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WWE NXT live results: Kyle O'Reilly vs. Kushida


The build to the Great American Bash continues on tonight's episode of NXT.

A non-title match between Kyle O'Reilly and NXT Cruiserweight Champion Kushida will take place on NXT tonight. O'Reilly chose to face Kushida after NXT general manager William Regal told O'Reilly and Adam Cole last week that they could pick their own opponents for tonight's show.

As O'Reilly and Cole brawled backstage last week, Regal announced that O'Reilly vs. Cole will take place at NXT Great American Bash on Tuesday, July 6. New NXT authority figure Samoa Joe helped break up the brawl, but Cole pushed him out of the way and kept going after O'Reilly. Joe then choked Cole out with the Coquina Clutch.

Cole hasn't revealed who he'll be facing tonight.

Tonight's show will also feature Franky Monet in action, Hit Row's Top Dolla & Ashante "Thee" Adonis vs. Ever-Rise, and Io Shirai & Zoey Stark vs. The Robert Stone Brand's Aliyah & Jessi Kamea.

Plus, the Diamond Mine will open after several weeks of teaser videos. Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The show begins with an opening monologue from Adam Cole. He talks about soon facing Kyle O'Reilly at The Great American Bash. Cole mentioned an "assault and attack" by Samoa Joe last week. Cole warned Joe that Cole is the new king of NXT. When he defeats O'Reilly, Cole says he will be called the greatest ever in NXT. Nobody can change his mind.

Cole is interrupted by Carmelo Hayes. Like Cole, Hayes also has a microphone. Hayes said Cole might not know who he his, but Hayes knows who Cole is in NXT. Hayes said he could change Cole's mind. Cole asked how. Hayes spoofed the John Cena debut where he famously roared "RUTHLESS AGGRESSION" in Kurt Angle's face. Hayes said this was the "same energy." Hayes then slapped Cole like Cena did to Angle almost a decade ago.

The match was on from there.

Adam Cole defeated Carmelo Hayes

Cole pinned Hayes after a Panama Sunrise, capping off a fun match.

Hayes showed a lot of fire at the start, but Cole soon cut him off. Hayes fought back to get a two count on Cole. The fight spilled outside the ring, where Cole repeatedly sent Hayes crashing into the barricade. The match went through a picture-in-picture commercial break. 

Cole worked over Hayes during the break, and Cole executed an ushigoroshi. That's too cool of a move for a commercial break, but oh well. There was at least a replay when the show returned from the break. 

Cole taunted Hayes, which led into a Hayes firing up. Hayes and Cole traded strilkes before Hayes dropped Cole with a kick. Cole answered back with a kick of his own, and Hayes was seemingly on rubber legs. Somehow, Hayes countered Cole to deliver a cutter. 

Small package from Cole nets a two count. Hayes in return gets a near fall after a codebreaker. They kept trading near falls. Cole with a lungblower for two. Hayes superkicked Cole when Cole went for a Panama Sunrise. Hayes springboard off the middle rope, and Cole struck him out of mid-air with a superkick. After a Panama Sunrise, Cole covered Hayes for a clean pinfall.

Let's talk about it!

Saddle up for a string of talking segments and character development.

Franky Monet was backstage chatting with Jessi Kamea and Aliyah of the Robert Stone Brand. Presley was also there. He's a good boy. Robert Stone found them. He was looking everywhere for them. Monet went to leave, and she high fived Kamea and Aliyah. Stone went to high five Monet, and Presley snapped at him. Stone shrieked in terror. Bad dog.

Zoey Stark in an interview with McKenzie Mitchell talked about teaming with Io Shirai. Stark was surprised Shirai chose her. Shirai stepped into the frame to say she picked Stark as her partner, but she did not like her. They have a match later tonight against the Robert Stone Brand.

A vignette profiled the new Million Dollar Champion, LA Knight. He cut a promo on Cameron Grimes. 

The Way has a new way

Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory came to the ring for a promo. Gargano said it was exciting times, and new management is in town. So we need a new NXT Champion, according to Gargano himself. Gargano said it should be him. He claimed it was "paradise" when he was NXT Champion.

Gargano ranted about being better than Karrion Kross. Then out comes Pete Dunne to confront Gargano. Dunne was flanked by Oney Lorcan, and they both got in the ring to face off with The Way. Dunne said he was clearly the number one contender ahead of Gargano. Dunne also insulted Theory, telling him to shut up.

Theory was ready to snap, but Gargano held him back. Gargano said there is a new way to do things around here. The Way no longer participates in "shenanigans or hijinx," and they are "law abiding citizens."

Gargano said to Dunne, "There are rules for a reason, Peter."  Gargano gently put down the microphone, and The Way left peacefully. Or so Gargano thought. He was leaving when Theory turned back around. Theory pointed at Dunne, warning Dunne that Theory was watching him. Dunne in turn snapped Theory's finger. So much for peace.

Cameron Grimes arrived at the building earlier today. He was handing out money when someone made a smart aleck comment about Ted DiBiase. Grimes smacked him, cackled, and tossed the geek ten dollars for taking the punch.

General Manager William Regal argued with Adam Cole about Samoa Joe. This all seems to build towards Joe vs. Cole. Hopefully, they aren't just teasing a match. Hope they deliver.

The Way went to see Regal. They were angry at Dunne for snapping Theory's finger. They wanted Regal to send in Joe. Gargano and Theory wanted Joe to choke out Dunne, and then throw him through a wall. Regal instead booked Gargano & Theory in a match against Dunne & Lorcan. Gargano complained he did not even have his gear on. It's intricate, and it takes an hour to put on. Regal was having none of it, and he ordered them to get ready. They made it seem like the match was next, but it was not next. Patience, grasshopper.

Io Shirai & Zoey Stark defeated Jessi Kamea & Aliyah (with Robert Stone)

Shirai pinned Kamea to win the match. The bout was more of a backdrop for an angle that followed it.

The NXT Women's Tag Team Champions, Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell, strolled out to ringside during the match. After a commercial break, there was a hot tag to Shirai. She ran wild, and she delivered a missile dropkick for a two count on Kamea.

Shirai was cut off, but she was able to tag out. Stark with a missile dropkick of her own. Shirai with a moonsault press, and Shirai covered Kamea for a pinfall.

LeRea & Hartwell got on the apron to confront Shirai & Stark. NXT Champion Raquel Gonzalez and her tag team partner, Dakota Kai, came to ringside. Shirai & Stark were surrounded and under siege. Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart joined the party. A huge brawl started with all the teams fighting in a melee. Samoa Joe led a bunch officials in breakup up the brawl. Joe seen to it that order was restored in the CWC.

A tag team title match was announced for The Great American Bash in two weeks time. MSK defend their NXT Tag Team Championship against Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher at The Bash. 

Johnny Gargano & Austin Theory defeated Pete Dunne & Oney Lorcan

Gargano pinned Lorcan to win the tag bout. Easily the best match on the show so far by a wide margin, but O'Reilly and Kushida are still yet to go. Karrion Kross would attack Gargano after the match.

Great wrestling at the start, but who are the protagonists here? Not sure, but the grappling itself is really good. Theory's finger that Dunne injured earlier in the night was an easy target. Dunne & Lorcan slam Theory into edge of the ring apron, and Theory was down selling as the show cut to commercial.

Hot tag to Gargano, and he cleaned house. Maybe he and Theory are now protagonists. They whine and gripe too much for protagonists, but they kick ass in the ring so [insert Toru Yano shrug]. They could be comedic babyfaces I guess.

Near fall after Theory springboarded Spanish Fly. Dunne jumped in to break up the count. Dunne sqaured off with Gargano, leading to a double down. Theory and Lorcan traded chops, and Lorcan struck with a blockbuster. 

Dunne again targets the injured finger of Theory. Joint locks gave way to an armbreaker. Gargano made a save to break the hold. Dunne and Gargano go back-and-forth. Dunne & Lorcan double team Gargano. He fought back with a La Mistica counter, but Gargano is nevertheless takes a double powerbomb from Dunne & Lorcan. Theory made a save to break up a pin. In turn, Theory is rocked.

Lorcan looks to strike a prone Theory, but Gargano cut off Lorcan with a superkick out of nowhere. Gargano flew through the ropes to hit Dunne with tope into a tornado DDT. Gargano followed up with One Final Beat, and Gargano covered Lorcan for a three count.

NXT Champion Karrion Kross, wearing a leather jacket that would make Bret Hart jealous, attacked Gargano after the match. Kross in a sneak attack laid out Gargano at ringside. 

Kross later was met backstage by Samoa Joe, who let him pass to see Regal in the GM's office. Joe turned around, and Pete Dunne was staring at him. They glared at each other. And scene.

Announced for next Tuesday on NXT is a triple threat number one contender's tag team match. This was set up with a huge brawl earlier in the night. Stark & Shirai vs. Kai & Gonzalez vs. Moon & Blackheart is set for next week.

Franky Monet defeated Elektra Lopez

Monet pinned Lopez with the Glam Slam in the encore of Monet's "world premiere." This was an enhancement match for Monet, but Lopez was able to get some offense. Monet still won handily. 

NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed was being interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell. Reed was interrupted by Hit Row, and they tried to intimidate him. 

Ever-Rise in a skit from ealier in the day were about to spray paint the SUV of Hit Row. Ever-Rise were caught red-handed, and they ran away. This was supposed to be comedy I think.

Hit Row (Top Dolla & Ashante “Thee” Adonis) defeated Ever-Rise (Chase Parker & Matt Martel)

Top Dollas pinned Martel to win a squash match.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and B-Fab were at ringside in Hit Row's corner. Ever-Rise were no match for Top Dolla & Adonis. Although Ever-Rise sent Top Dolla over the ropes with a low bridge, that only served to anger Top Dolla.

Ever-Rise were then squashed, and Martel took a double team finisher that looked nasty. Top Dolla powerbombed Martel while Adonis leapt in the air to deliver a neckbreaker. Never liked that double team move ever since seeing Villano IV break his neck taking a similar combo on WCW Monday Nitro in 1998. It still makes me cringe whenever I see it. Cringed even more seeing the combo here in this match, as it looked brutal.

Scott after the macth laid out Parker with a kick. Hit Row posed over the fallen Ever-Rise.

McKenzie in an interview informed Mercedes Martinez that Martinez was booked next week in a mixed tag match against Xia Li & Boa. Martinez was surprised by the news. She was also surprised by a sneak attack from Xia Li. Making a save was Jake Atlas. Looks like he is the tag team partner for Martinez in the mixed tag next week on NXT. The match was made official after a commercial break.

The battery charging since last week is up to 51%. 

Kyle O'Reilly defeated NXT Cruiserweight Champion Kushida in a non-title match

O'Reilly pinned Kushida with a cradle to end a great match. Possibly better than the tag match in being the best bout on the show. The Diamond Mine debuted after the match to attack Kushida. In addition, Adam Cole tangled with O'Reilly in a post-match pull-apart brawl.

Awesome chain wresting and great grappling in the beginning. The pace soon quickened, but they both collided on a double headbutt. The show cut to a commercial break with both on rubber legs. Kushida recovered quicker, and he began to work over O'Reilly during the picture-in-picture break. O'Reilly countered Kushida, and O'Reilly was briefly in control on offense. 

O'Reilly and Kushida were going back-and-forth as the show returned from the commercial break. More great grappling and cool counters. This was really getting good as the intensity picked up. They would trade all sorts of strikes, and they traded holds. 

After a brainbuster by O'Reilly and a near fall, there was a double down. Kushida went on to smash O'Reilly's arm on the ring post. Kushida targeted the arm even further. They fought on the ring apron, and O'Reilly was suplexed on the apron by Kushida. 

More counters and strikes, and that led to another double down. Kushida kept attempting a Hoverboard Lock. O'Reilly fought to block it as he tried to roll through. O'Reilly even grabbed ahold of his own trunks to block the submission hold. O'Reilly then caught Kushida in a cradle for the deciding pinfall.

Diamond Mine debut

Cole ran in after the match to brawl with O'Reilly. Not only does that help build towards their match in two weeks, it also got O'Reilly out of the ring for the angle that closed the show.

The Diamind Mine attacked Kushida in the debut of the new faction. The stable consists of Roderick Strong, Tyler Rust, and the debuting Hideki Suzuki. Strong laid out Kushida, and the new faction stood over Kushida. Malcolm Bivens is apparently managing The Diamond Mine. He picked up the Cruiserweight Championship belt, and held it for Strong to gaze at. The Diamond Mine is here, and they already have their sights set on a title.

Overall, this was pretty good episode of NXT. Nothing but clean finishes, which is refreshing on a WWE show. The episode then ends with a cliffhanger, building intrigue for next week.