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WWE NXT live results: TakeOver In Your House fallout


Preview by Joseph Currier

The fallout from TakeOver: In Your House takes place on tonight's episode of NXT.

Two matches have been announced for the show. After retaining the NXT Championship against Velveteen Dream in their Backlot Brawl at TakeOver, Adam Cole will face Dexter Lumis in a non-title match tonight. Finn Balor, who defeated Damian Priest at TakeOver, will take on Cameron Grimes.

Lumis drove off with Undisputed Era members Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish in the trunk of a car during the Backlot Brawl. Cole tweeted today: "Just an update for everyone... Roddy & Bobby got home early this morning. They are tired, dehydrated, but they are safe. They’re resting now. They also said they wouldn’t miss @WWENXT tonight for the world. More on this later..."

Balor vs. Grimes is a rematch from last month, where Balor lost after interference by Priest.

WWE will also follow up on Io Shirai's NXT Women's Championship win from TakeOver and Killer Kross' dominant win against Tommaso Ciampa.

Our coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Undisputed Era opened the show in a celebratory mood. NXT Champion Adam Cole gloated about retaining his championship. He complimented Velveteen Dream was a challenger, but said he wasn't "Adam Cole, bay bay". 

Cole noted Dream can no longer challenge him for the title per the stipulation of their match at TakeOver. Cole asked who was next, but he said it didn't matter. He ran "roughshod" over the NXT brand and is the brand's "most dominate champion in history." Cole claimed no one can defeat him for the championship.

Cole brought up Dexter Lumis. Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong were freaking out about Lumis having put them in the trunk of a car at TakeOver. Suddenly, Strong began to freak out even more thinking he spotted Lumis in the crowd -- but there was no one there.

Cole tried to pull his group together as he gave a speech about how he would defeat Lumis in their match later. It also turns out that Lumis was indeed in the crowd as he was shown lurking in the background, so Strong wasn't just seeing things.

Backstage on the his way to the ring, NXT North American Champion Keith Lee came upon Undisputed Era. Cole was giving Strong a pep talk. Lee made a remark about him having his sights set on the NXT Championship. Strong was on already on edge, and he began to rage. Cole again talked him down and Undisputed Era sulked away.

Candice LeRae & Johnny Gargano defeated Mia Yim & Keith Lee in a mixed tag team match

Gargano pinned Lee with a roll-up when Lee was distracted.

Lee had a bandage on his eye, and his hand was also taped selling injuries from his TakeOver match with Gargano. That would play into the match from the outset was it began with a melee before the bell. Lee hit Gargano with punches, but sold his hand in the process. 

LeRae & Gargano went for stereo ranas, but they were instead both powerbombed into each other by Yim & Lee. When the bell finally rang to start the match Yim was cleaning house on LeRae. Gargano tripped his wife and pulled her outside the ring. Yim went for a tope, and Lee caught her for a save when Gargano & LeRae moved to avoid her dive. 

During a commercial break the momentum shifted, and LeRae was on offense when the show returned from break. She got heat on Yim until Yim fought back to deliver Sole Food. 

Lee tagged in and mowed down Gargano. He bieled Gargano across the ring. LeRae made a blind tag and tried to make a save when Lee had her husband on his shoulders. Lee then picked up LeRae and had both husband and wife on his shoulders. LeRae raked Lee's eyes, and Gargano was able to escape.

Gargano used an enzuigiri to help his wife exdecute a tornado DDT on Lee. Yim jumped in to make a save. She had LeRae in a pinning combination with a Dragon suplex when Gargano broke up the pin. Yim then attacked Gargano. Yim gave a German suplex to both LeRae and Gargano. She she went to give another to LeRae, Yim ate Sole Food from LeRae. Springboarding into a quebrada, LeRae got a near fall.

Lee did a pounce that sent Gargano smashing into LeRae and Yim. All three went down, and Yim took a bump off the apron to the floor. Lee went to check on Yim, and he was superkicked by Gargano. Upon Gargano delivering the slingshot DDT, Lee fell on LeRae. Lee was remorseful, and he scooped up LeRae in his arms like Hulk Hogan did to Elizabeth in 1989 on Saturday Night's Main Event.

But that was all a ruse, as Gargano sneaked in to catch Lee with a schoolboy roll-up to steal a pinfall.

McKenzie Mitchell was interviewing Cameron Grimes when Damian Priest confronted him, and then Priest decked him with a punch.

A great vignette put over Io Shirai as the new NXT Women's Champion. 

Indus Sher (Rinku & Saurav with Malcom Bivens) defeated Mikey Delbrey & Mike Reed

This was a complete squash than ended very quickly. Indus Sher won with a takeoff on the Demolition finisher. 

Drake the referee was video chatting with William Regal about Cameron Grimes. Drake said Grimes is claiming to have a broken jaw after being punched by Priest. Grimes was unlikely for his match with Finn Balor later in the show. Regal instructed Drake to find Grimes because he wanted to chat with him about this. 

Drake found Grimes outside the buildind trying to chat up some women. Drake held the tablet so Regal could then speak to Grimes, and Grimes went from playboy to victim as he began to overtly sell his jaw like it was hurting him. Regal cut a promo on him and told him to warm up, and get ready for his match. The match with Balor was still on.

A personality profile highlighted Breezango. The segment brought up their success and failures on Smackdown, but they are now born anew on NXT. Announced for next week is Breezango challenging Imperium for the NXT Tag Team Championship. This plays off Breezango winning a number one contenders' match on the last episode of NXT.

A disheveled Robert Stone tried to recruit Rhea Ripley into his stable. She said the chances of her joining the Robert Stone Brand are one-and-a-million. Stone spoofed the line from Dumb & Dumber saying "so you're saying there's a chance?!" 

Stone kept pestering Ripley, so she punched him in the gut. Ripley then bodyslammed him into a trash can.

Finn Balor defeated Cameron Grimes

Balor pinned Grimes to even their series at one win apiece.

Balor dominated much of the first part in the match. Balor dismantled him for awhile until Grimes cut him off, only for Grimes to eat a dropkick moments later.

Grimes fled the ring, and Balor gave chase to beat up Grimes around ringside. Grimes, however, caught Balor coming back into the ring with a clothesline utilizing one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Grimes worked over Balor through a commercial break. Balor soon made a comeback to run through some of signature moves like a double stomp, a slingbade, and then a shotgun dropkick into a corner. Balor went to follow with the Coup de Grace, but he missed. Grimes swooped in to cradle him for a close near fall.

Balor fired up and went for his DDT finisher, but Grimes countered with a small package for another two count. Grimes countered another attempted DDT to give Balor a side slam, but Balor again kicked out at two.

Balor delivered a reverse 1916, and this time Grimes was the one kicking out. Balor then sauntered over to the corner where he climbed up to deliver the Coup de Grace on a prone Grimes. Balor followed with the 1916, and then he covered Grimes for the pinfall.

Balor looked into the camera and called out Keith Lee, as Balor seemingly has his sights set on the North American Championship.

Dakota Kai (with Raquel Gonzalez) defeated Kacy Catanzaro

Catanzaro got to shine as she was a house of fire at the outset. Kai soon cut her off, and she bullied Catanzaro. Moments later Catanzaro countered with a sunset flip for a roll-up and a two count. Catanzaro fired up, but she walked into a kick from Kai. Catanzaro then took the Go to Kick finisher, and Kai covered her for the pinfall.

Kai and Gonzalez went to countinue the beatdown after the match, but Kayden Carter ran in for the save. Gonzalez then snatched up Carter and slammed her down to the mat as well. This would seem to set up a tag team match.

NXT Cruiserweight Champion El Hijo del Fantasma came to the ring for a promo. He was interrupted by Drake Maverick, and Maverick wanted to congratulate Fantasma for winning the title. Maverick put over Fantasma, but Maverick also wondered what would have happened if his mind was clear.

Maverick challenged Fantasma to title match, and Maverick said he knew that he could defeat Fantasma. Just as Fantasma was agreeing to the match, two masked men appeared at ringside and surrounded the ring. 

Fantasma then turned heel on Maverick with a head butt. Fantasma and the masked men then attacked Maverick. The masked men took off their hoods to reveal themselves as Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza. Fanstama executed the Phantom Driver on Maverick.

Fantasma unmasked himself and dropped his mask to reveal his face while Mendoza and Wilde jumped off the top with stereo splashes on Maverick. 

Fantasma delcared, "I am Santos Escobar. I am the NXT Crusierweight Champion, and no one can touch me!"

Looks like we have a new stable.

Announced for next Wednesday on NXT is a women's tag team title match. Tegan Nox & Shotzi Blackheart will challenge the winners of the triple threat tag match at Backlash for the Women's Tag Team Championship. Nox & Blackheart will face the winners next week on NXT. 

That make two tag team title matches for next Wednesday as Breezango vs. Imperium was announced earlier in the show.

NXT Champion Adam Cole (with Roderick Strong & Bobby Fish) defeated Dexter Lumis in a non-title match

Cole pinned Lumis after interference by Strong. This was bad and good all rolled up in one segment. It was wacky, and it was maybe even surreal. It was also boring at times during the match.

Lumis was stalking Cole until Cole turned the tables, and he worked over Lumis. Eventually Lumis made a comeback as the match plodded along. 

Lumis crept underneath the ring for a sneak attack on Cole. This Lumis character is taking a page out of the Doink playbook. He still caught Cole with a spinebuster for a two count. 

Lumis went for a swanton bomb -- yes, a freaking swanton bomb -- and Cole got his knees up.

So let me get this straight, Lumis spent a lot of the match working like old school Undertaker mixed with a some Nailz, then he does some Doink trickery, and he follows that with trying to be Jeff Hardy. This character...I can't even buys.

Despite crashing on the swanton, Lumis still manages to apply his sleeper hold on Cole. As Cole was scrambling to free himself, Strong interfered with a kick to Lumis. Cole then delivered The Last Shot, and Cole covered Lumis for the pinfall.

After the match, Lumis strikes again as he applied his sleeper on Cole. Not a smart move since Strong & Fish are right there close, so of course they start stomping a mudhole in Lumis. Velveteen Dream suddenly runs in to make a save. He ran wild on Undisputed Era as he cleared the ring. Lumis frightened Strong, and Strong ran away in fear.

The smoke cleared and Cole was standing in the ring holding the title. The lights went out and spotlight shined on Scarlett as she appeared at the top of the stage. The crowd chanted "fall and pray" as Scarlett walked to the ring. 

Scarlett revealed she was holding a large hourglass. She placed it in the ring, and she turned the hourglass over so the sand would begin to slowly pour out. This seemingly is signifying the end of Cole's reign as champion. 

That was one wacky main event.