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October 19, 1998 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Pride 4 results, Brian Hildebrand diagnosed with inoperable cancer


In what was the lead story in several sports newspapers the next morning in Japan, a pro wrestler scored one of the biggest upsets in the history of mixed martial arts beating one of the myths of the sport on the Pride Four show on 10/11 at the Tokyo Dome.

But it wasn't Nobuhiko Takada beating Rickson Gracie. Little known indie wrestler Alexander Otsuka, a 195-pounder from the small Battlarts organization, seemingly put in the ring to be a quick jobber for legendary Brazilian former UFC tournament champion Marco Ruas, some 20:00 later, made himself a major name when a very bloody and completely exhausted Ruas told his corner and the referee that he couldn't continue after the end of the second ten minute round. He had been exhausted, was reportedly turning a shade of purple, and just hanging on and taking a real pounding for several minutes. After the match, Ruas, considered by Brazilians for years as the top Luta Livre style fighter around, was literally crying in his corner when the realization set in that he had quit in a match for the first time in a nearly two decade long fighting career. This was, while nowhere near as newsworthy, every bit as big an upset as when Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson in the same building nine years earlier.

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