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WWE NXT UK results: Heritage Cup, Women's title defenses


Taped at BT Sports Studios in London, England

Report --

The show opened with a graphic dedicated to the late, great "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff.

Triple H then talked about how on October 29, 2020 the world had seen one of the best and most brutal matches in WWE history and how WALTER was the longest-reigning champion of the modern era, who defended his championship both in the UK and the US. He also called Ilja Dragunov one of the hardest working men in wrestling and an enigma and was proud to give us the rematch of that epic battle next week.

We then cut to the champion and his challenger sitting at a table in the ring alongside Sid Scala to sign the contracts for their match next week.

WALTER and Ilja Dragunov contract signing --

They actually had press in the front row to ask questions. WALTER was asked if he thought his reign was under threat. He said no, because he was in this for the greater good and the reputation and tradition of this great sport. He said every time he steps into the ring, he was proud to represent the sport. He called Ilja a one-of-a-kind athlete, like nothing he ever saw before, but said that Ilja lacked the mental ability to step up to his level. He said he will have to proof that when he wrestles him again.

Ilja was asked what he learned since his defeat against WALTER. Ilja said it had been some very dark days and a rough time. He said you learn and get better, but failures like this don't hurt you like a strike, but they hurt your mind. You can't forget and the memories haunted him and he lost control. He found himself again and was prepared.

Both were asked what to expect for the rematch next week. Ilja said brutality, violence, intensity. He said the match redefined violence and people had forgotten what the word meant. Ilja called WALTER arrogant and said he had a god complex. WALTER interrupted him and asked him about redefining violence. WALTER called him a fraud. He said Ilja was fantastic but not at WALTER's level. He called Ilja a showman and told him he wanted to grab everyone's attention.

WALTER screamed at Ilja in German to look at him and said that if it wasn't for him, Ilja would still be a cashier at a German supermarket. Scala tried to calm WALTER down, but it was to no avail.

Ilja was close to tears and said that last time, he thought all his stamina, all his power might be enough, but it wasn't. He said he had respect for WALTER. He said after all WALTER had done to him, all the respect is gone and all that is left is hate.

Ilja said next week in this ring, he would break WALTER. He said he would walk away with the NXT UK title or he would not walk away at all. WALTER dared him to do something right now and they went forehead to forehead. WALTER told him to keep himself calm and Ilja said that he was.

This was amazing and this recap cannot do it justice. If you can spare ten minutes, watch this segment.


 A Subculture video aired. Andrews and Webster talked about how Andrews won a singles match against one half of the tag team champions two years ago and then they won the titles and last week, he did the same thing again. Dani Luna said next week, they would become two-time champions


Teoman & Rohan Raja beat Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter when Teoman submitted Carter (08:55)

Smith floored Teoman right away, then beat him down. Teoman finally tagged out to Raja, who wanted Carter and got him. Carter hit a superkick and almost got the pin, but Teoman ran interference and Raja hit Carter with a Black Hole Slam, then took over.

Teoman got back in and went for the crossface, then kicked Carter's arm when he couldn't quite get it. Carter finally got the hot tag and Smith ran wild on both men. Smith got a near fall off a Michinoku Driver. Teoman dropped him head-first into the turnbuckle, then blind tagged Raja who almost put Smith away.

Carter got back in and hit a German suplex and superkick on Raja, then followed up with a cutter on Raja who was on Smith's shoulders. Smith hit a somersault dive on both men. Back in the ring, Carter went for a quebrada, but Teoman pulled his legs away mid-jump.

Raja then hit a jumping STO and Teoman locked in the crossface for the submission victory.


Sid Scala was asked about A-Kid and said he had no update. A-Kid then walked in on crutches with his leg heavily taped and said the medical update was that he was sick and tired of Jordan Devlin. He said he wanted to face him again as soon as he was medically cleared and told Sid to talk to Mr. Saint. he wants 30 minutes with Devlin to punish him and demanded an Iron Man match. Scala told him to leave it with him.


Aoife Valkyrie talked about Jinny. She said the best have short memories when it comes to failure, She said she was ready to fly while Jinny wasn't even ready to take off her high heels. She said that Jinny only ever attacked people she thought were down, and with her, Jinny picked the wrong fight.


NXT UK Women's Championship: Meiko Satomura pinned "The French Hope" Amale (07:18)

Meiko caught a kick, hit a leg kick then took down Amale with a headlock. Amale turned it into a pin but Satomura held on to the move. Amale took over and grabbed Meiko's hair. Amale dropped Meiko head-first into the bottom turnbuckle, then hit a shotgun dropkick and got a two count. Satomura quickly got back on offense and punished Amale with a number of kicks to the chest. Amale came back with a swinging neckbreaker for a two-count of her own.

They traded big moves until Meiko hit a handspring kneedrop to the back of Amale's neck.

Meiko eventually hit Scorpion Rising for the pin and the win in her first title defense.

After the match, Meiko screamed for the next challenger.


A graphic announced breaking news on WALTER and Ilja Dragunov. The announcers claimed that WALTER and Ilja had had a backstage altercation and that WALTER had suffered a severe injury to his left hand. They said that he had not been medically cleared to compete and the match next week was off. They said they would have more information next week.


NXT UK Heritage Cup: Tyler Bate (w/ Trent Seven) beat Mark Coffey (w/ Wolfgang) 2-1 in round 5 (12:46)

Round 1

They did some British style exchanges early with Bate using some leverage to keep Coffey under control. Coffey lifted Bate over the top rope to the apron as the round ended.

Round 2

Coffey used a hammerlock for the first minute. Bate finally threw him to ringside. Bate picked up the first fall of the match at 1:35 of the round with a pinning combination. Bate 1-0

Round 3

Coffey was more aggressive as the round started. He caught Bate's springboard clothesline and gave him a big back body drop. Bate briefly came back but got caught with an enzuigiri as he came off the ropes with a European uppercut. Coffey then scored a pin at 1:42 with a running forearm to tie things. Coffey 1-1

Round 4

Coffey wrestled with urgency and hit big moves but Bate countered him repeatedly. He hit an exploder on the bigger man, then followed with a running shooting star. Bate hit the airplane spin but Coffey eventually elbowed his way out. Coffey missed a bulldog off the turnbuckles and bonked heads shortly before the round ended.

Round 5

Bate went into the post shoulder first and got rolled up, but narrowly kicked out. Coffey evaded the Tyler Driver '97, but got hit with the springboard lariat for a near fall. Bate then hit the Tyler Driver 97 at 0:58 of the round to win the match. Bate wins 2-1

All four men shook hands after the match.

Final Thoughts:

A good show with an awesome non-wrestling segment between WALTER and Dragunov. Whenever and however it happens, it will be tremendous.

The two title matches both were good, even though nobody believed that either challenger had a chance to win.

Amale especially is good and has a cool character, so hopefully she can be put in another meaningful program soon.

The Teoman/Raja team also is good and it will be interesting if they add more people to that stable.

Next week:

  • NXT UK Tag Team Championship: Pretty Deadly (c) vs. Subculture
  • Supernova Sessions with Jinny & Joseph Conners
  • WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov update