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WWE NXT live results: Triple threat match for North American title


Tonight marks the start of some matches that were originally scheduled for TakeOver: Tampa airing on NXT.

NXT North American Champion Keith Lee will defend his title against Dominik Dijakovic and Damian Priest in a triple threat match. The match was announced after a brawl between the three wrestlers on NXT last week.

The number one contender's ladder match that was set for TakeOver will air on NXT next week. Tonight, a second chance gauntlet match will determine the final participant for the ladder match. Dakota Kai, Kayden Carter, Xia Li, Aliyah, Shotzi Blackheart, and Deonna Purrazzo will face off to determine who gets the last spot.

Chelsea Green, Mia Yim, Tegan Nox, Io Shirai, and Candice LeRae have already qualified for the ladder match. The winner will challenge either Rhea Ripley or Charlotte Flair for the NXT Women's Championship at some point in the future.

Velveteen Dream vs. Bobby Fish is also set for tonight. Last week, Adam Cole sent in a video message, said Dream doesn't deserve a shot at his NXT Championship, and challenged him to face Fish.

Our coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Tom Phillips and Sam Roberts are on commentary. Roberts was playing heel.

Velveteen Dream defeated Bobby Fish

Dream pinned Fish with the Dream Valley Driver. This match went through a few commercial breaks, but still wasn't that long. Dream is working his way through the Undisputed Era faction as he chases NXT Champion Adam Cole.

Dream got to shine until Fish countered a suplex into a sleeper. Fish peppered Dream with strikes, and Dream powdered. Fish gave chase, and Dream cut him off. 

After springboarding into a flying ax handle, Dreams moments later climbed the turnbuckles. Fish rolled outside, and Dream came off the top with an ax handle to the floor.

Fish smashed Dream into a guardrail at ringside just before the show cut to its first commercial break. 

Fish started working a leg when the show returned from break. The show went to commercial again not long after being back.  

When the show returned again Fish was applying an ankle lock. Dream escaped to catch Fish in a fireman's carry, and Dream was seemingly going for one of his finisher. Fish escaped amd applied a sleeper. 

Dream countered the sleeper, and Fish ran into a DVD out of nowhere. Dream then covered him for the pinfall.

Dream cut a promo after the match saying if Cole put down his video games and opened his third eye, then he realize that play time is over. Dream warned Cole that he will work harder than ever.

Malcolm Bivens introduced viewers to his "associates" from Bivens Enterprises. They are Rinku and Saurav. They are a new monster heel tag team. :Last week they attacked Matt Riddle and left him laying. 

Dexter Lumis defeated Jake Atlas

Lumis submitted Atlas in an enhancement match.

Lumis was billed as being from an "undisclosed location". Maybe he's from the same place that AEW is taping Dynamite. Lumis entered the ring with possessed look on his face. I guess his gimmick is he is like Dexter from the drama of the same name. 

Lumis pummeled Atlas from the start. Roberts on commentary referred to it as a dissection. 

Atlas made a comeback as he fired up on Lumis. Atlas flew through the ropes with a tope, but Lumis soon cut him off. Lumis ended it shortly thereafter. A side slam set up a chokehold that led to the submission.

A spooky vignette hyped Killer Kross. 

A re-air of a previous segment showed Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano wrecking the Performance Center in a wild brawl from three weeks ago. There were actually fans there when this was taped. It seemed like ages ago.

Ciampa and Gargano meet in a match next week on NXT that they are billing as "Black Heart vs. Rebel Heart: One Last Beat". And then the next match on the show had a "Blackheart". No relation.

Dakota Kai won a gauntlet match over Shotzi Blackheart, Deonna Purrazzo, Kayden Carter, Xia Li and Aliyah

Kai in winning becomes the final entrant in the women's number one contender's ladder match. Blackeart looked to run the entire gauntlet -- until Kai dashed her hopes thanks to interference by Raquel Gonzalez. Blackheart looked strong despite losing in the end.

Shotzi Blackheart defeated Deonna Purrazzo

They grappled at the start, and Purrazzo went on to take most of the offense. By WWE logic that meant she was losing, and she did. Blackheart shoved her off the turnbuckles, and followed with a senton off the top rope to score the pinfall. Purrazzo was eliminated.

Xia Li ran down as the next entrant, and she went right to work on Blackheart before the show cut to commercial.

Blackheart defeated Xia Li

Blackheart submitted Li with hold similar to cattle mutilation. Li was rocking Blackheart with kicks, but Blackheart cut her off to eliminate Li via submission

Blackheart defeated Aliyah

Blackheart used the same submission hold on Aliyah after a chicken wing suplex. 

Blackheart defeated Kayden Carter

They were having a back-and-forth match, but Blackheart pinned her after a senton off the top rope.

Dakota Kai quickly ran down to attack Blackheart as the next mactch in the gauntlet began.

Dakota Kai (w/ Raquel Gonzalez) defeated Shotzi Blackheart

Kai worked over Blackheart, and Gonzalez would also interfere behind the referee's back. Blackheart would make a comeback. She did a dive on to Kai and Gonzalez, and then howled like a wolf. 

Gonzalez plucked her off the apron, but Blackheart escaped her clutches to send Gonzalez crashing into the ring steps. The distraction still allowed Kai to strike. She delivered her Go 2 Kick finisher, and covered Blackheart. She advances to the ladder match next week.

A great video package was a hard sell for the NXT Women's Championship match at WrestleMania. Rhea Ripley defends the title against Charlotte Flair on the two-part card that airs this weekend.

Kushida defeated Joaquin Wilde

Kushida submitted Wilde in a fun match to watch.

Kushida with a flurry of his uniquely cool offense in the early portion. Wilde was able to ground him before a commercial break.

Wilde after the break got a few near falls, but Kushida would kick out and soon fought back. A handspring back elbow led into a cross armbreaker for the submission.

Keith Lee defeated Dominik Dijakovic vs. Damian Priest in a triple threat match to retain his NXT North American Championship

Lee pinned Dijakovic to win the match after Priest used a baton on Dijakovic just before of the finish. This was good, but it was far from how great a match at TakeOver would likely have been received. It was still good for what it was.

A melee at the start led to a standoff before the show cut to commercial.

Lee was outside selling after the break, which left Priest and Dijakovic in the ring. They ran through some spots, and Dijakovic was sent outside. Lee got back in the ring to square off with Priest.

Dijakovic jumped back in and picked up Lee in an electric chair. Priest then with a spin off off the top connected with Lee for a modified Doomsday Device. That left all three down selling.

Priest and Dijakovic gave Lee a double chokeslam. Priest with a Razor's Edge sent Dijakovic sailing over the ropes into the arms of Lee. Priest followed with a springboard into a flip dive to the outside, and that highspot led into the last commercial break of the show.

Dijakovic went to suplex Priest, but Lee caught Priest in mid-air. Lee then used Priest as a battering ram to hit Dijakovic, and Lee powerbombed Priest onto the back of Dijakovic. Priest took a Spirit Bomb that netted Lee a near fall. Dijakovic broke up the pinning attempt.

Lee dispatched Dijakovic with a chokeslam from hell. Priest would give Lee a Super Frankensteiner. Dijakovic then struck with a flying elbow drop on a prone Lee. 

Priest and Dijakovic knocked out each other with kicks. They both fell in a heap on to Lee for a two count, and Lee kicked out.

Dijakovic with a corkscrew moonsault press for a near fall on Lee.

Priest retrieved an expandable baton from underneath the ring. Dijakovic went for Feast Your Eyes, but Priest was able to use the baton to block it. Dijakovoc sold his knee.

Lee swooped in to deliver the Big Bang Catastrophe, and he covered Dijakovic to retain his title.