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WWE NXT live results: North American title on the line


The show opened with Undisputed Era coming out for an in-ring promo. The group included Kyle O'Reilly, Bobby Fish, and Roderick Strong. Adam Cole was still out of action selling his injuries from TakeOver. O'Reilly was noticeably acting like a leader, and he did all the talking.

Bobby Fish & Roderick Strong (with Kyle O'Reilly) defeated Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan

Strong pinned Lorcan to win a fantastic tag match. With the win, Undisputed Era becomes number one contenders to the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Early on, Lorcan and Strong did some cool grappling based on a headscissors. Burch tagged in, and he started torturing Strong's arm. Fish was next to tag in, but he was also worked over. Burch & Lorcan with double team moves, and they got heat on him.

Undisputed Era with a comeback just before the show cut to commercial. When the show returned from the break, Undisputed Era had cut the ring in half. A hot tag to Burch, and Burch proceeded to clean house.

Fish made a save for Strong, and Undisputed Era regained the advanatge. Burch landed a double flying dropkick on both Strong & Fish. Lorcan then ran wild off a hot tag. He executed a double blockbuster. Fish jumped in to make a save, but he was overpowered as Burch & Lorcan were on a roll.

A big melee leads to Burch giving Strong an ax bomber. Burch & Lorcan spiked Strong with a double-team DDT, and Lorcan went to cover Strong. Fish again made a save to break up a count. Fish made Lorcan collide with Burch, and Strong followed with a jumping knee strike that leveled Lorcan. Strong then covered Lorcan for a pinfall.

So we are informed NXT Champion Finn Balor is indeed injured, which we knew. He also had surgery, which some of us might have known. What we still do not know is the fate of the NXT Championship. William Regal was quoted as saying "they are going to give it a few weeks", and see the progess of Balor. So basically they are taking the wait-and-see approach.

A vignette profiled Ember Moon and her journey back to NXT. This did more to get Ember Moon over than her entire run on the main roster. Great stuff.

Jake Atlas defeated Ashante "Thee" Adonis

Counters and reversals in the opening stages of the match. Adonis with a really nice dropkick. They got into a slugfest. Meanwhile, Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde came to ringside. Adonis was distracted, and Atlas caught him in a small package to score a pinfall.

Wilde & Mendoza attacked Adonis after the match. Atlas made a save for Adonis, and they sent the heels packing. Santos Escobar entered stage left. He looked at his henchmen with disgust. He then removed his sunglass, and he marched to the ring. 

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott came out of the crowd carrying three chairs. He backed up Atlas & Adonis, the three babyfaces stood ready for the heels. The rudos thought better of it, and they backed down.

Johnny Gargano defeated Austin Theory 

Gargano pinned Theory in a really good match. 

Gargano outwrestling Theory in the first part of the match. Gargano toyed some with him, as Theory was reeling. Theory soon fired up, leading to a standing moonsault for a near fall. Gargano tried to cut him off, but Theory rolled through knock down Gargano with a dropkick. 

Theory got the better of a striking exchange. Gargano with a comeback to deliver a spear, and then the show abruptly went to a commercial break. Gargano was stretching Theory in a cobra twist when the show returned from break.

Theory flapjacked Gargano, and he exploded into a flurry of offense. Theory blocked a superkick, but he hit Gargano with a superkick. A neckbreaker netted Theory a two count.

Gargano went to cut off Theory. Gargano flew off the ropes with a flying crossbody. Theory caught him, rolled through, and got him in a fireman's carry. Gargano countered into a sunset flip. Theory hooked the legs for a false finish much like Okada was used in G1.

They traded strikes, and Gargano rocked Theory with a superkick. Gargano throws Theory into the corner like a lawn dart. Gargano executed One Final Beat, and he covered Theory for a pinfall. 

Rhea Ripley and Raquel Gonzalez almost got into a brawl backstage, and officials had to separate them.

Candice LeRae defeated Shotzi Blackheart

LeRae pinned Blackheart for a tainted victory, thanks to a set of brass knux. She also had help from a new friend. With the win, LeRae becomes number one contender to the NXT Women's Championship

Blackheart was on fire at the start, and she shined early on. She sailed through the ropes with tope suicida. Blockheart with a cool combo dropping LeRae from a fireman's carry into a jawbreaker on her knee. 

LeRae cut off Blackheart, and she worked her over. LeRae with some great heel tactics. Blackheart reversed a suplex, and they fought on the apron. Blackheart posted, and then takes a codebreaker of sorts on the apron. The show cut to a commercial with both down and out. The show returned from break, and they were fighting in the ring with renewed energy.

Blackheart with strikes had LeRae wobbly, and Blackheart hit a senton for a near fall. Climbing the turnbuckles, Blackheart off the top rope with a senton bomb met double knees from LeRae. Blackheart was still able to kick out at two.

LeRae with a super German suplex, and she followed that with a superkick. Blackeart still kicked out, and she answered back with a Tiger Suplex for a two count. LeRae struck with a backstabber, and then a lionsault. Nevertheless, Blackheart kicked out again.

Blackheart with a modified version of cattle mutilation, forcing LeRae to seek shelter in the ropes. Blackheart with flying Thesz press, and she climbed the ropes again. LeRae rolled outside the ring. Indi Hartwell was watching the match from ringside. She handed LeRae a set of brass knux. 

LeRae punched Blackheart with the knux, and she covered Blackheart for a tainted pinfall victory.

Drake Maverick showed Killian Dain new ideas he had for matching gear and a team name. Dain was not impressed, but he grew angry when he found out they were booked in a tag team match tonight against Imperium.

Toni Storm defeat Aliyah (with Robert Stone)

Strom was back with a vengeance. She kicked butt in a showcase match.

Storm with tons of fire at the outset. Aliyah got some offense, but this was about making Storm look like a badass. Success!

Storm finished the match with a running lariat and Storm Zero. She then covered Aliyah for the pinfall.

William Regal announced that Rhea Ripley vs. Raquel Gonzalez is offical for the "Halloween Havoc" episode of NXT. Xia Li approached Regal to ask about making a grudge match. Regal several times told her he would take it into consideration.

Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) defeated Killian Dain & Drake Maverick

Barthel pinned Maverick to win the match. 

Heat on Maverick as Imperium pummeled him. Hot tag to Dain, and he mows down Imperium. The numbers get the better of Dain, and he is taken down with a double team. Dain rallied to tag Maverick.

Maverick was running wild, while Dain got shoved into the ring steps. Maverick off the top was caught in the arms of Aichner, and Aichner dealifted him into a brainbuster. Imperium then executed a Doomsday uppercut, and Barthel covered Maverick for the pinfall.

Ever-Rise came out after the match to bully Maverick. They were picking on him when Dain leveled them with dual lariats. "Nobody hits you but me," Dain screamed to Maverick. That does not seem healthy.

NXT North American Champion Damian Priest defeated Dexter Lumis to retain his title

This show was going so well, and then came a Dexter Lumis match. Not a bad match, but I just don't get this gimmick at all. He looks mean and intimidating, but he also has a silly moustache. Who can take that seriously? And his hometown is Recluse, Wyoming. Seriously? That's almost as convenient as Bunkhouse Buck being from Bucksnort, Tennessee. What isn't convenient is a commute from Wyoming to the Capital Wrestling Center in Florida. No wonder Lumis is so upset every week.

Lumis was giving Priest a run for his money. Maybe that moustache isn't so silly after all. Priest answered back with strikes, and he landed a high kick that dropped Lumis. Priest with a flying elbow smash, and Falcon Arrow for a near fall. 

Priest ran roughshod over Lumis during a commercial break. Lumis cut off Priest as the show returned from the break. Lumis with a spinebuster for a two count. Priest with a scissor kick, and a flatliner for a near fall. 

Priest applied an ankle lock, but Lumis escaped. Lumis countered a Razor's Edge, and he gave Priest a side suplex. Lumis with a kip up into a legdrop, and that got him a two count. Lumis crashed and burned on a senton bomb. Priest hit him with a lariat, but Lumis countered to apply his vice finisher. Priest the toe of his boot on the bottom rope to break the hold.

Lumis was on a roll when Cameron Grimes ran in to give Lumis a Cave In on the apron. Priest, seemingly unaware of the interference, then used South of Heaven to score a pinfall.

The closing scene had a lot of stuff going on. Priest first put on his leather vest, and then he gave Grimes a Reckoning.

Gargano in a surprise attack jumped Priest on the stage as he was leaving. He hit Priest with a chair. Gargano kicked the chair into Priest's face, laying him out. LeRae came out to join her husband on the stage. Regal entered the scene to address them.

Regal said that LeRae is facing Io Shirai in a title match at Halloween Havoc. He also said Gargano is set to face Priest in a title match on that night as well. Regal then threw to Blackheart, who is the host of Halloween Havoc. She announced that both of the couple's titles matches will be SPIN THE WHEEL, MAKE A DEAL!