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WWE NXT live results: TakeOver build continues


The build to TakeOver XXX continues with another qualifying match on tonight's NXT.

Kushida, Cameron Grimes, and an opponent who has yet to be announced will face off in a triple threat qualifying match. The winner will become the third wrestler confirmed for the ladder match for the vacant North American Championship at TakeOver, joining Bronson Reed and Damian Priest.

Reed and Priest are facing off in a singles match tonight.

Dexter Lumis previously qualified for the ladder match but has been removed due to injury. Next week, there will be two matches between the wrestlers who didn't lose the falls in their triple threat qualifying matches. The winners will be the final two wrestlers to qualify for TakeOver.

Two weeks ago, William Regal told NXT Champion Keith Lee and Karrion Kross that he wouldn't be bullied into making title matches. Kross then sent a message to Regal last week, causing destruction backstage that included laying out Danny Burch. Kross vs. Burch will kick off tonight's show.

Plus, Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar faces Tyler Breeze in a non-title match. There will also be a segment where Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae invite the NXT Universe into their home again.


Karrion Kross (with Scarlett) defeated Danny Burch

Kross looked strong in submitting Burch. 

Burch wasted no time in attacking Burch at the bell. He rocked Kross with a dropkick at the start, and continued with a flurry of offense. Burch clotheslined Kross out of the ring, but that proved to be a turning point. Kross grabbed Burch by the throat and slammed him on the floor. Kross tossed around Burch for a few moments.

Burch with a hope spot briefly fired up, but Kross looked to snuff it out. Burch was able to counter Kross, and he applied a crossface. Kross powered out to execute a Doomsday Saito. Kross applied his Kross Jacket sleeper, and Burch passed out. 

NXT Champion Keith Lee marched to the ring after the match to confront Kross & Scarlett. He had a folder in his hand with a contract. Lee responded to Kross blaming Lee for them not yet being booked in a title match. Lee said he offered Kross an opportunity to earn a title shot. Lee called Kross a "bitch". Lee went on to say he promised William Regal he would not touch Kross until TakeOver if they sign the contract. Kross signed the contract, Scarlett sealed it with a kiss of death, and she passed the contract back to Lee.

Lee picked up the contract, and opened the folder. The contract erupted in flames. A fireball went off as Lee opened it, burning him. Lee sold it big as officials and trainers poured into the ring to help him.

The match looks offical for TakeOver with Kross challenging Lee for the NXT Championship, but Lee also did an injury angle. The plot thickens. 

The show went to a split screen showing Lee backstage being taken to a waiting ambulance. The split screen continued through the entrances of the next match.

Drake Maverick vs. Killian Dain ended in a no contest

Undisputed Era stormed the ring and attacked both, and the match was thrown out.

The show cut to full screen just as the match began -- only to go back to a picture-in-picture for a commercial break. In the meantime, Maverick and Dain were telling a David vs. Goliath story. Meanwhile, Lee was leaving the building in an ambulance. As Lee was driven away, Undisputed Ere were seen arriving to the building in a SUV.

The match was still going on when Undisputed Era rushed into the ring to attack both Maverick and Dain. The referee called for the bell as Undisputed Era ganged up on Maverick and Dane. Cole laid Dain out with a Last Shot, and then Cole grabbed a microphone.

Cole cut a great promo on Pat McAfee. Cole dared McAfee to show up next week to confront him in the ring face to face. 

A vignette hyped the return of Kushida later in the show for the triple threat qualifying match.

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar defeated Tyler Breeze in a non-title match

Escobar pinned Breeze thanks to a distraction by his henchmen. 

Escobar dominated at the outset as he pummeled Breeze. An enzuigiri created some separation for Breeze, but Escobar countered Breeze to lay him out on the floor before a commercial break.

Breeze made a comeback after the commercial break. Breeze hit a superkick and went for a cover. As he did so, Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde ran down to ringside looking to interfere. Breeze knocked them both off the apron, but the distraction allowed Escobar to catch Breeze for the Phantom Driver. Escobar then covered him for the pinfall. 

Fandango came down to the ring after the match. One arm was in the swing and the other was holding a stick. El Legado del Fantasma jumped him, and they began a beatdown. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott ran in to make a save. He cleaned house on the heel faction, and Swerve cleared the ring. This looks to set up a trios match, possibly for TakeOver.

A vignette profiled Dakota Kai ahead of her challenging Io Shirai for the NXT Women's Championship

Mia Yim defeated Indi Hartwell

Yim was interviewed on her way to the ring about the condition of Lee. She said Lee suffered no serious damage, but Yim also said she had to focus on her match. Yim was not her normal self as she looked concerned about Lee even as the match began.

Hartwell was able to gain the advantage at one point, and she began to mock Lee. That angered Yim, and she fired up on her. Hartwell countered with a sidewalk slam for a two count. Yim escaped a sleeper with a jawbreaker. Yim would escape a second time, but Hartwell still got another near fall.

Hartwell taunted Yim, and Yim fired up again into a comeback. Yim was able to transition into a submission hold, Hartwell tapped out.

Finn Balor in a sit-down promo vowed to win the North American Championship in the ladder match at TakeOver.

Pat McAfee in a tweet confirmed he would be on the show next week to confront Adam Cole.

Bronson Reed defeated Damian Priest

This was a hoss fight and a slobberknocker. They fought through a commercial break. Priest sandwiched Reed into the ring steps. He was working over Reed as the show returned from commercial. Reed soon made a comeback and got a near fall. 

The fought on, and Priest lifted Reed for a Broken Arrow (Falcon Arrow). Reed kicked out and gave Priest a suplex of his own. A double down led into the finish. Reed went for a splash off the top rope. He mostly missed, but had an ugly landing. Reed went for a cradle and covered Priest for a three count. That kind of came out of nowhere. 

A vignette highlighted NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai. She cut a good promo on Dakota Kai.

Another vignette had Cameron Grimes cutting a promo ahead of his upcoming match later on tonight. He is so great as a heel.

Mercedes Martinez & Aliyah (with Robert Stone) defeated Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter

Martinez pinned Catanzaro to win the match.

Stone before the match tried to recruit Catanzaro. Instead of joing his stable, she kicked him in the shin. Catanzaro & Carter looked good as a tean with tandem offense and similar looking gear. The match went through a commercial break. The heels were working over Carter as the show returned from the break.

Aliyah & Martinez cut the ring in half for awhile. Catanzaro ran wild off a hot tag, and she got a near fall on Martinez. She was soon cut off, and Martinez delivered the Air Raid Crash to score the pinfall.

Rhea Ripley after the match came out to has a staredown with Martinez. Aliyah cleared out so Ripley and Martinez could go one-on-one. Ripley rushed into the ring to brawl with Martinez. Ripley was getting the better of Martinez when Aliyah jumped in to double team Ripley. Shotzi Blackheart ran in to make a save. The heels fled. This appears to set up a tag team match.

Next up was a return to the Gargano household for another promo from the heel couple. Candice LeRae was reading a fairytale to her dog. She turned it into a promo on Tegan Nox. Gargano was on a ladder changing a lightbulb. On the ladder he talked about winning the qualifying singles match next week against Ridge Holland. He fixed the lightbuld and then said his winning the ladder match at TakeOver would fix NXT. Gargano turned out the lights, but not before saying goodnight to a picture on the wall of Dok Hendrix (Michael Hayes).

Back to school for another clinic in Thatch-as-Thatch can wrestling with Timothy Thatcher. He of course stretched someone with a submission hold.

Cameron Grimes defeated Kushidav and Velveteen Dream in a triple threat qualifying match

Grimes pinned Kushida, and now Grimes advances to the North American Championship ladder match at TakeOver. Dream did not drop the fall so he goes on to face Finn Balor in a qualifying singles match next week.

The mystery opponent was Dream returning to NXT television. He turned heel after the match when he attacked Kushida.

The opening portion of the match was a melee involving all three. Grimes was dispatched after taking a crazy bump on an arm ringer from Kushida. That left Kushida to square off with Dream. A flying ax handle netted Dream a two count. An Oklahoma roll got him another two. He was sent outside as Kushida and Grimes squared off. 

Kushida flew out of the ring to give Dream a tornado DDT on the floor. Grimes a moment later tripped him up on the turnnbuckles before a picture-in-picture commercial break. Grimes worked over Kushida during the break. Dream rushed in to roll-up Grimes for two. Dream was again sent out of the ring.

Kushida fired up on both opponents after the commercial break. Everybody was knocked off their feet for a triple down. Dream fired up with a flurry. He gave Kushdia the Dream Valley Driver, but Grimes threw him out of the ring before he could cover Kushida. 

Kushida leapt off the top turnbuckle for a flip dive on to Dream. Kushida and Grimes did the Spanish Fly spot where Kushida transitioned into an armbar upon impact. Dream broke up the hold, and Kushida caught him in the Hoverboard Lock. Dream escaped to lift Kushida in a fireman's carry. Kushida countered into an armbar. 

While Kushida was still applying the submission hold, Grimes rushed in to give him a Cave In. Grimes then covered Kushida to score the pinfall.

Dream went heel after the match as he attacked Kushdia. He beat him down and then posed as the show was closing. Balor entered the ring to confront Dream as the show went off the air.