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WWE NXT live results: Kushida vs. Roderick Strong


Following last Tuesday's premiere, the second week of WWE's "NXT 2.0" revamp takes place tonight.

Tonight's show will be headlined by Kushida defending his NXT Cruiserweight Championship against Roderick Strong. The match was originally scheduled to take place last month, but Kushida wasn't able to compete due to testing positive for COVID-19.

A new NXT Champion was crowned last week as Tommaso Ciampa defeated LA Knight, Pete Dunne, and Von Wagner in a four-way match. The debuting Wagner replaced Kyle O'Reilly in the title match after making the save for O'Reilly when he was attacked by Dunne and Ridge Holland earlier in the show.

Bron Breakker made his debut by defeating Knight in last week's opening match. At the end of the episode, Breakker congratulated Ciampa on his title win. Ciampa also congratulated Breakker on being victorious in his debut, but the two had a tense staredown as Breakker looked at Ciampa's title belt.

Ciampa will kick off tonight's show.

We'll also hear from Fatal Attraction (Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) tonight. Plus, video packages will spotlight Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen and Ikemen Jiro.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Time for week two of NXT 2.0, and the show begins with a recap of last week.

NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa opens the show for his first appearance since winning the title last Tuesday night. Ciampa gets into the ring that is filled with several of the new characters on the NXT television, which includes Bron Breakker, Odyssey Jones, Carmelo Hayes, Trick Williams, Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs.

Ciampa seems very happy to be NXT Champion, and Goldie is talking to him. Ciampa pauses to listen to Goldie. "I missed you too," Ciampa says to Goldie.

Ciampa cuts a pep rally promo hyping up NXT 2.0 like he was the team captain, which in essence he is as the brand's top champion. At the conclusion of his promo, Ciampa declares that NXT is the "A" show, and then he leads the crowd in a chant proclaiming "we...are...N-X-T!"

Cameron Grimes enters the scene. Grimes tells Ciampa that the championship is just the fuel Grimes himself needs for going "TO THE MOON!" Grimes is interrupted by Joe Gacy, but LA Knight is out to interrupt Gacy and the rest of the crew assembled in the ring. Odyssey Jones thankfully tells Knight to shut up.

Another interruption as Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland enter the ring to confront the group in the ring. Dunne looks around at a bunch of "geezers" who are all too scared to throw the first punch. In steps Ciampa to hit Dunne with a punch, causing a domino effect that results in a melee. Huge brawl that was a Gordon Solie Pier Sixer. Ciampa and Breakker clear the ring as the last two standing.

I had a terrible flashback to TNA when the show cut TO THE BACK! Kay Lee Ray, Elektra Lopez, B-Fab and one other woman were involved in a pull-apart brawl. Officials ran in to break up the scuffle.

Breakker grabs a microphone, and he says the audience wants to see this fight continue on. Breakker is the son of Rick, but he sounds like Scott Steiner. Breakker was addressing Dunne and Holland when he yells, "How about you two little bitches grow a set of balls and face me and Ciampa in a tag team match tonight?" 

Wild opening to NXT, and up next is a title match.

Roderick Strong (with Diamond Mine) defeated Kushida to win the NXT Cruiserweight Championship

Strong pinned Kushida after interference by Diamond Mine. Strong and company cheat to win the title. 

Kushida gets the better of Strong in a grappling battle early on. Kushida targets an arm, softing up Strong for a submission. Strong counters a cross armbreaker, yet Kushida continues his attack on the arm. Strong rolls out of the ring to powder out before a commercial break.

Strong apparently recovers to gain the upperhand as the show returns from the break. Kushida is fighting from underneath. Rally by Kushida into a collection of his signature offense. Palm strike by Kushida, but Strong is able to counter a moment later.

Kushida fights back to block a superplex, and Kushida comes off the top with an avalanche shoulder breaker. Strong soon answers back with back breakers. Series of measured strikes by Strong, but Kushida counters while trying to Hoverboard Lock. Strong seems trapped in the submission hold when Malcolm Bivens puts Strong foot the ropes. The referee is alerted to the foot on the ropes, and the hold is broken.

The ref is further distracted by Bivens. The Creed Brothers proceed to pull Kushida out of the ring. Ivy Nile hits Kushida with a strike. The Diamond Mine send Kushida back into the ring to the waiting arms of Strong. A falling backbreaker by Strong, and he covers Kushida for a pinfall. Strong and company steal the NXT Cruiserweight title.

Grayson Waller interrupts the Diamond Mine's celebration. He challenges Strong to a title match next week on NXT. An angry Bivens consults with Strong, and Bivens accepts the challenge for next Tuesday.

Tony D'Angelo is in another vignette hyping himself as a Mafia figure.

In a different vignette, Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs tell the story of how they met at a bar. They got into a fight, beat the heck out of each other, and they have been close friends ever since. Heartwarming story.

Kay Lee Ray defeated Amari Miller

Miller got an inset promo before the match, but not much else during it. Ray wins handily with a Gory Bomb, and Ray pinned Miller.

Breakker is backstage, and he is pumped up to team with Ciampa. There is still some underlying tension with Ciampa being the champ.

A unnamed mean guy with manners arrived to the building with two women. He opens the door for them, but some geek tries to cut ahead of the women. The mean guy is upset by the geek's lack of manners, so the mean guy beats up the other guy.

Dante Chen defeated Trey Baxter

Chen wins a very short match. Baxter was looking strong, but Chen came back with a small package. Chen transitions from the cradle into a guillotine choke bomb. Chen then covers Baxter for a three count.

Andrew Chase is doing some sort of upgraded Dean Douglas gimmick. He was teaching a class of students at what he calls "Chase University." The first lesson was on Oydessey Jones losing in the finals of the Breakout Tournament. A students named Steve asks a question in pointing out that Chase lost to Jones in the semi-finals of the tournament. Chase flips out and starts cursing at the student. Chase throws things around, and he kicks the students out of class.

The announcers offer well wishes to Triple H on his recovery from surgery.

Cameron Grimes defeated Joe Gacy

Grimes pinned Gacy in another short match. Good while it lasted.

Gacy before the match cut a promo while sitting down in a chair inside in the ring. Gacy's gimmick is he does conflict resolution. He uses his male privilege to get what he wants. He understands that life is not fair. He believes we can achieve unity and tolerance. Gacy says we can also achieve peace in this safe space. 

Grimes was on fire until Gacy cut him off. Grimes recovers quickly, but Gacy does a handspring off the ropes into a lariat that levels Grimes. Gacy went to capitalize, but Grimes out of nowhere delivers a Cave In double stomp. Grimes goes on to cover Gacy for a pinfall. Gacy hugs Grimes after the match.

Highlights from the wedding last week. The honeymoon of Dexter Lumis and Indi Hartwell is featured next week on NXT. 

Elektra Lopez (with Legado del Fantasma) defeated Anna Scheer

Lopez was a bully in the match, and she won easily after a sit-out powerbomb. Lopez pinned Scheer to win the match.

Santos Escobar in a post-match promo put over Lopez, saying she completes Legado del Fantasma. Lopez then says what she did tonight was just a taste of what she will unleash on B-Fab and the rest of the NXT 2.0 roster. Lopez calls out B-Fab.

The theme music for Hit Row plays in the arena, and the male members of Hit Row walk down the entrance ramp. It was a distraction. B-Fab hit the ring after coming through the crowd, and B-Fab attacks Lopez. They brawl in the ring.

Trey Baxter was backstage, and he was down in the dumps over his loss earlier in the show. His girlfriend, Cora Jade, tries to cheer him up. She kisses him, and he seems to feel better about things.

Franky Monet confronts NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez. Their title match is now scheduled for next week on NXT. Someone named Lash Legend also says she is debuting next Tuesday in a talking segment similar to Piper's Pit.

Odyssey Jones wins a two-on-one handicap match

Jones won a handicap match very easily. Jones was not match for two men, or at least no match for these two unnamed jobbers. Jones with a splash off the top rope on both before he wins bu pinfall.

Andrew Chase tries to attack Jones after the match. Chase was swinging a chair, but Jones took it from him. Chase then begs off and leaves the ring. Jones stands tall.

Ikemen Jiro is featured in a vignette. Please push this guy. Pretty please.

Toxic Attraction promo

The Toxic Attraction trio is in the ring for a promo. Mandy Rose cuts a heel promo flanked by Gigi Dolan and Jacy Jayne. Jim Valley might be pleased to know that Mandy Rose turned heel beacuse of the fans. Now she and the other two do not give a damn what you think. Behind the beauty is a beast.

Dolan says the pain of her past fuels her aggression. She and Jayne needed purpose, which is where Rose comes in. Together the trio is headed to the top of NXT.

Jayne says Toxic Attraction aren't just pretty faces. They won't just sit back and wait for an opportunity. What they want is the NXT Women's Tag Team Championship. Jayne promises an "ass kicking" for the current champs.

The champs, Zoey Stark and Io Shirai, are backstage. Shirai accepts the challenge on behalf of the team. The title match is seemingly set for next week. The champs bicker amongst themselves when Persia Pirotta confronts them. Pirotta says when Indi Hartwell returns from her honeymoon, she wants to regain her tag titles. Seemingly this means Pirotta is Hartwell's new tag partner. 

Three title matches announced for next Tuesday on NXT:

  • NXT Women's Tag Team Championship: Zoey Stark & Io Shirai defend against Gigi Dolan & Jacy Jayne (with Mandy Rose)
  • NXT Women's Championship: Raquel Gonzalez defends against Franky Monet (Robert Stone & Jessi Kamea)
  • NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Roderick Strong in his first title defense against Garyson Waller

Time for the main event of this week's episode.

Bron Breakker & NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa defeated Pete Dunne & Ridge Holland 

Breakker pinned Holland to win the match for his team. Kyle O'Reilly ran in to interfere in the match, which set up the finish. 

Ciampa and Dunne face off to start the match. Next in is Breakker and Holland, and Breakker displays his power by suplexing Holland. Breakker also suplexes Dunne. Team work by Breakker and Ciampa. 

Blind tag by the heels allow for Dunne to hit Ciampa with a sneak attack. Dunne targets Ciampa's hand and arm with joints locks. Comeback by Ciampa, and the fight spills outside. Ciampa posted Holland into the ring steps, and Ciampa slings Dunne across the announce desk.

Ciampa is seemingly in control, until he his blindsided by a spear from Holland, just before the show cuts to its final commercial break. Dunne is stomping on Ciampa as the show returns from the break. Ciampa answers back with kicks of his own, yet Holland soon tags in.

The heels work over Ciampa, but he counters Holland to give Holland a suplex. Hot tag to Breakker, who runs wild. Breakker exploded in the ring into a flurry of power moves and supexes. Breakker applies a camel clutch on Dunne, but Dunne is able to escape the hold by targeting Breakker's finger.

Finger break spot as Dunne stomped on Breakker's hand. The heels are back in control when Ciampa jumps in to break up a pinning attempt. Ciampa and Dunne echange strikes in the ring despite not being the legal men.

Holland gives Ciampa an overhead belly-to-belly suplex, and then Breakker gives Dunne an overhead belly-to-belly. Breakker and Holland face off like two bulls colliding in the ring. They hit each other with lariats, but neither sell it. Gorilla Monsoon would surely have called this the unstoppable force against immovable object. Double down after both clothesline the other. 

The heels tried to use a club, but Ciampa jumped in to make a save. Nevertheless, Ciampa is soon knocked out of the ring. Breakker went to press slam Dunne, but Holland rakes the eyes. 

Kyle O'Reilly ran down to ringside. O'Reilly grabbed the club, and he hit Holland with Holland's own club. O'Reilly rolled Holland back into the ring for the finish. Meanwhile, Ciampa gives Dunne a Willow's Bell. Breakker with a gorilla press into a powerslam on Holland, and Breakker covers Holland for a three count.