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WWE NXT live results: TakeOver In Your House fallout


Change could be coming to NXT starting with tonight's TakeOver: In Your House fallout episode.

At the end of Sunday's TakeOver event, NXT general manager William Regal said he thinks it's "time for a change." Regal said he's been GM for seven years and has never seen this much bedlam. Regal called it complete madness.

In the lead-up to TakeOver, NXT Champion Karrion Kross accused Regal of having lost control of NXT. There were also multiple brawls that broke out on the day of TakeOver.

Tonight, Regal will address the future of NXT.

Kross retained his NXT Championship by defeating Kyle O'Reilly, Pete Dunne, Johnny Gargano, and Adam Cole in a fatal five-way match in the main event of TakeOver.

Raquel Gonzalez also retained her NXT Women's Championship against Ember Moon at TakeOver, NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed & NXT Tag Team Champions MSK won a winner-take-all six-man tag match against Legado del Fantasma, LA Knight defeated Cameron Grimes in a ladder match to become the new Million Dollar Champion, and Xia Li defeated Mercedes Martinez before Martinez got into a confrontation with Mei Ying.

On tonight's show, Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher will face The Grizzled Young Veterans in a tornado tag match. NXT Cruiserweight Champion Kushida will also issue an open challenge, Gonzalez & Dakota Kai will take on Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro, Imperium will face Breezango, Io Shirai will appear, and there will be a Million Dollar Coronation for Knight.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The show opened with a canned intro recapping TakeOver: In Your House from this past Sunday. 

William Regal is kicking off the show with a serious look on his face. Seemingly holding back tears, an emotional Regal talked about being in NXT since the beginning. He did commentary. and called the first TakeOver. Trying to maintain his composure, Regal fought back tears as he talks of NXT success over the years. 

Regal went on to mention the shows overseas, including his hometown in Blackpool where his nieces sat with him at a show. Regal was tearing up, but he composed himself enough to keep going. He thanked the fans for NXT being able to travel around the country. 

With what he called "chaos" lately, Regal says he has given everything he could give. Regal went on to say he is not capable of giving the audience or the staff what they deserve. Suddenly, NXT Champion Karrion Kross' theme song blared over the speakers. Kross and Scarlett interrupted Regal's speech to confront him in the ring.

Kross said he and Scarlett knew this day would come, but they didn't know when. Kross proceeded to bully Regal, and he asked Regal if he was crying. For that Kross called him "completely pathetic." Kross knew Regal was losing control of NXT. Kross said he "punched a whole through the Mount Rushmore of NXT," and Regal knew Kross could control NXT through violence and chaos. What? 

Kross wanted Regal to say it. Tell these people you are leaving, then "walk your ass up that aisle and never come back." Kross ordered Regal to say Kross was right. "Say Kross conquers all!"

Enter Samoa Joe

The first few bars of Samoa Joe's theme song rang throughout the CWC, and business was about to pick up. Kross stared in disbelief. Joe, wearing a fly blue suit, confronted Kross in the ring as the crowd chanted "Joe... Joe... Joe!"

Joe said Regal wanted to speak with him. Regal responded by saying he wanted Regal to be the new General Manager of NXT. Joe answered "absolutely not," and he explained why. Joe said Regal brought the best talent to NXT. Joe said Regal made NXT and international phenomenon in the seven years Regal ran the promotion. 

Glaring a hole through Kross, Joe said he would make sure everybody respected Regal. Joe was apparently wanting to work with Regal to help him. Regal said that was interesting, but there were conditions. Joe could not be a comepetitor, and he "cannot lay a hand on anyone," Regal said before adding, "unless provoked." Joe said he accepted the conditions.

Joe got in the face of Kross asked what he was still doing in this ring. "Tick tock, young champion," Joe said to Kross. The champion left the ring, and the crowd in the CWC sang the "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" song as Kross and Scarlett leave.

Grizzled Young Veterans cut a promo on Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher ahead of their tornado tag match.

Breezango (Tyler Breeze & Fandango) defeated Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner)

Breeze pinned Aichner with a small package. Imperium then jumped Breeze after the bell.

The match was rolling along, and Breeze missed a plancha. Fandango then went flying over the ropes with tope con giro. Imperium with a distraction was able to trip up Fandango, but Fandango fought back.

The match went through a commercial break, and Imperium was getting heat on Fandango when the show returned from the break. Hot tag to Breeze, but he was soon mowed down by a lariat from Aicher. Breeze was still able to trap Aichner in a small package for a three count.

Imperium attack Breeze after the bell. They lay him out, and they "bury" him under an Imperium banner flag. 

Samoa Joe chokes out Adam Cole in backstage angle

To the back! Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly were having a pull apart brawl. Regal yelled at them they could settle this at The Great American Bash. Cole and O'Reilly still tied up again in a brawl. Samoa Joe stepped in to separate them. Cole shoved Joe aside, which apparently is provocation. Joe took off his suit jacket, and he proceeded to choke out Cole. Joe left them limp on the concrete. Joe said to tell Cole when he wakes up that Regal expects his decision.

Kushida defeated Trey Baxter for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship

Kushida submitted Baxter with a Hoverboard Lock. Why do people debut on WWE TV only to lose? 

Trey Baxter is the WWE name for "All Heart" Blake Christian. He was able to keep the "All Heart" nickname. Tonight he debuted on NXT to answer Kushida's open challenge. A vignette before the match hyped his debut. He looked cool. Too bad he lost.

They built to Baxter doing a Fosbury Flop to the outside. Kyle O'Reilly walked down to ringside as the show cut to commercial. Kushida with a comeback after the break, but Baxter cut him off with a cool flip into a kick. 

They traded strikes, and Baxter is rocked by a right hand. Bazter still managed to catch Kushida in a running Spanish Fly. Baxter sprinboarded into a 450 splash for a close near fall. O'Reilly nodded seemingly in approval.

Kushida caught Baxter in a Kimura while both were perched on the ropes. Kushida then leapt off the ropes to deliver an avalanche shoulder breaker. Following up with a punt to the shoulder, Kushida applied the Hoverboard Lock. Baxter tapped out.

O'Reilly challenged Kushida after the match to a bout next week on NXT. Kushida accepted the challenge, so the match is set for next Tuesday.

Franky Monet in a backstage interview said next week would be the encore performance of her world premiere. Presley was also there. He's such a good boy.

LA Knight turns on Ted DiBiase during Million Dollar Coronation

Ted DiBiase entered the CWC soundstage. The Million Dollar Championship belt was on display in the ring. DiBiase threw to a hype video featuring LA Knight. Arriving to the building in a fancy sports car, Knight sauntered to the ring with a cigar in his mouth.

Knight wanted to talk, and the crowd booed him. Knight told DiBiase that not often in life you can meet your heroes, much less share the ring with them. Knight can barely describe what he is feeling now that he carrying on DiBiase's legacy. Knight is banged up, but it means the world to him being here. Had had DiBiase's action figure, and came with the belt. Now Knight has the title.

Knight told DiBiase it would be an honor if DiBiase crowned him the new Million Dollar Champion. DiBiase said he would be glad to, and he draped the belt over Knight's shoulder. They shook hands and pyro went off. DiBiase did his signature laugh.

Taking the Million Dollar Championship belt off his shoulder, Knight look down at it in his hands. Now that he has everything he wanted, Knight said he "it’s time to drop what I don’t need.” Knight then decked DiBiase with a punch. The right hand dropped DiBiase. Knight went to leave, but he turned back to attack DiBiase once again. Knight stomped and kicked DiBiase.

Knight was putting the boots to DiBiase when Cameron Grimes ran down to make a save. Grimes cleaned house and cleared the ring of Knight. Grimes screamed at Knight that he had crossed a line.

In a backstage interview, NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez and her tag team partner, Dakota Kai, indicated they were after a shot at the NXT Women's Tag Team Championship. After a commercial break, Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart confronted Gonzalez & Kai near Gorilla Position. Samoa Joe and William Regal tried to keep the teams apart. In between was a teaser with the icon of a charging cellphone battery. 

NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai defeated Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro

Kai pinned Catanzaro to win the match. 

Heat on Catanzaro as the match went through a commercial break. Hot tag to Carter, and she ran wild with a flurry of offense. Carter was soon cut off by Gonzalez, and a sidewalk slam by Gonzalez led to a two count.

Doube team by Kai & Gonzalez, and another near fall. This time Catanzaro jumped in to break up the count. Catanzaro & Carter with double team moves on Kai. They concluded with Carter giving Kai a neckbreaker as Catanzaro flipped into a 450 splash. Catanzaro then covered Kai for a near fall where Gonzalez dragged Catanzaro out of the ring to break the count. Gonzalez also smashed Carter into the barricade.

Kai with a drapping GTS on Catanzaro, and Kai covered her for a pinfall.

Ever-Rise cut a promo on Hit Row. I guess this was supposed to be comedy and serious at the same time. It was neither.

Cole vs. O'Reilly was officially announced for The Great American Bash on July 6th.

Announced for next week on NXT is O'Reilly vs. Kushida (presuambly in a non-title match). Adam Cole is also "in action" next Tuesday.

Candice LeRae confronts Io Shirai

During an in-ring promo, Io Shirai was about to talk about her next target when she was interrupted by Candice LeRae. According to LeRae, a lot has changed in NXT since Shirai was last here. Shirai rolled her eyes when LeRae said she was no longer an uncrowned champion. LeRae is, of course, one-half of the NXT Tag Team Champions. 

LeRae said one thing that has not changed is LeRae still cannot stand her. LeRae said Shirai picked the wrong time to screw with her. Indi Hartwell in sneak attack jumped Shirai, and LeRae soon joined in. They were attacking Shirai when Shirai fired up on them. Shirai gave Hartwell a Tiger Feint Kick, and Shirai went to follow up with a springboard. LeRae blocked Shirai's attempt, and LeRae pulled Shirai off the apron. 

The attack on Shirai continued with Hartwell clearing off an announce desk. LeRae put Shirai on the desk, and LeRae ordered Hartwell to give Shirai an elbow drop. Zoey Stark ran in to make a save. Stark brawled with LeRae and Hartwell, and Stark sent The Way packing as they fled the scene. Looks like a tag team match is coming soon. Babyface saves seem to be a theme tonight.

Cut to outside the building where McKenzie Mitchell interviews William Regal and Samoa Joe as they are leaving the CWC. Mitchell remarks that "it seems like order is being restored in NXT." What show is she watching? There was a wild brawl moments ago. There were even brawls throughout the night. A legend was assaulted in an unprovoked  attack. There is chaos everywhere. And why are Regal and Joe leaving before the show is over? Who's running things when they leave? Not only do we not get answers to those questions, we get no answers at all! None. No explanation. Regal began to speak, and the director cut away to Ciampa & Thatcher heading to the ring. What in the flying heck was that?

After a commercial break, Mitchell was back with Joe and Regal. Now they were back inside the building. Regal was about to speak when he was interrupted by Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory. Imagine that, heels interrupting someone on this show. Has to be a first.

Gargano thanked Joe for being in NXT, and Gargano said it was good Joe was here. Joe asked Gargano if he could do him a favor, and Gargano said sure. Joe said very sternly, Get out!" Gargano left without any further incident. Pete Dunne then entered the scene, and he had a staredown with Joe.