johnny Ace. Kai was an a new look, and a fiery new attitude. Kai was ruthless at the start in taking the fight to Jade.

Jade fights back with a flurry of offense that includes near falls. Kai cut her off, but Jade counters again. Kai cut her off again, and Kai hits Jade with a high kick in the corner. 

Kai drags Jade around by the hair after the match. Kai gets a table from underneath the ring. She puts the table on top of Jade, and Kai looked to jump off the apron. Kai was talked down by an official.

MSK are at a bus stop. They were headed to meet the man behind the legend of MSK. They were talking and missed their bus, so they decide to walk instead. 

Xyon Quinn defeats Robert Stone

This started as some weird dance off. Terrible segment until the squash match where Quinn pinned Stone.

Stone was mad that Quinn had chokeslammed him through a table during a costume party last week. Stone was going to out sing Quinn, and then stomp him. Actually, Stone made "stomp ya'" rhyme with "romper," which does not translate well in print.

Hit the music and Stone starts to sing and dance. He is awfully proud of himself. The crowd chants that he sucks. Quinn is also unimpressed.

Quinn said he was going to be honest, "that was kind of interesting." Quinn then says he "only came here to kick your ass." Stone calls Quinn a chicken fort not wanting to sing. So, Quinn agreed to sing.

Cue the music and it is Shawm Micahels' theme "Sexy Boy." Quinn proceeds to sing along to the song. This segment really took a turn for the worse here. This got bad real fast. Stone tries to attack Quinn, but Quinn spins him into a dance routine and drops Stone on the mat. 

Stone charges at Quinn again, and they do a Dirty Dancing spot. The singing is thankfully over as Quinn squashes Stone with for a beatdown. Quinn then covered Stone for a pinfall. 

Joe Gacy cuts a promo about Harlan,and Gacy says they will take over the world together. Whatever, bro.

Legado del Fantasma (Raul Mendoza & Joaquin Wilde with Elektra Lopez) defeated Von Wagner & Kyle O'Reilly 

O'Reilly is the workhorse of his team, but Wagner is the focus. Heat on O'Reilly, leading to a hot tag by Wagner. They worked well together until the finish. They went for a tandem move when Mendoza takes out O'Reilly with a missile dropkick. Wilde then pinned Wagner with a schoolboy for the win out of nowhere.

North American Champion Carmelo Hayes is with Trick Williams for a backstage interview. Andre Chase interrupts them to say he has their back like they had his back last week in the haunted house. Williams and Hayes blow off Chase, and they laugh at him as they leave.

Chase is asked about people calling him a coward after what happened in the haunted house. Chase gets angry and heads to the ring to give out an "ass kicking." There is a lot of cursing on this show. I guess that is edgy and whatnot.

Back at Duke's Poker Room, Grimes was having good luck chatting with a woman. Grimes also had good luck at poker. He won a hand and did not even know it until revealing a flush. Grimes had not idea what a flush is, but he was happy to win. Duke Hudson called it beginner's luck. The game continues later in the show.

Bron Breakker defeated Andre Chase

Breakker ran through Chase to win a quick match.

Chase came out to the ring, and he was mad about people calling him a coward. Chase scoffed, and he says we have a "teachable moment." The only thing to fear out here in Andre Chase. Hold on to that thought, bud.

Chase issues an open challenge, and Bron Breakker answers the challenge.

Breakker mauls Chase from the start of this short match. Chase is pummeled from pillar to post. Breakker with power moves. Chase manages to cut him off with cheapshot. Breakker fires up soon thereafter just before the finish.

Breakker lifts Chase in a gorilla press, and then Breakker drops Chase into a powerslam. Breakker then covers Chase for an easy pinfall.

Breakker cut a promo after the match. He acknowledged failing to win the biggest match of his career last week. Nothing pisses him off more than losing. Breakker vowed to get another shot at the title and win.

The new NXT Tag Team Champions, Imperium, cut a promo with subtitles. They were approached by the new NXT Women's Tag Team Champions, Jayne and Dolan. The new women's champs say they are booked in a trios match for next week on NXT. They invite the guys to watch. 

Lashing Out with Lash Legend has Tony D'Angelo as a guest. The subject is the abduction of the producer named Mark. He comes on the show, and D'Angelo verbally dresses him down. D'Angelo bullies Mark into saying everything is fine. D'Angelo says his goal to make as much money as he can and beat people up along the way. D'Angelo slips Lash some money before making an exit.

Solo Sikoa defeated Jeet Rama

Sikoa pinned Rama in a squash match. Sikoa was made to look like a killer. Sikoa won after a splash off the top rope, and Sikoa looked impressive in doing so.

Boa defeated Grayson Waller

Boa pinned Waller after Waller was distracted by LA Knight.

LA Knight did guest commentary during the match. Boa got a lot of offense, which Knight was happy about. Should be noted that Boa was alone with Mei Ying in his corner. 

When Waller was making a comeback, Knight left the announce desk. Knight caused a distraction, which allowed Boa to nail Waller with a knee strike. Boa then covered Waller for pinfall.

The conclusion of the skits from Duke's Poker Room saw Cameron Grimes beat a smug Duke Hudson in a poker game. Grimes got the last laugh. Pleasantly surprised Grimes did not look like a look. Instead, he looked to be headed TO THE MOON!

Kay Lee Rat returns to NXT next week, and she vows to rage. She also smashed a lot of things in a rage.

North American Champion confronts NXT Champion

NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa comes to the ring clutching his title belt. Ciampa talks about a changing of the guard at Halloween Havoc. All of the titles changed hands except for Ciampa's title. Ciampa declares himself the "the god of NXT." 

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams interrupt Ciampa's promo. Hayes, who is the North American Champion, says he wants to put Ciampa in check. Hayes tells Ciampa that Hayes is the "A" champion in NXT. 

Ciampa claps back at Hayes, and Ciampa basically says Hayes is bluffing. Ciampa tells Hayes that Hayes himself does not believe a word that Hayes is saying right now. Ciampa says if Hayes feels froggy, then Hayes should jump.

Williams tries to chime in, saying Ciampa is tripping. Ciampa in turn lays out Williams with a punch. Ciampa hold up the his title, and Ciampa slowly back away to leave the ring. Ciampa punked them out big time.

Johnny Gargano enters the scene for the main event. He stops to meet Ciampa in the aisle, which is clearly a tease for the former teammates to reunite as a tag team.

Trick Williams & NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes defeated Dexter Lumis & Johnny Gargano

Hayes pinned Lumis after Williams hit Lumis with a shoe.

Lumis and Gargano in storyline worked well together as a team. The babyfaces got to shine early on in the match. Gargano did some of his signature spots, and the heels were reeling as the babyfaces looked strong. 

The match went through a commercial break. Heels work over Gargano. Hot tag to Lumis, and Lumis cleans house. Gargano joins in by putting a black glove on his hand to match Lumis' black glove. The old school fan in me wanted them to deliver a heart punch with that glove gimmick, but they chopped the heels in the throat instead. 

Really good exchange with Gargano against Hayes. Lumis tagged in to clean things up, and he applied his signature sleeper on Hayes. However, Williams hit Lumis with a shoe like he was JJ Dillon at The Clash of the Champions. Just like at The Clash, it works. Lumis was knocked out. Gargano hit Williams with a tope, but Lumis was still laid out in the ring.

Hayes leapt off the top rope with a Psicosis-style guillotine legdrop on Lumis. Hayes then covers Lumis for a three count, and the heels steal a win.